Top 10 Best Random Orbital Sander

Advance your home craft with the best random orbital sander. Well according to me, buying the best random orbital sander for woodworking is wise but picking your first ROS is difficult for a newbie. No worries, this top 10 best orbital sander reviews and buyer guide 2019 will help you to choose the best price orbital sander for home use. provides the complete unbiased comprehensive product-oriented guide for the top 10 best orbital sander reviews and buyers guide products. All the information is collected through the truest sources or by testing these latest orbital sanders in different environments. These top ten cheap price orbital sander handy machines are given random orbital sander

List for top 10 best random orbital sander

List for top 10 best orbital sanders which are best-selling orbital sander too is given below. All these random orbital products are market-leading orbital sander on the basis of affordable price, high performance, and quality construction. Go through their reviews and make you decide to worth buying orbital sander.

  1. BLACK+DECKER BDERO600 Random Orbital Sander
  2. Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Random Orbital Sander
  3. Makita BO5041K 5″ Random Orbital Sander
  4. Ryobi P411 One+ 18V Random orbital sander
  5. Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ Random Orbital Sander
  6. DEWALT DWE6423K variable speed Random Orbital Sander
  7. SKIL 7492-02 5″ Random Orbital Sander
  8. Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander
  9. Porter-Cable 7424XP Random Orbital Sander
  10. TACKLIFE PRS01A 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

This article has been divided into two parts. The first part only focuses on the top 10 best market orbital sander products respected to an affordable price, desires features and other best factors to pick. The second part it the deep level information for choosing the best one. Pros and cons of an orbital sander, its pitfalls, market value, balanced price, and performance, etc.

Top 10 Best Random Orbital Sander

1. BLACK+DECKER BDERO600 Top Pick Random Orbital Sander

From corded to cordless orbital sander the right tools do make a BLACK+DECKER-BDERO600difference. This time we are back with another best corded random orbital sander by BLACK+DECKER. The BDERO600 Random Orbital Sander. This 5-inch ROS will give you the liberty to sand in the tight spaces.

BLACK+DECKER BDERO600 Random Orbital Sander has the facility of a high-performance dust collection system that keeps your workplace clean to a fine level. With Pedal switch activation, stronger grip and lighter weight, this best ROS are comfortable and more convenient to use.

This little smart orbital sander is a deviously powerful ROS tool that will give you maximum convenient experience. BLACK & DECKER BDERO600 Random Orbital Sander is an optimistic tool for homeowners and DIYers.

The 2.4 amp powerful motor will deliver the perfect quality that you would expect from this quality ROS unit. The compact solid construction and the standard size is also another competitive advantage. The lighter weight of 3 lbs. add the comfort of longer use.

Other features plus benefits of this unmatchable Random orbital sander are given.

  • 5-inch disc size BLACK+DECKER BDERO600 Random Orbital Sander
  • amp motor to yield 14000 orbits in a minute
  • ergonomic collaborative design for professional-grade usage
  • clean operation with an automatic dust collection system
  • high performance even on rough surfaces
  • hook and loop system for fastest pad changing and more accessibility

BLACK+DECKER BDERO600 Random Orbital Sander includes a dust collection bag with easy on and off features. This will not only save time but it will get ready the orbit device for a new job. It’s a powerful corded tool for sanding the wood which uses 5-inch paper size @ 14000 OPM.

The 240 watts BDERO600 Random Orbital Sander is best for removing the old paint and varnish from the wood. It also works fine when used on metals or plastics. This great sander by BLACK & DECKER is a good master when you need to reshape the wood or when you are going to prepare the surface for finishing projects.

The two years standard warranty policy stands for the Black & Decker BDERO600 Random Orbital Sander. In this period the compact positively accepts any defect or workmanship claims.

