What Vacuum Cleaner Do Professionals Use

Whether it’s cleaning the tricky corners of your house or getting rid of the leaves outdoors, a good vacuum cleaner can provide you with an effective cleaning both indoors and outdoors.

While purchasing a vacuum, you have to take note of not only the motor and suction power, but its energy consumption, compactness, durability, and cable length also play a major role in making a vacuum cleaner your ideal machine.

There are a bunch of options available but the question is:” what do professionals prefer?”

Sealey Industrial Vacuum Cleaner:

This vacuum cleaner is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. It features a 20-liter capacity and has a stainless steel construction. The machine is quieter and more durable than its competitors. The suction power is admirable too.

Numatic Vacuum Cleaner:

Famous with the nickname ” Henry Hoover”, the Numatic Vacuum cleaner is known for its compact design and lightweight feature. The filtration system is excellent whereas the suction power is equally commendable as well.

Nilfisk GM 80:

This might be the most expensive vacuum cleaner but it’s certainly a commonly used device by professionals. They fancy it because of its transportable aluminum design and effective filtration system.

JCB 70130:

This is a vacuum that can perfectly deal with both wet and dry messes. It features a 1.5 m hose promoting anti-crush tendencies, a 5m long cable, and an 8m cleaning area.


The above-mentioned vacuum cleaners are equally fancied by professionals and they use it for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. From your shoe debris to the leaves in your backyard, they all can suck all the debris and junk. They are durable, sturdy, and equally reliable as well!

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