How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Paint Sprayer

You have gathered the paint, covered all the required spots with plastic tarps, masked the ceiling corners, and now you are ready to paint! Oh but wait! You’ve yet to choose your painting tool. Should it be the old-fashioned brush or the latest spray gun?

The paint sprayers have made the job quite easy since they have that fascinating speed and accuracy that helps you to complete your painting project within a few hours.

On the contrary, painting brushes require a heck of a time and are tiresome not to mention. Although, their painting result is commendable, when there is an easy way out why choose a difficult path?

Should You Buy Or Rent?

If you have a one-time painting project and after that, you won’t ever cross paths with painting stuff then surely renting the paint sprayer seems a pretty convenient and nice option. However, as a professional painter, having 2 or 3 paint sprayers in your arsenal is an absolute necessity. Therefore, it would be best that you purchase a nice paint sprayer so that you can produce outstanding results.

What Is The Rental Cost?

For those who plan on renting this buddy, you can contact Home Depot and ask for the rental cost. Normally, the rental cost varies depending on the size of the paint sprayer. Similarly, there are separate prices for renting it ranging from half a day to a full day.

The prices can be 20$ per hour to 140$ per day and so on. For the exact price, you should contact the nearest home depot.

Another thing to keep in mind is the actual cost of that paint sprayer. It sometimes happens that your renting cost is equivalent to the purchase cost. So you better keep a rain check on that.


Painting is no tough job but with the exact painting tool, it can be both amusing and a fun task to do. If you always have some painting projects to do, then you should purchase the machine whereas if it’s a one-time project only, you can rent it, however, the cost may vary!

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