How To Install Graphics Card In A Laptop

Have you ever seen an action-packed gaming screenshot and wished that your laptop could provide you with such stellar graphics?

Whether you plan on upgrading your GPU or you want to rebuild the PC from square one, our article will help you with how to install a graphics card on a laptop. The process may seem a bit challenging and daunting at the same time, but the result would surely be your cup of tea!

So, scroll down to know more!

Here is an elaborative step-to-step procedure regarding the installation of a graphics card into your device!

Step 1: Ensure Compatibility Of The Graphics Card

Your first task would be to inspect whether the graphics card you plan on installing into your laptop is either compatible with the device or not! Just check the spec sheet, and you would know in an instant.

Step 2: UnInstall The Old One

The next step is clearing the way for the new driver to come. For this, you have to remove the old driver. This procedure requires you to first uninstall it from your laptop. For this, follow the steps below

  • Click on Device Manager. You can open the device manager by searching it in the search bar
  • Select the Display Adapters
  • Click on Uninstall device
  • Switch off the laptop ( Don’t turn on the laptop otherwise, the reinstallation process will start)

Step 3: Removal

Unscrew the back. If you have a modern version GPU, then a clip mechanism would be present which firmly holds the graphics chip. You just have to press it or carefully pull it out. Now, clean the graphics card slot with a blower or an air compressor to get rid of dust.

Step 4: Add New GPU

  • Carefully put the graphics card in the PCIe slot
  • With gentle pressure applied at the top, the GPU will easily fit into the backplate
  • If you own a motherboard with a clip mechanism then it clicks into the right location when inserted
  • If you accidentally have a big GPU, then just remove the adjacent panel for making more space.
  • Screw the back of the laptop perfectly

Step 5: Installation Of New Drivers

Now, turn on the computer. Your operating system will detect the new GPU and will demand you to adjust the resolution along with the color depth of the laptop.

The installation process can be done in 2 ways

  • Download the drivers
  • Driver disc

Just follow their installation procedure for a piece of cake installation.

Final Say:

We hope that our article helped you in properly installing your graphics card. Extra care needs to be taken at every step since a single mistake can cause permanent damage!

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