How To Dispose Of Computer Monitors

Nothing lasts forever. Therefore, you even have to dispose of or replace your older monitors or their parts. Most people usually dispose of the computer monitors by throwing them in the regular trash can!

This is dangerous and harmful to us!

Why? Because the counterparts of the computer are made up of cadmium, lead, and mercury

These chemicals increase the potential pollution risk. They leech into the earth’s soil, go to the waters, evaporate, and cause acid rain destroying our crops.

The monitors possess great plastic construction materials which can be recycled. Therefore, as responsible citizens, we should either send the monitors to some recycling programs or donate them rather than dumping them in the trash can!

Best Buy:

Best Buy is a renowned recycling company in the USA. It even provides you 25$ for a monitor. But only offer this for household monitors, not for company monitors.

Can I Throw The Old Monitor?

No, don’t throw it carelessly as it will increase the risk of pollution. It’s best that if the monitor is still working, you give it to someone needy or donate it to schools.

Using Old Monitor With A New One:

Yes, you can use your older buddy with your newest companion but you have to make sure that both the devices are compatible with each other. If your computer is about 7 years old, then it signifies that it most likely has a VGA port. Whereas, the newer versions nowadays have DVI or HDMI ports. You have to make sure that whether these are compatible with VGA or not!

Turning The Old Fella InTo TV:

The last option is turning your old monitor into a television. This alternative is when you are not confident regarding donation or recycling. For using your monitor as a TV, look into your monitor to spot the cables and ports that are compatible with Your TV. Just plug both ports of the monitor and the Tv with a working cable, and voila! It’s done!


When the question is about to dispose of your monitor, then as a responsible citizen and a good earthling, it’s best that you either donate it or recycle it, rather than disposing of it in a regular dumpster!

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