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  • Sand with palm activated power
  • High-quality swirl-free finishing for wood, plastics, and metals
  • A triple dust filtration system
  • Affordable cheap price for the advance random orbital sander
  • No variable speed controller in BDERO600

2. Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Best multiuse Random Orbital SanderBosch-ROS65VC-6

Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Random Orbital Sander is the runner up best orbital sander in this review and buying guide 2019. It’s an excellent tool for fast removing yielding the smooth finish. Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Random Orbital polisher is a masterpiece of the solid compact build. This amazing random orbital sander is equipped with the vibration control system. This system reduces the number of vibration reached to the hand.

The 3.3 Amp motor is enough powerful to provide the required strength for different materials. There is a variable speed dial feature for custom control of rotations. The Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Random Orbital Sander is made of die-cast aluminum gear case and a dual posture pad stand. The pad dampening system minimizes the risk of swirl marks.

Key features of Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Random Orbital Sander

Some of the desired key features available in this good-quality random orbital polisher are as following:

  • Versatile sanding capability allows the fast and accurate removal of solid dust leaving a fine mingled surface.
  • Two different dust collection systems
  1. Vacuum hose connection system using airflow
  2. Micro Filter
  • To match the work pace its variable speed dial is able to provide the speed of 5500 to 12000 OPM
  • Aluminum gear housing for added durability
  • Integrated filter for Microfilter dust container
  • Ergonomic design for providing a better grip for longer use
  • Trigger with ON/OFF button
  • Compatible with a 6-inch pad

Plus the Bosch ROS65VC-6 6″ Random Orbital Sander includes a 6-inch soft backing pad and front handle dust canister. This ideal handy random orbital sander has a 2.5m/sec2 vibration level. Which makes it best random orbital sander for all-purpose.

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  • Low vibration orbital sander
  • Onboard dust extraction with high removal rates
  • Adjustable speed for different surfaces
  • The configuration is a bit tricky

3. Makita BO5041K 5″ Editor’s Choice Random Orbital Sander

This USA based 5-inch orbital sander gear is excellent when you are MAKITA BO5041Kdoing DIY. Makita BO5041K 5″ Random Orbital Sander machine is the best combination of performance, speed, and control. Makita BO5041K 5″ Random Orbital Sander is a perfect tool for woodworkers, carpenters, and general contractors.

Featuring a built-in 3 AMP power motor having sealed ball bearing add extra years to live. Makita BO5041K delivers a swirl-free finish. This random orbit action device is good to pick for newbies and professional use. The pad controls of Makita BO5041K 5″ Random Orbital Sander provides full control on the speed at start-up.

Makita BO5041K 5″ Random Orbital Sander is available in 110 and 240 voltages. It has backside dust extraction and soft rubberized grip with and adjustable side handle. Its top dial provides a variable speed between 4000 to 12000 Orbits per minute.

Makita BO5041K 5″ Random Orbital Sander also has a variable two-finger trigger which also has a lock-on button at the side. The sanding pad is 123 mm diameter and takes a 125 mm diameter disc. For engineering tolerances, it moves out of eccentricity by 2.8 millimeters.

So, Makita BO5041K 5″ Random Orbital Sander is ideal orbital sander for bringing up worktops to a nice finishing ready for varnishing.

Key features/specifications of Makita BO5041K 5″ Random Orbital Sander are:

  • 5 m/s2 vibration for comfortable operations
  • Variable speed control dial for the range of 4000 to 12000 OPM
  • Ergonomic rubber handle for improved grip and strong holding of during operations
  • Sanding in corners and edges with its adjustable front knob
  • Standard 2 finger trigger lock button
  • Dust collector system for clear and clear professional work

This corded random orbital sander is lighter weight with its 3.5 lbs. weights. Its smart professional-grade size and a strong grip is a perfect combination of speed and performance. This 1/8″ orbit diameter sanding machine with double insulated wire is the most durable random orbital sander in the USA.

