Weber e310 vs e330 Comparison

Weber e310 vs e330

Having a restaurant styled girl in your house can really up the wow factor of your house and your cooking skills. The Weber Spirit e310 and e330 are both excellent home grills that offer professional sears and grills. If you are looking for a grill that can help you master guest entertainment and family dinners then keep reading, you will have your verdict by the end of this guide between Weber e310 vs. e330.

Weber e310 vs e330

Let’s discuss the Weber e310 vs e330 comparison in detail.

What makes Weber Spirit E310 an ideal grill?

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Firstly, let’s see what is so special about Weber e310 shall we?

You can host a small crowd without the need to clean and restart the second batch of food while the first batch sits and waits for the rest of the dinner to be cooked. You can also multitask on this grill and that helps you cook versatile items on the same grill. This grill is ideal if you love hosting small crowds and you like having family meals in the outdoors.

Being an outdoor lover you will also enjoy the extra surface area you get in terms of the side tables and cooking racks within the grill. This can help you cook everything in one place and save time during special events and dinners so you are not left out of all the conversations that others are enjoying. These have enameled grates. This can allow the food to have a crispy and crunchy outer coating that is delectable to what is inside, without making it unpleasant, chewy, or hard to swallow.

What makes Weber Spirit E330 an ideal grill?

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The Weber Spirit E-330 is extraordinarily feature-loaded because it is a wholesome sear station that allows you to perfect your steaks and get beautiful sears on burgers despite low or high fat.

It has special grates that allow you to cook the food and make it delicious from a lot of natural sugar and protein reduction despite whichever cut is chosen. This is done because, under its lid, the E-330 builds a heat zone to cook up the inner food perfectly. The heat does not leak and thus does not dry out the meat. It only caramelizes and BBQ’s food in it for as long as you want it to.

Which one is better for you?

Here is a breakdown of each option in terms of the features it offers for you to make your decision based on facts.


The Weber Spirit E-310 offers you a reasonable cooking area to cook for an intimate crowd. The dimensions are 32 inches length, 52 inches width, 63 inches height. It weighs 130 pounds and has porcelain-enameled cooking grates to provide tasty food. It can cook up to 9 burger patties at once.

The Weber Spirit E-330 measures 32.28 inches in width, 25.59 inches in length, and 24.17 inches in height. This offers lesser cooking space but is super compact and this is a great feature for compact homes, apartments, and small families or groups of people. It also weighs lighter than the Spirit E-310. The E-330 weighs 116 pounds, which is 14 pounds less than its bigger counterpart, the E-310. The Weber E-330 is good if you like to move around town, or you are expected to make a house shift soon. It is very portable and the lightweight can help you carry it wherever you move next without second thoughts.

Material and durability

The cast-iron makes the E-310long lasting. It is porcelain-enameled. The lid and its cook box will not peel or rust. The grates do not clog over time and are super easy to clean up because of the coating. Despite its large size, the grill has caster wheels which make moving it around super easy and fast if need be.

The E-330 also has porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates but it has a stainless steel body and exterior. This makes it durable but not as expensive-looking. If you want a premium look you should go for E-310.


Both the Spirit E-310 and the Spirit E-330 include a lid handle and thermometres which are built-in for comfortable use. Like other functional and well-engineered grills from Weber, these two have front access grease tray and a catch pan to collect the extra oil, fat, and grease. This is a system designed to keep the grills easy to use and easy to clean.

The E-310 also features an additional set of six tool hooks to keep your grilling tools handy.

While the E330 has a built-in warming rack to keep food hot as you prepare the next batch and to simmer sidelines and cheese on its side burner.

You can also go directly to Amazon to check the Discounted Price of Weber Spirit E-330.

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Power source and fuel

Both grills use an electric crossover ignition system. They come with a supply of AA battery. Both of them use liquid propane as a fuel and thus require refills from time to time.

Flavor and heat

E-310 as a grill is more than versatile. You can get nifty and prepare baked items in the grill too. It lets you charbroil anything in limited time. You can also enjoy grill cheese nachos, hot chocolate fondue, and even funnel cakes. The sear station is a special feature of the E330. It makes an intense heat pressure point on the meat and sears it super fast without leaking the juices. If you want perfect sears you should go for Weber E-330 despite its smaller size.

The warm rack can come in handy and make up for the size when more guests show up than expected. It can also help in toasting the materials for your complete meal. It can up your backyard cooking game to a professional level.

If you want diverse uses out of your grill and want to serve more people as in 9 burgers at once, then E310 is the right choice for you. If you want to satisfy your desire for perfection and mind-boggling steaks made for you and your very very close inner circle, then E-330 is the right pick for you.


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