Best Generator For Home Power Outage

Best Generator For Home Power Outage

Looking for the Best Generator For Home Power Outage? You’ve come to the right place.

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A power outage is the most annoying yet most common phenomenon in most places of the world and its occurrence goes manifold if you live in a place where storms and hurricanes are a usual practice. To cope up with the undesired power outage you must ensure uninterrupted power supply in your home and this could be ensured by an energy backup source like a generator.

Generators have created much hype in the world and have revolutionized the energy sector of the world. To help you get the best generator for home power outage we have brought you this review, go through the entire article to have an in-depth view of each product.

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Hurried enough to miss reading through the entire article? Don’t worry we have held your back and brought you our #1 pick of the best generator for a home power outage to save your time. DuroMax XP12000EH is the best choice for a whole house generator which allows you to run all your household appliances with its 12 thousand watts of peak wattage and an average running wattage of 95,00 and a 457cc powerful and reliable motor which drives an efficient performance. It has 120V and 240V outlets and the user can choose the desired voltage at which they want to run their appliances.

Best Generator For Home Power Outage Reviews

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) DuroMax XP4850EH: (Best Choice)

DuroMax is a prestigious brand and probably the only brand with a desired heavy-duty performance and a relatively lower price tag, the two of the topmost priorities to look for in any product that is its price and performance.

DuroMax XP series is an immensely popular generator lineup that entails some of the very best whole-home standby generators to rely upon during power outrage and energy blackout. This DuroMax XP is a hybrid generator that is able to run on both liquid fuel and gas fuel as it is a dual fuel hybrid home generator.


It has a 4850 watts maximum power output and is a portable generator allowing users to carry it easily all through the home and is also able to be utilized for outdoor purposes. To give the maximum maneuverability to the carrying cart it has a wheeler design that is equipped with an onboard tool kit and has all the necessary tools coming with the package.

As far as its noise level is concerned it gives a quiet operation producing only 69 decibels of sound which is nearly inaudible for the human ear. It has a fuel tank of the capacity of almost 4 gallons and thus you won’t have to look for continuous refills giving a smooth uninterrupted power supply.

2.) Westinghouse WGen7500: (High Quality)

WGen generators are adding a new dimension to home standby generators to give the users a whole day continuous power source without interruption of the power outrage and to make the generator usage comfortable and noise-free it has a revolutionary technology running through its wires and ports which are the mouthpieces of the manufacturer’s excellency. It is yet again another dual fuel generator and features a quick assemblage which requires minimal maintenance and is therefore easy on the pocket.


Power output is undeniably the deciding feature of the generator and its selection is as a casting vote for the generator and this is because higher power output allows for more appliances to be running over the generator.
To do so this WGen 7500 is offering a peak wattage of 9500 and the average running power is about 7500 which is almost double than the DuroMax XP and with these added watts it can carry the wattage of additional devices.

To account for the additional power output it has a powerful motor of 420cc and all these features are backed up by a limited parts three years warranty. Noise level is another significant feature to focus on when heading for the final purchase and this WGen 7500 is making 72db sound which is not the quietest but is also not annoying to disturb your smooth working.

3.) DuroMax XP12000EH: (Best Selling)

Another of the DuroMax XP generator has marked its entry in our list of the best generator for home power outrage and this time it has knocked even harder with its amazing lineup of features and specifications to rely upon with its dual-fuel technology and the twice the power output to give the peak voltage strong enough to run all your households appliances like an air compressor, air conditioner, refrigerator and other heavy-duty electrical appliances which are difficult to run otherwise during a power outage.


It has a 12KW maximum power output and the average power output is 9500 which is the highest running wattage and is even higher than the peak wattage of all our mention here and this is the reason for selecting it as our top pick To run these high wattage devices it has a powerful motor of 457cc power and is having two receptacles enabling the users to select from either 120 volts or 240 volts.

The most efficient of its features is its idle control technology which prevents its use when the generator is not running and thus the Best Generator For Home Power Outage will deliver an efficient power saving much fuel. It also has a low oil shut off to increase the engine life as when low oil is left in the storage unit the engine is automatically turned off saving from any damage to the unit and the engine itself.

4.) Champion 3800-Watt: (Cheap)

Champion is an immensely popular brand and has a huge lineup of some of the best whole-home generators which are powerful enough to run all your home appliances at the same time and this is what a home generator should be equipped with as a prerequisite.

This champion is a 3800-watt generator which is a successor of 3500 watts model and this Best Generator For Home Power Outage upgraded wattage will allow for more power consumption as it is able to run more electrical appliances.


It has a maximum power output of 3800 watts and this power is complemented by its 224cc engine which is powerful and reliable enough to drive the performance it is supposed to give with its features and specifications.

It is a gasoline-based generator and has a storage unit of the capacity 0.6 quarts and has an oil shut off sensor which is an important part of any generator as it senses the low oil level and automatically turns the engine off to prevent any damage to the motor. The champion brand offers a three years limited parts warranty which is a worthy mention before buying any generator to have insight into the reliability of the product.

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