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Crossbow Scope With Rangefinder

Looking for the Best Crossbow Scope With Rangefinder You’ve come to the right place.

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Crossbows are tools that look like traditional bows, the archers used in the past. Modern crossbows are advanced in technology and are now being used by hunters, shooters, and military personnel.

The scope is necessary for the crossbows because usually they are used to hunt animals or shoot long distant aims, rangefinders are equally important for the crossbows to aim the target accurately.

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If you are in a hurry and don’t have so much time in reading detailed reviews of these products, you can go with our top pick TRUGLO Crossbow Compact Scope among them. You Can also check the customer reviews and the discounted price of this Product on Amazon.

Best Crossbow Scope With Rangefinder

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1. TRUGLO Crossbow Compact Scope:


This scope is a treasure of features. The body is made up of aluminum and is resistant to scratches while it is mate in look. The objective lens is given a sunshade to avoid glare from the sun. The tube is filled with nitrogen gas and sealed with O-ring to ensure water and fog resistance.

Then the eyepiece provides generous eye relief. For mounting, there is a weaver style which is easy in mounting. Turrets are there for windage and elevation fingertip adjustment while there is quickly reset to zero system present.

Dual illuminated BDC reticle with a rangefinder is present while the lenses are fully coated great for the sharp clear and visible images. These features make it best for your purchase.

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  • The body is made up of aluminum and is lightweight.
  • A sunshade is present to avoid glare because of the sun.
  • The reticle is BDC and is equipped with a rangefinder. And can be illuminated in 2 colors.
  • It provides Eye relief of 102mm.
  • Fully coated lens
  • Weaver-style mounting.
  • The body is scratch-proof while it is in matter look
  • Windage and elevation turrets and can be adjusted with fingertips, which can quickly reset to zero feature.
  • Waterproof and fog-proof tube and is filled with nitrogen gas.


What We Like
  • The body is resistant to external harm.
  • It can be used in all weather.
  • It can be used at night as used in a day.
  • Advanced reticle
What We Don't Like
  • .None


Long story short it is made for your crossbow and you can use it day and night equally. It gives you the results which you are trying to achieve for so long that just go for it.

2. Sightmark Core Crossbow Scope:


This scope is a great thing to consider for your crossbow. This scope is tuned to the high speed of the crossbow. And can withstand the recoil of the crossbow.

Its tube is filled with nitrogen gas for the effective transmission of the light. Whereas the tube is sealed to resist fog, water, and shock. It provides high magnification while the reticle is equipped with a kill zone rangefinder to help you take accurate aims.


  • It is tuned for 250-400 fps speed of crossbow.
  • The reticle is red illuminated and etched on the glass.
  • The brightness of the reticle is adjustable to 11 levels
  • A rangefinder is a kill zone for intermediate games.
  • Magnification is 1.5 -5x.
  • Eye relief 3.2-3 inches.
  • Water, fog, and shock-resistant scope.
  • Can withstand the recoil of the bow.


What We Like
  • User-friendly
  • It can be used in all weather.
  • Great resolution
What We Don't Like
  • .None


This efficient scope is highly recommended. It has many great features which are very useful for your fun and passionate hobby. This scope is made for crossbows and has a kill zone rage finder which will help you to aim your target very precisely. You should try it as soon as possible.

3. EOTECH Holographic Crossbow Sight Rangefinder:


Here we have a unique scope manufactured by EOTECH, this is different in design and is made up of aluminum. The optics are powerful and able to produce a bright and crisp picture moreover the body is waterproof. And the scope is weaver mount and MIL-STD 1913 rail.

The reticle is XBOW and is incorporated with holographic technology to give a pre-calculated scale projected on the target and measures 18”. The reticle provides 20 settings for the brightness and cannot be used at night. The body is compact and highly durable. This can be a great investment.

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  • Weaver mount.
  • XBOW reticle with a pre-calculated range finder.
  • Uses holographic technology to create a pre-calculated scale of the range which is projected on the target and measures 18”.
  • 20 settings of brightness in the reticle.


What We Like
  • Compact body
  • Waterproof
  • Holographic technology.
What We Don't Like
  • Not compatible with night vision.
  • It cannot be operated with side buttons.


You will not be disappointed with the performance of this scope. The range finder is highly advanced and is equipped with great technology. Spending money on it will be a great decision.

4. Hawke Crossbow Scope:


Hawke has made it for crossbows, this scope has high performing optics. This scope provides great light transmission, bright pictures, and colors. This has turrets for the elevation and windage settings, this can be adjusted with the fingertip. The magnification it offers is 1.5 – 5x.

The reticle is illuminated in 2 colors; red and green and here is a rangefinder present in the reticle that ensures accurate aiming and provides a range from 20 -100 yards. The body is made up of sturdy material and is in matter color while the tube can resist weather changing without affecting your vision. You will be amazed at the results indeed.

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  • Turrets for the adjustment of windage and elevation
  • Multi-Coated lenses
  • Nitrogen filled tube moreover the tube is fog, water, and shockproof.
  • The reticle is designed to ensure accurate aim, here are aim points which ensure exact 10 yards. 20 to 100 yards aim points are present.
  • Magnification is 1.5-5X
  • It has illuminated circles in dual colors.
  • The body is matte


What We Like
  • User-friendly.
  • Efficient functioning
  • Value for money.
What We Don't Like
  • None


We are giving the details of a highly recommended scope. Its rangefinder is very effective and accurate. You will have great preciseness in your results with this so hurry and order it now.

