Best Vacuum For Wool Rugs

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Wool rugs are the most important commodity to give your living and dining room an elegant and trendy look but what goes worst with the wool rugs is the associated issues with their cleaning. Wool rugs are always an issue to clean with a vacuum cleaner as the beater bar of the vacuum will pull out the delicate fibers or any powerful suction vacuum will pick up wool fibers with it which is both the way to go with its cleaning.

Therefore, you must invest in a wool rug specific vacuum to get the most bang for your bucks and to help you with that we have come up with an amazing review of best vacuum for wool rugs. Keep reading our article for having an in depth review of these quality products.

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Don’t have enough time to go through the entire article? Here we have got you our top pick. Hoover CH30000 Commercial PortaPower Canister vacuum is great choice for best vacuum for wool rugs. It is an amazing product that help the user work longer with its lightweight design and offer them an extra wide path for cleaning. It has a built in blowing ability to easily blow out the debris from tight spaces which make it counted among best vacuum cleaner for wool rugs.

Best Vacuum For Wool Rugs

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Sanitaire SC3683B Vacuum: (Top Choice)

Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum, Red
  • Lightweight HEPA-ready commercial canister...
  • Comes with a carpet cleaning attachment for...
  • For use on deeper pile carpets

To clean a woolen carpet is something if done wrong will not only damage your carpet but the fibers will stick in your tool and will harm it severely therefore you need to get your hands on a best vacuum for wool rugs and sanitaire is a great choice in this regard. It is a commercial style vacuum cleaner which is fully compliant with the HEPA filtration standards and is also widely acknowledged as low pile carpet cleaning tool and to use all these features you don’t have to carry a burden as they are available in a portable and lightweight device.


It is an extremely lightweight vacuum that weighs only 10 pounds and thus it will not cause sore arm and allow the user to work with it potentially longer than heavy weight vacuum cleaners. Its HEPA filters make it great choice for people suffering from allergies as it will allow them to have an anti-allergen environment which is great to invest in.

It come along with two plastic wands that make its reach enhanced and thus enable it to reach potentially difficult places. It is backed by two years of warranty by the brand and they are known for their excellent post sale services.

2.) Miele Complete C3 Vacuum: (Nice Performance)

Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet, Tayberry...
74 Customer Reviews
Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet, Tayberry...
  • Named a Good Housekeeping Seal Star for 2019.
  • This powerful but quiet Miele bagged canister...
  • The included Parquet Twister with soft...

It is a great vacuum to have by your side and is considered as best vacuum for wool rugs UK. It is a housekeeping star that is super powerful canister style vacuum that offers it users five customizable settings and have a variable speed control to make it suitable to your needs.
It is tailored for use over all types of floor and is best for carpet cleaning. It is made for serious users only and this is made evident by its costly price tag.


To make it counted as best vacuum for wool rugs it has an electrobrush which is specifically built for its use over soft and low pile carpets. This electrobrush features five height settings which make it adapt to the need of the user and give them deep cleaning over different surfaces.

It has a parquet twister as an accessory which enables its soft bristles to use with the soft wool carpet and doesn’t cause any damage to your costly investments. The only downside of this vacuum cleaner is its high price which is not a big deal if budget is not your main choice and you are ready to spend some extra bucks to get this premium vacuum.

3.) Hoover Commercial CH32008 Vacuum Cleaner: (Cheap)

Hoover Commercial CH32008 Hush Tone Canister...
  • Clean without disturbing the surrounding...
  • Lightweight - only 10.75 lbs
  • HEPA filter bag traps 99.97% of dirt, dust,...

To make it to the list of best vacuum cleaner for wool rugs the product must have something to offer its users that they feel passionate about and Hoover has fall short of the expectations of its users and this thing makes it entry straight to our list. To is a product with added value to cleaning your wool carpet and the good side to this product is its relatively inexpensive price tag which make it a worth trying Vacuum Cleaner.


It is yet again another canister style vacuum but to the very much care of the users Hoover has kept it as lightweight as possible and it weighs only 10.75 pounds which is lighter then many upright and handheld models let alone canister and bagless one. As it is a corded cleaner it offers a long 50 feet cord which make it reach the far off areas in your home and to allows you to have the best of both the corded and cordless vacuum cleaners.

HEPA filters are now turning to become more of a necessity these days and Hoover have strictly kept that in mind. Their HEPA filtration unit is well versed and gives you a top notch anti allergen environment that you are looking for. It is good enough to pick up molds, microbes, pollen, dirt and all other types of debris including the allergens.

4.) Hoover CH30000 PortaPower: (High Quality)

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial...
  • Includes a reusable commercial cloth bag with...
  • Built-in blower allows you more versatility...
  • Compact form allows you to clean tight spaces...

Another amazing vacuum cleaner by the Hoover and this time with portapower and built in blower. It is considered as best vacuum for wool rugs 2020 and this spot has been earned much due to its features and rest are the wonders of its performance which leave behind no trace marks of debris of any kind.

It is a compact commercial model that has all the great features as lightweight built to increase portability and efficiency, strong motor and a number of other amazing features that are unrivalled and unparalleled.


It has a large power cord to offer its users having a 33 inch SJT cable standard cord to make it able to clean wider areas. Apart from that it has a 15 inch bagless upright hush and a number of accessories that adds to its performance and make it our top pick as the best vacuum cleaner for wool rugs.

It is a multi-surface tool and could be easily use over a soft carpet as wool rug and is also good to work in a car interior as this is much of a portable type cleaner and will be good to reach narrow spaces inside the vehicle. It has a strong motor running on 7.4 ampere and thus is an overall great vacuum cleaner.

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