Can You Use A Firestick On Laptop

Want to stream on a laptop? Amazon Firestick can assist you in that. With this device, you can transform any of your gadgets whether it’s your tv, laptop, or computer into a smart device where you can directly stream services like Netflix, youtube, etc.

For TVs, it’s a good device for reforming them into modern and smart tech. Many TVs don’t offer youtube, Netflix apps so directly streaming on tv would be very fun.

Now, when it comes to technology, we all usually get greedy and want to know whether it can work on various things. The same is the case with the amazon firestick. People usually ask:” can you use a firestick on laptop?”

The answer is yes, you can. It would be super easy if your laptop employs an HDMI and the connection process is similar to that of an HDMI Tv.

How To Stream:

Honestly, it’s unnecessary to stream directly on your laptop via an amazon firestick. Why use it when you can just access your internet, go to Netflix’s official website, make an account and use it for a month or so. Similarly, for youtube, just go to its official website.

Anyhow, you can use this device on your laptop and computer.

How To Connect:

On the positive side, for connecting the amazon firestick, you just need to plug it into the HDMI port.


  • Check to see whether your laptop screen resolution is 720p or higher so that the streamed content is not low in resolution.
  • See whether your laptop has HDCP ( high bandwidth digital content protection). Your laptop should have it because it’s involved in developing the streamed content and facilitates seamless running.


Although you can just access your favorite apps with the internet, if you don’t have one, then amazon firestick is an ideal option for you!

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