How Much Does A Cord Of Wood Cost? (Explain In Depth)

How Much Does A Cord Of Wood Cost

You might be in the market to buying some firewoods or a cord of wood to fill the strove of your home. But the main concern is, how much does a cord of wood cost?
Keeping it extremely simple, I would mention that a cord of fine quality woods will cost between 120$ to 220$. It is not a fixed price. Visiting wood sellers of your areas and do some price comparison will offer you the best idea of how much you need to pay. The prices vary in different parts of the country. In winter when the timbers are at high demand, many consumers expect to pay more something like 200 to 300 dollars per cord.

What is a Cord?

The cord is the standard unit to measure seasoned wood or firewood. A cord has a volume of 128 cubic feet. It means a cord can approximately stack 4 feet wide, 4 feet high and 8 feet long. In terms of sum, all wood cords have a different number of cords in the bundle. It is because of a lot of air space in uneven stacking and a different cutting length of pieces.

Furthermore, phrases such as face cord do not mean the full cord. It is opposite to the mentioned dimensions. Characteristically, a face cord means one-third of the complete cord. So it is recommended to always make sure that you receive the full jam-pack cord on woods whenever you are buying a cord of wood.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Cord:

How much does a cord of wood cost? Well, the answer to the said question depends on multiple factors. Some of these are mentioned as follows:

  • Extra dry woods
  • Woods that are cut in a short length
  • For perfect stacking, woods of uniform size
  • Clean woods
  • Woods specially treated for more heating

The most important, some sellers will cost it more if you want them to deliver a cord of wood at your doorsteps.

Best-Selling Types of Woods:

All types of woods are not the same, some are excellent firewood and some are good for else. Some are costly, some are cheap price, some are lighter and some are heavier. So always find the better value you will get instead of just comparing price. So that the cord of wood you are buying will prove worth buying for you.

Generally, all hardwoods are being considered as the best wood for home burning. The reason is, they emit few sparks, slow burn for a longer time, provide more heat, and make less smoke. Some of the great hardwood options are:

  • Oak Wood (All types)
  • Ash
  • Black Birch
  • Walnut
  • Maple

Some of them might be the expensive woods buy their cost impressively justifies their great value. If any wood supplier offers you a low price for a cord of wood, make it sure that you are getting the finest hardwood and don’t end with buying softwoods cord.

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A best full cord of wood in the USA:

Across the United States of America hardwoods area far expensive than the softwood. Each tree and the perfect log has its value. But our research exposed that higher rate for the firewood was recorded $575 in Texas among the year 2019-20. North Dakota and Idaho have been reported with the lowest cordwood rates which were less than 200$.


We hope that the article best meets your expectation for “how much does a cord of wood cost?” before purchasing any wood cord, make sure to gather enough information for the wood type. Comparing prices, size, dry quality, and other factors of kindling will help you pick the best firewood. It is wise to prepare for winters by storing enough woods. This proactiveness will save you dollars and save you from the hassle of peak demanded season.

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