What size chainsaw do I need?

What size chainsaw do I need

Need to buy the best chainsaw for all your wood cutting needs? You might be wondering, what size chainsaw do I Need? The market is full of high-quality top-rated chainsaw products manufactured by popular brands. But you always go for the better chainsaw tool which is best suitable for your tasks while keeping you in budget-friendly range.
To make the selection of best chainsaw easy, we have crafted this buyer’s guide 2021 with top-rated products of every category. So let’s go through it.

Best Chainsaw Power Options:

All chainsaw tools are broadly divided into two power options. One is a gas-powered chainsaw and the other is Electric chainsaw. Both are considered best when they come to trim trees.
The gas chainsaw provides a perfect combination of power and easy possibility. They are available in light duty to heavy duty chainsaw units.

A single heavy-duty gasoline-powered chainsaw might enough to cut a large tree into parts. All chainsaw machines of these types are equipped with a two-cycle engine that needs a pull start.
An electric chainsaw is another excellent option for light-duty wood cutting, trimming, and pruning. These are less power consuming tasks.

An all-electric chainsaw is easy to use, quieter and lighter in weight, they also rewired minimal maintenance. Electricity operated saws are further bifurcated into two categories

  • A cordless chainsaw is betting portable chainsaw tools that are battery supported. They are equipped with a rechargeable battery and do not require a continuous supply of electricity. This kind of wood cutting machine is significantly adored by all consumers.
  • Codded Chainsaw is devices that work underwired supply of electricity. These are free of any hassle like refueling, or charging. Some of them are having automatic oiling features which make them unmatchable.

For your assistant, we have selected top-ranked best no. 01 gas-powered, coded, and cordless chainsaw devices which are a cheap price too.

Best Gas Chainsaw: Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw

Best Cordless Chainsaw: DEWALT DCCS670X1 Cordless Chainsaw

Best Corded Chainsaw: BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Electric Chainsaw

The gas-powered chainsaw requires premixed fuel or a mixture of gas and oil to operate. You have the option to buy premix fuel or to mix it on your own.

Best hand-held Standard Chainsaw:

A standard chainsaw is designed to provide maximum performance and easy-grip with safety measures. The core structure of all is almost similar but they differ in design. Along with all the latest technology topographies they feature a rare handle nicely placed on motor housing cutting bar. All these are commonly called traditional chainsaw machines.
They are best as cutting an entire tree or a big limb piece along with some trimming jobs is no problem for them. These are also considered as the most powerful tools for the longer run.

WORX WG303.1 Electric Chainsaw is generally considered as the best standard chainsaw machine available. It has long-lasting durability, reliable performance, solid compact build, and affordable price.

Pole Chainsaw:

A pole saw is a best-recommended tool for trimming tree branches or other mounted high. Pole chainsaw is small saw fixed on an extension rod/pole. The same unit is also available in the gas-powered engine, cordless, and direct electricity-powered mode. The handle of this great tool is extendable with telescopic technology which makes easy access to small tree limbs.
Some chainsaw is duly being used as they can be converted to standard saw or pole saw with detachable poles. Remington Maverick RM2599 is considered as Best pole saw raked at no. 01 by professionals. Its price and verified customer reviews can be seen through the provided link.

Other unique & versatile design chainsaws:

Some saws such as Jawsaw and alligator lopper saw are exclusively designed for specific jobs. Like jaw style or scissors style chainsaws which are made to cut any wood by gripping it from the sides. These are unique and offer stronghold while cutting. The safety of these devices is much improved as compared to others. They have teeth like design which hold the object like a human jaw. They are also lightweight, electric powered, and battery supported.
Experts have recommended BLACK+DECKER LLP120B as the best jaw saw of the year 2021. It is easy to use, safe, and only require low maintenance. Of course, it is low cost as lows as under 100 dollars.

Guide to Find Best size chainsaw for you.

Before choosing any woodcutter tool make sure to consider your work which you have planned to do. The type of chainsaw, wood size, and your professional ability are the key factors to upon you depends. The following key points should further be kept in mind when you shop for the right chainsaw.

  • The bar length is something upon which you depend when estimating a chainsaw size or how much work it can handle. The large chainsaw bar means you can cut a larger diameter and shores means you have a less cutting area. All homeowners usually use shorter bar lengths of 6 inches whereas commercial users use it up to a 20-inch long bar.
  • The shorter bar chainsaw is normally powered by electric Battery while the industrial or heavy-duty are gasoline-powered. So choose wisely.
  • The source of power is directly impacting the output capacity of any chainsaw machine. The engine displacement, voltages, and amperage are units to measure power respectively for gas, cordless and corded saws. Higher the power the more will be its capacity. So look for a higher number in the budget-friendly range.
  • Chain saw is a handy tool and it should be lightweight so you can go for a longer run. A longer bar means a bigger motor which means a heavy machine, so only pick heavy chainsaw for industrial use. The big size chainsaw also produces large vibration which becomes difficult to handle for newbies. So take of it.

What chainsaw Size should you need? Buyer’s Guide:

Hopefully, you have made your mind for the right size selection of saw. Now before buying any chainsaw must consider these features, so you can buy ideal chainsaw for multiple jobs.

  • A safe carry case that allows easy mobility of chainsaw unit to site
  • Low kickback so it could be easily operated by entry-level uses
  • A chainsaw should have the facility to tighten or loosen the chain without any tool.
  • An auto oiling or self-lubrication facility is another desired features that should be available
  • Chain break, for the cases, if chain breakage encounters or other malfunction occurs
  • Spring assistance or self-start trigger for quick and easy start
  • Anti-vibration and Air-cleaning feature

All these features will not only make your DIY experience good but they will also improve comfort, efficacies, and safety. We hope you go worth buying chainsaw that gives value to your money.

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