Best Beginner Airsoft Gun Reviews and Buyers Guide 2020

Best Beginner Airsoft Gun

Looking for the Best Beginner Airsoft Gun?  You’ve come to the right place.

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If you need help choosing the right sports gear related to the best beginner airsoft gun then you have landed on the right page. This means that you can use the gun regularly and learn every aim and practice real good without any cheap stake distractions.

The best beginner airsoft gun is going to be easier to find now with the help of this guide. You can quickly engage in the quality of these airsoft guns or replicas and see which ones suit you the best.

 My Top Pick… 

If you are in a hurry and don’t have so much time in reading detailed reviews of these products, you can go with our top pick ASG CZ Scorpion Evo Airsoft Gun among them. You Can also check the customer reviews and the discounted price of this article on Amazon.

Best Beginner Airsoft Gun 

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) ASG CZ Scorpion Evo Airsoft Gun:

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The ASG Scorpian Evo is a great quality outdoor gun choice. It emulates similar energy and lets you practice hard before you can launch into the real thing.


The ASG Scorpian Evo is a safe and steady option. You can get this compact and similar airsoft gun to aim well. You can practice easily with this 1.4-joule gun. It gives you the right amount of energy to play with. The velocity shifts quickly. It lets you train and sync easily. The gun has a 4-Position fire selector. This will allow you to enjoy a genuine 3-shot burst.

The gun will come with its CNC machined parts. Among the best things about this lies the fact that this is one of those electronics that let you deliver according to your own needs but are ready for your hen you need them. This is like a microwave oven. This is lightweight but it comes with having the strength necessary to handle its springs and high-speed solutions.


The gun has actual features that are useful while training and on the field. It is a great replica gun for modern usage. You can use it for all kinds of soft metal objects.

What We Like
    • The gun comes in a proper gearbox.
    • You can also get a lot of relief and improved training with empty magazine detection and gearbox
What We Don't Like
  • Not suitable for metal objects

2.) ASG Dan Wesson 6″ CO2 Powered Air Revolver:

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The ASG Dan Wesson 6inches is also a fair choice that qualifies as the best airsoft gun. This is a Co2 powered air revolver. It is great for sports and outdoors. You can use it under the license from Dan Wesson.


The ASG Dan Wesson comes with a fixed front sight. This lets you take shots like they do in the cinema. It is dramatic and amazing. You will also get all of its Weaver-style rail tactical accessories with it.

What you get in this is a double-action trigger system. There are speed loaders on this as well. The ASG Dan Wesson has genuine brand markings on it. It has a unique serial number stamped into its frame. The revolver also has a double-action trigger system and an adjustable rear sight for extra realism and accuracy. The body has a 12g Co2 cartridge.


This is a grip back access easy to load style gun. The hard ABS plastic makes the grip durable as well. This has a 6 cartridge revolver configuration. You can add one bullet in each. There is a metal cylinder and that rotates. The revolver comes with a speed-loader, attachable tactical rail, and 6 cartridges.

What We Like
    • This has a comfortable and snug grip for the user for maximum control and the most comfort. It is easy to access.
    • The gun comes from a metal body.
    • It has an ergonomic grip which is nonmental.
What We Don't Like
  • This is not intended for hard metal objects

3.) Walther PPQ 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft:

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The Walther PPQ 6mm BB Pistol is also a great choice if you are into pistols. This is an 800 bbs pistol. It is an airsoft gun with 2 magazines. The gun has great features. This is a proper combat kit actually.


The Walther PPQ 6mm BB Pistol is a spring-powered 6mm option. It is made out of gun-metal polymer. The polymer is high strength made with quality additives. This shoots from 6mm plastic BBs. You can try it at 300 fps.

This set will have 2 detachable imitation silencers and about 2 airsoft magazines. There are also 400 blue airsoft BBs and 400 Nightglow airsoft BBs. You can enjoy up to 85-round BB reservoirs in it. This can be used for longer distances as well as for shorter ones. You can enjoy great comfort with this one. It is more accurate and steady as compared to other airsoft guns. You can also get rid of the threaded compensator.


You can use it indoor and outdoor with great ease. The revolver comes with a set of Blue plastic BBs and Nightglow BBs as well. There is a fast action system designed for your random usage. It has a 15 rds capacity. It is going to come with a 0.75-pound weight of this one.

What We Like
    • This is a complete kit
    • Contains a lightweight structure
What We Don't Like
  • Only comes in a dark brown color

4. Soft Air FN SCAR-L Airsoft Gun:

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Another high-quality choice for the outdoors and sports is the soft air FN Scar Airsoft. This one will give you are greater range and larger sweet spot.


The gun will comes in a set. It will have about 260 FPS as well as .20grams of BBs. This is an expandable and foldable choice. You can use the flip sides as well. The magazine has a 200 BB capacity.


It has a front and a rear sight option. This one will come with its chargers and the battery with a red dot.

What We Like
    • Comes with a Battery and Charger
    • Has a mock Red dot sight
What We Don't Like
  • Not suitable for metal shootings

Buying Guide

Although it depends on you and your choices, most of these guns are basically loved a lot by people. The users swear by them. Not only this, but they also think that these guns are highly easy to use and learn with. However, everyone has a different learning process so some may like to learn quickly others may prefer learning easily. So depending on the kind of style that meets yours you should be able to find your own choice.

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