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  • Quick change 8 holes abrasive paper (hook and loop)
  • Affordable price random orbital sander for home
  • Maximum productivity with pad brake
  • Zero vibration with removable front handle
  • The warranty policy is not good

4. Ryobi P411 One+ 18V Best Cordless Random Orbital Sander

Ryobi P411 One+ 18V Random orbital sander is a perfect piece of bestRYOBI P411 ONE+ cordless random orbital sander of 2019. Ryobi P411 One+ is designed to do more. It best [rice random orbital sander is ideal for light to medium weight applications such as fine finishing and paint removal.

The main benefit of this 18V best cordless random orbital sander is that it is not sensitive to the direction of wood grains. So you could be guaranteed a swirl-free finish just like the professionals. This quality build sander has 2.5-millimeter random orbit motion which combines aggressive stock removal and a smooth finish.

The sandpaper fitment is hook and loop making it effortless to remove and reattach. The high-quality sander has built-in dust extraction holes and a removable dust bag that ensures the working environment remains tidy and dust-free. The dust bag easily slides on and off making it fast and simple to empty the dust bag.

Sand up to 50 minutes with its 5 amp lithium plus battery in a single charge. This Ryobi P411 One+ 18V Random orbital sander is sold as a bare tool allowing you to build on you one+ collection without the need to pay for an additional battery and charging adapters.

As a part of one+ system of over 50 great tools for your home and garden, this handy best battery supported random orbital sander will work with any Ryobi one+ battery.

Features of Ryobi P411 One+ 18V Random orbital sander

This best cordless orbital sander has the capacity to smooth all surfaces varying in materials. Some of the features plus specification best liked by the users are listed hare below:

  • Spin free high-quality flat finish at the rate of 10,000 orbits per minutes
  • Non-stop working for 50 minutes on a single charge
  • Compatible with all types of batteries from Ryobi One+
  • Multi-grip area for providing versatility
  • Ergonomic sanding experience with lock-on switch and hook and look system
  • On the gadget dust collection bag
  • 18 volts battery supporting 10,000 OPM
  • Total weight of 2.5 lbs.

This great battery powered orbital sander is having wider application areas for its best extremely low price and reliable performance. The enhanced performance is only because of its powerful motor and great OPM rate. The cheap price is also an edge. This best cordless orbital sander is under 50 dollars.

The Ryobi P411 One+ 18V Random orbital sander includes a unit of P411 orbital sander, 3 sanding pads and a user manual for all tool-related information. This best value random orbital sander is also backed up with 3 years of the standard warranty period.

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  • Best cordless orbital sander under 50
  • No noise while working
  • Cheap price orbital sander
  • Best for home use orbital sander
  • Absence of vacuum
  • Required care
  • Limited to be used for small jobs (non-commercial use

5. Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ Random Orbital Sander

Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ Random Orbital Sander provides corded MAKITA XOB01Zperformance without the cord. Which means the battery is enough to power to work for heavy loads.  The 18 volt Makita XOB01Z delivers great run-time, speed, performance and convince of use in a single orbital sander gadget.

Get 40 minutes of sanding at low speed on a single LZT battery charge. It has an easy one-touch electronic speed control switch and 3 different speed settings. These settings are 7000, 9500 and 11000 Orbits per minute.

The 3.6 lbs. weight, ergonomic design grip, and interactive design body are an excellent piece of engineering. The pad ring and pad brake are specifically built to reduce free spin. The improved overall finish is the strongest claim by the manufacturer of this great orbital sanding tool.

Additionally, the onboard dust collect system and quick changing dust bag mean for cleaner and steadfast work. The battery is star protected which means there is no chance for overheating, over-discharging and overloading. This protecting technology will protect your tool for a longer run and optimum performance.

The LXT (Lithium-ion) battery has 2 times faster charging time as compared to other best brand random orbital sander. The Star Protection Computer Control will keep your battery as well as orbital sander unit free from maintenance for a longer time.

