How To Mix Paint For Spraying A Car

Painting walls or painting your car, you only need paints and brushes to do so. But, automobile spray painting requires more skill as well. That’s why it’s mostly recommended that you hire a professional for this job. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it at home. With just a few tips, you would be able to effectively spray your car without any wrinkling or blisters.

Step 1: Choosing Measuring Cups

First, you need to buy the right tools and measuring cups for your car paint. The measuring cups will help you keep the ratio of the mixed paint consistent.

Step 2: Selecting Paint

Choosing the right paint for your car is very important. If you want to opt for a more economical and cheaper paint, then you can go for single stage paint which can be applied to the surface independently without any base coat or finisher.

If you want the applied paint to last for long and be durable then you should opt for a 2 stage paint method which comprises a base coat and a clear coat. The base coat provides your car with a unique color whereas the clear coat provides a smooth protective layer over the car.

Step 3: Mixing Paint

Now, if you want to mix single-stage paints, then it would be requiring a thinner and a hardener as well.

The thinner is added to thin the paint whereas the hardener is added for your paint to quickly solidify and become dry. They all are usually mixed in the ratio 8 ( single stage paint): 1 ( thinner) :1 (hardener)

For the second stage of paint mixing, the base coat is mixed with the thinner whereas the clear coat is mixed with a hardener. The base coat and thinner are mixed in ratio 1:1 whereas the clear coat and the hardliner are mixed in ratio 4:1 or 2:1.

Step 4: Testing Paint

After mixing the paint, whether it’s the single-stage or second stage, check the mixture quality by spraying it onto a certain spot on the car.

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