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  1. Best overall: Lenovo ThinkPad E470 i5
    ”This entry-level model of the E-series uses the 7th generation Intel Core processor.”
  2. Best Product: Dell New 2019 XPS 13 9380
    “ The slim bezels around the top and side edges of the screen make it pop out.”
  3. Best Quality: Apple MacBook Pro 13 inches
    “The best ultraportable laptop with lavish looks, excellent touchpads”
  4. Best Features: Dell XPS 15 7590 9th generation laptop
    “High-end CPU and RAM ensures heavy workload handling and huge data surfing.”

In mean times now, almost all of the laptop systems can run at least basic Excel but we all know that not all computers are created equal. There were times when Excel did not run as fast as we wanted it to be, or it freezes more often if we tried to import a large amount of data.

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Product Name


Lenovo ThinkPad E470 i5
Dell New 2019 XPS 13 9380
Apple MacBook Pro 13 inches
Dell XPS 15 7590 9th generation laptop

Best Laptops for Excel

Lenovo ThinkPad E470 i5

Lenovo ThinkPad E470 i5Lenovo ThinkPad E470 i5 is the latest addition to the Lenovo business series. This entry-level model of the E-series uses the 7th generation Intel Core processor and promises excellent performance with acceptable battery life.

Key features and specifications of Lenovo ThinkPad E470 i5 are:

  • General specifications include 2.70 GHz Intel corei7 processor, 14” inches screen, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 8 GB memory, Bluetooth and operating Windows 10.
  • A very resistant Matte black case with traditional Lenovo look.
  • The new layout is well suited for right-hand users as all of the ports lie in the rear left region of the laptop.
  • This module supports Bluetooth 4.1 and all typical WLAN standards in 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency.
  • Kensington locks and passwords.
  • easy maintenance just by removing three screws from the bottom.
  • 12 months warranty.

With high-quality good hardware and well-made design, Lenovo E470 i5  is a performance hit with all-round qualities.

  • Good workmanship quality
  • great keyboard
  • additional Trackpoint
  • High application performance
  • decent battery life
  • silent and cool in everyday use
  • relatively thick and heavy
  • meager connectivity
  • Poor security features
  • limited upgrade options
  • only 12 months warranty

Dell New 2019 XPS 13 9380

Dell New 2019 XPS 13 9380The model Dell New 2019 XPS 13 9380 brings new life to XPS designs of Dell with beautiful white interior and sleek metal top which gives you a luxurious feel. The slim bezels around the top and side edges of the screen make it pop out.

Key features and specifications of Dell New 2019 XPS 13 9380 are as follows:

  • General specifications include silver color, 13.3” inches touch screen display, 3840 x 2160 resolution, 3.9 GHz core i7 8700T, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia graphics coprocessor, 512 GB flash memory and operating Windows 10 pro.
  • Reliable and trustworthy in every means.
  • Little powerhouse with all the specs you could ask for in a slim and beautiful laptop.
  • Unquestionable strong performance even for harder workloads.
  • Pretty standard battery, battery life is great which lets you work efficiently when you are commuting.
  • It provides you with an amazing 4k resolution.
  • Three Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports.

Dell New 2019 XPS 13 9380 is a great laptop recommended by many users for a great, reliable, well-priced windows laptop that lets you handle your work burdens without being a burden.

  • Beautiful design with efficacy
  • USB-C thunderbolt
  • High-end performance
  • issues with Bluetooth connection
  • does not register a fingerprint
  • fans get a little loud
  • Comparatively small touchpad

Apple MacBook Pro 13 inches

Apple MacBook Pro 13 inchesMore power, more performance, more pro. The 13 inch MacBook Pro is Apple’s best ultraportable laptop with lavish looks, excellent touchpads, and long battery life that gives you an experience of high-end performance.

Key features and specifications are:

  • General specifications include 13 inch and 15-inch model, up to 32 GB memory, up to 4.8 GHz turbo boost, up to 3.2 GB SSD read speed, up to 10 hrs battery life and operating Windows 10.
  • The retina display has excellent contrast and can display many colors as compared to the other competing models.
  • A fingerprint reader that supports Apple’s Touch ID protocol which works very well every time.
  • It comes with a Force Touch trackpad that is by far the most accurate pad.
  • USB-C thunderbolt charging cable and AC adapter.
  • Generally solid battery life.

The MacBook Pro is best suited for those who want a powerful notebook with solid battery life in a relatively lightweight package and who have an ample budget.

  • Powerful speakers
  • Force Touch Trackpad
  • Scissor switch keyboard design
  • Glued in place battery.
  • No SD card slot
  • No ”MagSafe” power connector.
  • Expensive

Dell XPS 15 7590 9th generation laptop

Dell XPS 15 7590 9th generation laptopWith Dell XPS 15 7590, experience less buffering, brilliant sound clarity and an ultra-vivid

picture quality with the capacity of all your workloads. High-end CPU and RAM ensures heavy workload handling and huge data surfing.

Key features and specifications of Dell XPS 15 7590 are:

  • General specifications include 15.6”inches screen, 3840 x 2160 resolution, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia graphic chip processor operating Windows 10.
  • It gives you a cinema-like feel of visuals and audio that completely surrounds you.
  • Provides you with ultimate power for heavy commuting workloads like gaming, educational or business uses or Excel work.
  • Nvidia chip processor for graphics lets you play around with videos, photography, and gaming.
  • The unique borderless display maximizes the screen space.
  • Smallest powerful HD webcam housed at the front and center.
  • Dell XPS 15 7590 lets you keep your smartphone connected with your laptop and allows you to make calls, send messages and transfer files just as you do with your mobile phone.

Dell XPS 15 7590 is a one-of-a-kind design that is already equipped with all of your future commuting needs related to any field of work and any workload without measuring limitations.

  • Webcam in the right place
  • Slim attractive design
  • Strong productivity performance
  • Lackluster for gaming
  • Below-average battery life
  • Weak audio

Usual small setups can easily run their systems on laptops with basic availability of Excel but larger educational, organizational or business setups demand a reliable laptop that makes working in Excel a breeze. If you are big on Excel and want to be more productive and excellent in it than you must get a laptop that suits your needs. Buying a laptop for heavy Excel use has its own demands including powerful CPU that has high computing capabilities and a right RAM which can support the handling of heavy data easily. Click Here

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