How Much is an Air Hockey Table?

How Much is an Air Hockey Table

If you are looking to buy an air hockey table you can quickly do so with the help of this guide. Air hockey is an interesting subject. It can add value to any house, room, and office it is put into. It can allow a lot of leisure time. But the question is how to choose an air hockey table? You can choose one by firstly making sure that you want a regular air hockey table or a compact one. then you need to see if you want a folding on or a fixed unit. Every table is going to vary in price

But usually, the price range lies from $100 to $300. You can find a fairly decent air hockey table for your needs in this price range.

Wondering how much an air hockey table requires first requires you to know what you want. You can look into a hockey table with wood lamination, an air hockey table with real wood and also some options may be of steel or plastic.

A standard air hockey table may be of 3-4fts this means that you at least need to pay for such a big option. You can also go for the longer and smaller options depending on the kind of area you want to put them into. The bigger the area the greater the price will be.

Here are some of the popular air hockey table systems for you to analyze the price range and the attributes mentioned above:

How Much is an Air Hockey Table?

Best Choice Large Air Hockey Table

The best choice Air Hockey option is a standardized large air hockey table. It falls in the $100-300 price range.


This is an arcade-style option. It can be used with a pair of pucks and pushers for up to two hours without breaks.

The table allows breathability and even airflow distribution for players. It comes with 12 v motors to make sure the game is fair.

  • This one also has an led display scoreboard.
  • The table is made out of durable polymers and PVC materials.
  • This is not a wood table.


The table comes with full panel leg supports for further endurance. This is a standardized good quality choice.

ESPN 5 Ft. Air Hockey Table

The ESPN air hockey takes the game a few notches higher. It comes with an LED electronic overhead scoreboard. The air hockey table is also going to have an integrated sound effect system for better play.

This one costs more. The features are greater as well. This one is of 5ft. It is bigger than even the standard large size in air hockey tables. The table has a 120v UL certified fan motor for fair play.

  • It has large leg levelers for greater durability as well.
  • The table comes with 2 pucks and 2 pushers.
  • This is not a compact option


This costs more but according to the luxury it caters to you’re going to make that splurge.

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