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Best Slide Scanner

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  1. Best overall: Magnasonic’s all-in-one 22MP film scanner
    “The process of digitizing depends on the size and processing of the scanner.”
  2. Best Display: Pacific Image’s Prime Film
    “The process of digitizing depends on the size and processing of the scanner.”
  3. Best Quality: Plustek’s OpticFilm 135
    “The process of digitizing depends on the size and processing of the scanner.”


A slider scanner is an invaluable asset if you are looking to convert your old media into a shareable and viewable format. These scanners allow you to convert slides, negatives and even films into a digital format that you can print, upload or display on a digital photo frame.

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Product Name


Magnasonic’s all-in-one 22MP film scanner
Pacific Image’s Prime Film
Plustek’s OpticFilm 135

Here are the Best Portable Scanners 2020

1. Magnasonic’s all-in-one 22MP film scanner

2. Pacific Image’s Prime Film

3. Plustek’s OpticFilm 135

You can digitize positive and negatives in JPG or PNG format and can easily store files to your smartphone or upload them on the cloud or to the computer using a USB cable.

There are many scanners for vision impaired and you can preview images on bigger screens to make adjustments.

The process of digitizing depends on the size and processing of the scanner. There are plastic holders and speed loaders to the enhanced quality of images to improve vibrant clarity and get a real-time preview.

Professional photographers can get better shots in modern digital cameras. If you want high-quality results then you need a high-powered scanner with higher resolution and good image adjustment software.

To get a guaranteed backup of your pictures you need flatbed scanners or sheet-fed scanners to remove damage to your images and avoid scratch and dust to affect your photos. Some scanners do have printing, faxing and copying functions into them.


In the final verdicts, if this article for Best Slide Scanners Reviews, I will say that these devices are highly ranked in the market only because of their best performance and durable run. The company also provides a warranty for all of these devices. These are widely used in different parts of the world for their best customer satisfaction. So go for anyone in them. You will get worthless value in your life while paying less.

Buying Guide:

One can simply understand the importance of old images storing precious moments in them. The only way to preserve those images is to convert them into a digital format where they never get outdated.

Now, choosing the best slider scanner becomes confusing as there are a plethora of slider scanners available in the market.

In this guide, I have shortlisted the top 3 best slider scanners to help you pick the best for your needs and budget.

That said, let’s get started to pick the top portable scanner.

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