Does a Paint Sprayer Use More Paint Than A Roller

Wall painting may seem like a job that only Professionals can do but who says we can’t do it by ourselves. For DIY lovers, various paint supplies have been created ranging from the conventional brush rolls with the more modified and evolved paint sprayers.

Which One Is Easy To Use?

Paint spraying requires a lot of trial and error. You have to learn the skill of spray paint without making much mess. Whereas, even a novice can get the job done with a paint roller. All you have to do is roll the roller and apply paint whereas the paint sprayer requires much control and precision.

Which One Is Faster?

Rolling paint tends to be much faster as compared to spraying paint. The reason is although paint spraying requires less application time, its preparation time is way more. You have to assemble the tool, mask the surfaces so that the paint splashes won’t get on them, and many other things.

Another reason is while rolling paint if you are tired, you can just continue it the other day but the same is not the case with paint spraying. You have to keep going until and unless the paint cup gets empty.

Which One Uses More Paint?

It has been found that the paint spraying requires more paint as compared to rolling paint. Paint rollers save a lot of your paint. About 33% of paint is saved by them.

Which Is More Pricey?

Rollers are more budget-friendly and economical as compared to paint sprayers.


The comparison above makes the paint rollers an ideal tool for painting. Although they require more work and are sort of old-fashioned, they do perform better and save a lot of your precious paint compared to paint sprayers.

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