5.) Barnett 1.5-5×32:

BARNETT 1.5-5×32 is a top-notch quality product that is manufactured by Barnett Company. It weighs about 1.1 pounds. Hence it’s an extremely lightweight product. You can use it easily without getting tired. It has a length of about 10 inches, its width is 3 inches and its height is also of 3 inches. This product usually comes in an exclusive black color. It is a perfect combo of features and functions.


BARNETT 1.5-5×32 is a top-quality product that is made up of aluminum. This product is mostly used in hunting where with the help of the light illuminated scope, you can see the target. It works in close association with the speed selector with the help of which you can easily adjust and match the speed of your crossbow arrow.

It also comes with a range finder with the help of which you can find the distance at which your target is present. The speed selector matches any crossbow shooting between 300 to 425 fps. It provides an exact 10 yards interval aim points from 20 to 70 yards. It can easily work even if its battery becomes dead. It has no dovetail.

6.) Nikon Bolt XR:

Nikon bolt XR is high tech and innovative equipment that is manufactured by NIKON. It is a company known for producing many cheap and top quality crossbow scopes and Nikon bolt XR is one of them. This product comes in an exclusive black color. The whole package weighs about 1.3 pounds.

It is extremely lightweight and is extremely durable meaning that it is waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof. The crossbow scope has a length of about 12 inches, its width is 3.75 inches and it has a height of about 2.75 inches. It is loaded with a lot of cool features.


It is a top-quality product that is made up of metallic fiber. For clear vision, it is equipped with multi-coated lenses that has a light transmission of about 92%. All of its optical lenses are coated with anti-reflective compounds. It is equipped with large oculars to have a wider field of view. Its diopter is 4. Its eye relief is about 3.4 inches and it has a BDC 60 reticle. It allows you to do field adjustments with the help of the zero-reset Turrets. It comes with Nikon windage, lens caps, and elevation caps.

7.) UTG 4×32 Crossbow Scope:

UTG 4X32 crossbow scope is another highly advanced tool that is manufactured by Leapers Inc. It is one of the top quality and the cheapest products offered by the company. It weighs about 1.7 pounds. Hence it’s extremely lightweight. You won’t get tired while carrying or using it.

Its length, width, and height are all about 1 inch. It has a size of about 4x32mm. This top-quality product usually comes in an exclusive black color under the brand name of UTG. It is mostly used in hunting sports. Hence, it’s the best weapon in their arsenal leaving no target alive. It is loaded with a lot of cool features and functions.


It is equipped with a unique Pro 5 Step red/green illuminated reticles for changing speed compensation. It has 5 horizontal lines that are graded for 300fps crossbows to allow aiming at yard distances of 10,20,30,40 and 50. The side wheel dual illumination control is favorable in different light conditions.

It also features a zero lockable and resettable turret that allows windage and elevation adjustments. It offers a broadband lens that provides a clear and sharp image. Its magnification power is about 4X.

Buyer’s Guide:

Planning on going for hunting? Well, it’s without a doubt, that having a crossbow scope with a rangefinder along with the rest of your gear, will make you an excellent target killer. That is if you don’t suck at shooting! There are a lot of different types of crossbow scopes with rangefinder present at the market and you get panicked. As a result, you end up buying the project that sucks and is not up to your level. Therefore, you help you, a buyer guide has been given below to help to make the right choice.

Which Features To Look For?

Before buying, do consider the following things first.

1. Budget:

The first and foremost thing that you have to consider is the price. The market offers many different crossbows with rangefinders at different prices. Some can be cheap up to $70 or can be expensive up to $200 or more. The more money you invest, the cooler features you will get. So, look carefully, and buy the one that’s within your budget. But if you don t have a budget problem then just buy the one that catches
your eye.

2. Durable:
Durability is the most thing feature that you should not miss. You will regret if you end up spending all your money on buying an expensive crossbow with rangefinder but it ends up breaking after a few accidental falls.
Therefore, do look at whether the product you are buying is with wear and tear-resistant or not.

3. Accuracy:
It is important to know about the accuracy of the rangefinder. It would be a total
waste of your money if you end up buying a rangefinder that doesn’t even tell you
the distance. Therefore, before buying, do test its accuracy.

4. Size:
Crossbow with rangefinder comes in a lot of different and varying sizes. It’s up to you now that which size best suits you. No use of buying one, that of large size and you are unable to hold it and it’s not even compatible with the rest of your gear.

5. Magnifying Power:
Crossbow scope should have a greater magnification power so that you can see distant objects.

6. Warranty:
Look for the product that offers a larger warranty and even has a policy of returning.

Wrap Up!
Before buying, do consider the following aspects if you don’t want to end up wasting your money. A buyer should be confident in its purchase and confidence allows it comes when thinking carefully about its features before buying.

Crossbow Scope With Rangefinders help to take the target precisely. But it is not easy to choose the best scope having a rangefinder that fits best your crossbow and most players are confused to find the best one. We are here to give you good options for your crossbow, these scopes are of great quality and will leave you with a choice. So come along and find the scope of your dreams.

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