Key features of Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ Random Orbital Sander

Key features best liked by the reviewers are listed here:

  • For fast material removal 3 different speed settings @ 7000/95000/11000 OPM
  • Star protected lithium-ion battery of 18 volts
  • 1/8” diameter orbit for marks free service
  • One-touch speed control (electronically)
  • Sealed dust switch and bearing seals for added durability
  • Pad control and onboard dust collection system
  • USA based technology delivers category-leading charge time (fast charging)

Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ Random Orbital Sander comes only with the sanding unit. The battery and charging adopter needs to buy separately. For all home homeowners who want to advance their DIY tools with the latest technology devices. The Makita XOB01Z Cordless 5″ Random Orbital Sander is the best choice ROS. This multi-use random orbital sander is with a lot of pros there for it is best-selling random orbit sander.

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  • Includes 120 grit sandpaper
  • Modifiable skirt orientation
  • Swirl free finishing
  • Interactive design with ergonomic grip
  • 3 years warranty
  • Battery and charging adopter sold separately
  • Limited to use only genuine Makita batteries and chargers

6. DEWALT DWE6423K ideal Random Orbital Sander for commercial use

As compared to Makita and Bosch, DEWALT is one of the top leading DEWALT DWE6423Kbrands in the market for its high-quality orbital sanders within the cheap price for all budgets. In its 5 inch category DEWALT DWE6423K 5″ Random Orbital Sander is ranked high for offering a perfect combination of quality build, super performance, purchase protection, and cheap price.
Apart from power, DEWALT DWE6423K (5″ random orbital sander) is a 3 in 1 variable speed ROS having a rotation capacity of 8000 to 12000 orbits per minute. It is more convenient to use with its vibration-free functioning. The more comfort and reusability add by its low profile interactive design, rubber grip, and lighter weight. With a hook and loop system available in this new model orbital sander it is more reliable to use.
Another reason which makes it best 5″ Random Orbital Sander 2019 is its warranty. 3 year-long warranty period is more than enough. DEWALT also gives free service for a year and 90 days money-back guarantee which is awesome. For that service time, DEWALT will fully repair and replace the damaged part of the orbital sander without any cost.
There is a detachable dust collection bag that does its job with perfection. The absence of standard dust ejection port might be a drawback for some people but DEWALT is already thinking to add this port in its new random orbital sander models which will be a new step towards excellence.

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  • Best orbital sander with a powerful motor
  • Reliable hook and durable
  • Affordable price orbital sander
  • Difficult to connect dust pot and external vacuum

7. SKIL 7492-02 5″ Best for home Random Orbital Sander

A top trading best random orbital sander of 2019 which does notSKIL-7492-02 leave any chance of disappointment in delivering top quality is SKIL 7492-02 5″ Random Orbital Sander. This top rank corded orbital sander has a 2.8 amp motor and a 5-inch sanding pad.

SKIL 7492-02 5″ Random Orbital Sander could be placed in mid-grade random orbital sander category as this best value orbit sander is in the middle of entry-level and heavy-duty random orbital sander. SKIL 5 inch random orbital sander comes in extremely low price that no one can meet.

Same like other ROS’s it also features the dust collection system, variable speed between 7500 to 12000 OPM and pad brake for the safety of use. Furthermore, its nimbler weight and stronger grip by user-friendly design will give you the pleasure of accurate stains handling.

Another feature that makes this random orbital machine a great random orbital tool for personal use is its pressure control technology. It indicates when you are applying excessive pressure during sanding. This feature is quite helpful for prolonging the life of ROS. It is also helpful when you are want to less harm the materials when working with sensitive materials.

SKIL 7492-02 5” Random Orbital Sander is a fantastic machine for all values. Some of the features for making this SKIL 7492-02 5” Random Orbital Sander the best for home use are provided below.

