Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum

Looking for the Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum? You’ve come to the right place.

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A commercial leaf vacuum is turning towards more of a necessity than of luxury in this fast-paced lifestyle as no one can get out enough time from their busy lifestyles to collect their lawn leaf debris and this is also not wise enough to do so especially when many quality products are available in the market which demands your minimal investment and will save a considerable amount of your time. A commercial leaf vacuum is a doing a similar job that a portable handheld leaf vacuum is designated for but at a much larger scale. To have in-depth information on these products have a look at our review of the best commercial leaf vacuum.

 My Top Pick… 

Are you busy enough to miss reading the entire review? Don’t worry we have got you covered as we have brought you our top pick of best commercial leaf vacuum 2021. Toro 51621 UltraPlus is the best choice for a commercial leaf with its 3 in one electric function which includes the best trio of a leaf vacuum, leaf blower, and a mulcher. It is a very pocket-friendly vacuum and is equally good enough as a blower with its 250 miles per hour wind speed which makes it the best commercial leaf vacuum shredder. It has an efficient and quiet operation that delivers the best shot without being harsh on the human ear.

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) DEWALT DCBL720P1: (Powerful)

DEWALT is a renowned brand and enjoys a pristine position in the market with a massive lineup of heavy-duty products which are revolutionizing the electronic world and is equally good as a leaf vacuum manufacturer and the best thing about the brand is its budget-friendly price tag which is very well within the reach of users and this adds an external layer of customer satisfaction to the horizon of DEWALT which is worth not missing when it comes to best commercial leaf blower vacuum.


It is an electric leaf vacuum and is coming with a cordless design that operates on a battery and thus saves one from the annoying wires and cords of a corded leaf vacuum. It requires an input of 450 cubic feet wind to blow out the leaf from your lawn or patio and has a blowing speed of 90 miles per hour. The most important feature of any product is its noise level as it contributes a lot in giving a smooth comfortable work experience.

This DEWALT leaf vacuum has 61 decibels of sound level which is quite enough to give you silent operation. It is very lightweight and thus allows you to work with the product for longer periods of time without causing any strain in the arm.

2.) Toro 51621 UltraPlus: (High Quality)

This is the best pick of a commercial leaf vacuum and is coming as a three in one device which entails in it the benefits of a leaf blower and leaf mulcher together with the obvious leaf vacuum and this way you can have the benefits of all the three tools in a single unit which will give you the similar function as a specific tool.

The heart of the unit lies in its blower which gives you a professional operation with its best inline powerful performance which leaves nothing behind in your lawn and makes the product the Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum pull behind a vacuum.


It has an electric cordless design and has the highest blowing speed of 250 miles per hour which makes it the best blower in town with its large-scale blowing action. It is not a commercial vacuum in the true sense but at this price range, it delivers the best possible performance which is good enough for medium to small-scale tasks and is the best candidate to opt as a home leaf vacuum.
It has a number of onboard tools that make it a worthy investment and to boost up the working efficiency it has a quiet performance with only 61 decibels of sound produced. Variable speed control is another of its noteworthy feature which gives the users flexibility to select the best combination of settings that suits them better.

3.) Cordless Leaf Blower: (Cheap)

it is yet again another cordless vacuum and the best thing about these cordless designs is that one can get rid of the extensions and the power cords that make the environment a lit bit messy and the most common and annoying drawback of the corded design is entangled wires and there is no shortcut to preventing them except for care. Therefore a cordless design will save you from those horrifying adventures with a corded blower. It is a 2 in one tool and doesn’t include a mulching operation allowing only a leaf vacuum and a leaf blower.


It is an extremely lightweight product having only 2 pounds of weight which make it very portable and easy to carry around at the job site, these reduced pounds will let you work for more hours without causing any strain in your arm or stiffening your neck.

The most concerning feature of the cordless vacuum is its runtime as a cordless vacuum is powered by a battery therefore a vacuum must have enough battery life to let you work for enough time to complete the task in a single burst.

This Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum provides 20 minutes of continuous runtime which is good enough for the tasks you are designated to perform with this vacuum cum blower.

4.) BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1: (Best Selling)

BLACK and DECKER, the pioneers in the vacuum industry are the most trusted vacuum manufacturers and for this reason, you would end up finding a quality vacuum by BLACK and DECKER in every vacuum category no matter you are hunting on the best home cleaning vacuum or outdoor vacuum.

The legacy is maintained in the leaf vacuuming allowing for large-scale commercial leaf vacuuming and has added the features of a blower and mulcher in most of its products paving way for the newcomers to move forward. This BLACK and DECKER is yet again another all-purpose 3 in one tool and buying this single unit will give you the benefits of three individual devices in a single unit.


It has a variable speed allowing the users to select between 180 miles per hour or 250 mph and this way you can tune your product to meet your needs which are a praiseworthy thing to have in any leaf vacuum.

It is capable of mulching the leaves in a 16:1 size which means that it is capable of reducing the leaf size by 1/16th of its original size and this is a reliable trait to boost about. The only drawback of the tool is its 8 pounds weight which is not very heavy but still is not significantly lightweight enough to comfortably work for extended hours.

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