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best tanning spray gun

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It is said that prolonged sun exposure not only causes sunburn but also a leading cause of skin cancer. So to prevent people from effecting their health and to enjoy flawless tanned skin, many companies around the globe have introduced the best tan spray guns 2021. These quality spray guns help you to spray tan solutions of all types. Hence, no need to go to the sun to tan yourself. There are many tan spray guns available in the market making it difficult for you to make your decision. Well, we have rounded the top four best tanning spray guns to help you in your journey of getting the spray gun you desire.

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Maximize lite plus HVLP spray is the ultimate option for the top pick tanning spray gun. It is flexible, versatile, portable, lightweight, and user friendly. It s cheap price will also please you. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, it has got your back covered. Not to mention its affordable. Hence it’s worth your money.

Best Tanning Spray Gun

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP: (Best Selling!!!)

The MaxiMist Lite HVLP spray gun is manufactured by the MaxiMist Company. It weighs about 6 pounds. It has many cool features and functions.


The MaxiMist Lite Plus is equipped with HVLP technology. It offers a powerful 300-watt single-stage turbine, an airflow of about 47cfm, and 75DB. It also has an electrical voltage of about 110 volts. It has a non-stick needle that prevents the spray gun from getting clogged with tan solutions.

Best Tanning Spray Gun offers 2 spray patterns i.e. horizontal and vertical. It even offers 3 solution cups and 2 lids that are attached to the StainAire spray head having a capacity of 5oz. The solution cups are conical in shape which helps in maximum solution pick up and has a wide base that helps instability. It allows up to 10 applications per day. It also offers a 6.5ft hose. all these selected tan spray products often go under big sales, therefore they might have some discount on the price. So check price now on amazon and take this valuable gear home.

The best professional tanning spray kit offers a bag to store its accessories along with onboard gun storage. Its tent is made up of nylon. It offers 3 solution samples from Tampa bay company i.e. (8%, 10%, and 12%. Its spare parts include i.e. spare Spray Gun Cup Gasket, Extra Solution Pickup Tube, Spare Spray Gun Nozzle Gasket, and Spare Turbine Filter.

2.) Norvell Sunless M 1000: (Flexible)

Norvell sunless M1000 is manufactured by sunless incorporation. This tan spray gun weighs about 9.38pounds. It is loaded with many features and functions.


This spray gun has HVLP technology incorporated in it meaning that it sprays the tanning solutions at high volume and low pressure. It is equipped with an adjustable feature allowing you to control the spray patterns. It also offers a powerful mobile M 1000 turbine. It has an electrical cord of about 110 volts. This tan spray gun is lightweight, therefore, you can work without getting tired. It is flexible and not to mention portable. It comes with a shoulder strap to increase its portability.

Whether you are an expert or a professional, this tan spray gun is easy to use and clean, providing you an attractive, smooth, and flawless sunless tan. It comes with a 10′ quick connect and disconnect hose. It also comes with a spray gun quick repair kit that includes equipment to repair the spray gun if any fault occurs.

This best self-tanning spray gun also comes with an operation manual that contains all the instructions on how to operate this tan machine. It is backed by a warranty of 1 year. Additionally, you will get a limited-time money-back warranty which is excellent to gain consumer trust.

3.) Fuji Mini Tan M Model System: (Produces Less Noise)

Fuji Mini tan M Model system is manufactured by Fuji spray, a company known for producing highly advanced and innovative spraying machines. This tan spray gun weighs about 19.76 pounds. It is loaded with a lot of features and functions.


This tan spray gun is equipped with a 2 stage motor that is fitted in a metal turbine case. This turbine case also has a handy gun holder to hold the gun when not in use. The case has a heat dissipation box at the rear end. This feature allows all the heat produced during the operation to channel into the heat dissipation box. Hence cooling the motor and increasing its life span. It offers quiet turbine technology.

Best Tanning Spray Gun provides noise reduction covers for filters, hence reducing noise production. The Fuji 7350 is a bleed spray gun. It is a professional gun that has a metal body and all its components are made of stainless steel. It is even adjustable i.e. you can control the spray pattern with the help of a pattern control knob and you can also control the flow of solution with the help of a fluid control knob. It is backed by a warranty of 2 years.

Based on all these above mentioned features, it would not wrong to call it as best tanning spray gun of 2021.

4.) MaxiMist Evolution PRO HVLP Spray: (No Overheating!)

MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP Spray is manufactured by the MaxiMist Company. It weighs about 14 pounds. It is loaded with a lot of cool features and functions


MaxiMist Evolution Pro is equipped with HVLP technology. It has a powerful 2 stage motor incorporated in it with an airflow of 42cfm. Its electrical capacity is 110 volts. It is less prone to overheating and offers quiet operation. Its nozzles and needle are made up of stainless steel and the gun itself is made up of high-grade aluminum. The airflow passage is from the top of the gun. It is equipped with an ergonomic stay-cool handle. It allows 20-25 applications per day. It also has 11.5ft. hose.

This Best Tanning Spray Gun is adjustable. With the help of an adjustable pattern knob, you can adjust the spray patterns. It offers two spray patterns i.e. horizontal and vertical. It is equipped with EZ flip adjustment knob that allows you to quickly enter airbrush mode. It also comes with a tent that is stain resistant. It also offers 3 extra solution cups of 8oz along with lids and 3 extra cup gaskets. It offers 3 solution samples from Tampa bay company i.e. (8%, 10%, and 12%). It has a turbine warranty of 1 year.


As our final verdict, we do not doubt to rank MaxiMist Lite Plus as out best-recommended tanning spray gun of this review and buyer’s guide. This great personal safety smart device has been tested several times so that only the finest quality tool could only reach you. Buy now this must-have tanning spray gun and you will not get disappointed ever. Its low price, longer durability, and reliable performance is another edge over competitors.

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