  • Fixed 12,500 orbits per minutes speed for all surfaces
  • 5 amp corded motor for super performance
  • Pad brake for swirl-free finishing
  • 5-inch pad size suitable for small places too
  • Durable unit with seal bearing balls

The amazing dust collection system of SKIL 7492-02 5” Random Orbital Sander makes it outstanding. Its low-price will not put a burden on your pocket. So you will best value for your money in term of SKIL 7492-02 5” Random Orbital Sander.

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  • Sealed switched and easy changing pads
  • Extra durable and inexpensive orbital sander
  • Outstanding dirt assortment system for outstanding ROS
  • A bit small gripping areas

8. Festool 574993 Best professional Random Orbital Sander

When picking the best dust extraction random orbital sander thereFESTOOL 574993 EST 125 Req-Plus is no choice left other than Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander ETS 125 REQ-Plus. It’s a better random orbital sander tool over many other brands that is the reason it is added in this top 10 best random orbital sander review and buyers guide 2019.

Not all random orbital tools are created equally many of them have super featured and fewer of them could be placed at a higher level. 574993 ETS 125 REQ-Plus is an expensive orbital sander model by Festool. People usually buy it for the good reputation of its brand.

Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander ETS 125 REQ-Plus usually costs under 200. Orbital sander around the globe, this professional ROS is an excellent combination of elegant design and super-fast variable performance. It is a proactive choice for all constrictors and carpenters for easy wood cleanings.

As compared to other random orbital sanders, the Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander ETS 125 REQ-Plus provides is compact light built and best for quick stock removing. This dual mood tool is versatile for normal and belligerent stock removal.

Features of Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander ETS 125 REQ-Plus

The key feature of Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander ETS 125 REQ-Plus are listed below:

  • Eye-catching and perfect look smart random orbital sander
  • Zero dust when functioning
  • Resilient pad hooks and stick fix pads for aggressive material cleaning.
  • Variable speed control and wider range of pads
  • Dual bearing and dual-mode random orbital sander
  • Ideal for one-handed operation
  • Multiple material control provides soft start and constant plus variable speed under load

Festool ETS 125 REQ-Plus comes with a plug-in electric power cord, long-life chip collection bag, systainer SYS storage case and stickfx sanding pads. The total weight of this best handy orbital sander is 1.2 kg.

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  • Finest sanding stoke of 2.0 mm
  • Ideal one-handed orbital sander for all surfaces (vertically or horizontally)
  • Vibration stop balance and sanding brake
  • Expensive orbital sander

9. Porter-Cable 7424XP Best variable Speed polisher

If you need a 2 in 1 best orbital sander or polisher for all PORRTER CABLE 7424XPyour heavy-duty tasks. The Porter-Cable 7424XP Best variable Speed polisher is the only best recommended random orbital sander/polisher.

For all your needs, where you need to retouch your car, cupboard or other metal belongs the Porter-Cable 7424XP Random Orbital polisher is excellent. This value-adding orbital polisher will offer some serious advantages as compared to others with its 4.5 amp powerful motor.

The 2500-6800 rotation per minute will give this machine the liberty to remove all types of material. Leaving the wood behind this Porter-Cable 7424XP Best 6-inch variable speed polisher is outstanding when it comes to working on metal surfaces. As it’s a sander and polisher, therefore, it will give your metallic body a new fine polish shape.

Porter-Cable 7424XP comes with both a sander pad and polisher pad, this makes it the best 2 in 1 machine for automobiles and marine projects. Best variable Speed polisher. The motor of high overload protection and random orbit is solid and dense.

It’s a full ball and roller bearing constructed random orbital sander /polisher which accepts 5/16 to 24 shaft filament accessories.  Porter-Cable 7424XP Best variable Speed polisher also features a removal side handle for a comfortable long run. This best random orbital sander or polisher provides a good balance for a 6-inch sanding/ polishing pad for 2 positions.

