PUBG Lag When Shooting

Remember the first time when this game was launched, and how everyone was so crazy about it? Pubg is a renowned international level game that most individuals play for fun and others for income!

This game has gotten a lot of fame from the audience, mainly because of its compatibility with multiple devices and accessibility to all of us.

However, you know, nothing is perfect. Likewise, the PUBG has some flaws with lagging being at the top of the list.

Whats Lagging?

Lagging is a delay. When there is a time difference between your action and when that action is performed in the game. For example, you click the mouse button for firing, your player in the game shoots after 1 minute. This reduces your chances to provide your best at the game.

Lagging is mostly faced when you try to shoot automatic weapons.

When Does Lagging Usually Occur?

In the game, lagging can occur in various scenarios.

  • Pubg lag when shooting
  • When you are playing PUBG at high frame rates per second
  • Or when the enemies are closer to you.

How To Deal With Lagging?

You know, every problem has a solution, similarly, lagging faced in PUBG can be solved.

We have highlighted the root causes and ways to fix them.

Internet Problem:

Pubg lag can occur when you have an unstable internet connection. Therefore, having a stable and strong connection is very important. For this make sure that the strength of the signal is strong and the connection is stable.

Choosing Server:

Pubg has multiple servers across every region. You should use the server nearest to you. If you are not playing on the server in your vicinity, lag can occur.


It can be that you have not updated the game. This results in some serious lag. Update to end lagging!

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