Features + Specification + Benefits

  • 5 amp powerful Alternative current only motor
  • 2 in 1 random orbital for sanding and polishing
  • Ultra-lightweight for better performance in hands
  • 2500 t0 6800 OPM variable speed
  • 5-inch Proprietary counterbalance to support 6-inch polishing/sanding pad
  • Revocable side handle and two (left-right) position
  • Both ball and roller bearing construction (100 percent)
  • Corded power type Porter-Cable 7424XP Best variable Speed polisher
  • 5-inch diameter sander area

The Porter-Cable 7424XP Best variable Speed polisher comes with a sanding pad, side handles and a wrench tool. The amazing tool is backed by an amazing warranty period. The standard 3 years warranty for the complete Porter-Cable 7424XP Best variable Speed polisher. 1 year of free service and 90 days of the money-back guarantee.

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  • Best price random orbital polisher/sander
  • Ideal for polishing cars
  • Nicely compact and durable for years
  • Excellent warranty
  • Less OPM when polishing

10. TACKLIFE PRS01A 5-Inch Best Industrial Grade Random Orbit SanderTACKLIFE PRS01A

The 10th place of this best random orbital review and buying guide 2019 is dedicated to TACKLIFE PRS01A 5-Inch Best Industrial Grade Random Orbit Sander for its expertise in paint removing the perfect finish and polishing the metals. So give a new look of your projects while start working with this great advantage orbital sander for home use.

TACKLIFE PRS01A offers 6 different choices of variable speed. The maximum orbits per minute are 130000 which is just amazing for this quality random orbital sander. The knob (variable rotational dial) on the side of this value-adding sander can easily change between the speeds.

The hardcore body and solid base maximum supports the sanding pad as well as enhance the strength of the machine. The TACKLIFE PRS01A is more compatible with multiple sandpapers and effectively works on all surfaces. The excellent sand collection system will make sure a clean and dust-free environment. While the collection box will sure the easy handling of dust.

Feature of TACKLIFE PRS01A 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

This ideal heavy-duty orbital sander delivers the optimum speed of consuming 340W. Delivers the 13000 OPM speed as compared to a traditional grinder. More features for the TACKLIFE PRS01A 5-Inch Orbital Sander are listed below:

Resilient Applicability

This best price and best for home random orbital sander is the stand-alone excellent unit in its category. The wider application areas allow it to be used for multiple purposes. Either you are removing the old paint, polishing your automobile, cleaning the wood or any other task where perfection is much needed than skill.

It is supplied with 12 pieces of sanding paper and one sanding disc. From the 12 pieces, the 6 x 180 and other 6 x 80 grits are excellent to work on plastics, walls, and corners.

Dust Collection System

The advance technology dust collection systems which are dependent on the holes in the pad will leave no chance of dust at your workspace. The ideal for DIY homeowners will protect their tool from the dust and wood debris for longer life.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic rubberized design for more comfortable use provides the eye-catching look to. This best random orbital unit has a palm grip design for quality control with confident operations. The trigger switch is activated with a natural press of hand while gripping the complete unit.

Cheap Price

TACKLIFE PRS01A 5-Inch Best Random Orbit Sander under 100 is a great tool with a super performance for all the people having a limited budget. This budget-friendly sanding machine will relax you financially. The added value in your garage tools for your DIY is everything when you are paying only a little money.

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  • Feature to work with many attachments such as belt sander
  • Equally useful orbital sander for left and right-handed customer
  • Best affordable price orbital sander
  • Short power cord as compare to others


Cutting the long story short, this top 10 best orbital sander review and buyer’s guide 2019 list is for the serious buyer only who are committed to adding value in their DIY tools. All the top 10 best orbital sander products are selected by experts than these are tested under some natural condition. The unbiased review including their dimensions, specifications, features, pros, cons, and price is given. Now, it’s time for you to make the decision. Purchase orbital sander according to your needs. First, look at what you really want to buy? Is you are working at home then the best small random orbitals are recommended otherwise go for a more powerful option.

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