Can You Use a Chainsaw in the Rain

Can You Use a Chainsaw in the Rain

Sometimes the weather does not cooperate when you are working outside with a chainsaw. You need to work in both days raining and shiny, but can you use a chainsaw in the rain? The answer is Yes and No. There are only two top types of chainsaw machines. The one is Electric chainsaw and the other is a gas chainsaw. You can use a gas chainsaw in rain but you cannot use electric saw. It could risk your life. Using a gas chainsaw in rain is safe as long as you prevent to sink your chainsaw engine in water.

For better understanding, we have provided some great consideration that must well-thought-out before buying the best chainsaw that could be used in rain too. But first, go through the top 3 best chainsaws that are good to be used in rain.

1. Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw
2. Remington RM4216 Rebel Chainsaw
3. Tanaka TCS33EDTP Top-handle Chainsaw

Tips for Cutting Woods in Rain or Snow

No need to worry about running a chainsaw in wet condition. All gas chainsaw is perfectly okay to be used in rain. Running saw on showery woods will not affect your chainsaw chain and bar. Almost all bars and chains are made of rustproof materials so water will not touch them at all.
Operating a wet chainsaw
Confidently yes, you can use running a wet chainsaw is fine. It will not die only if it is a high-quality gas-powered chainsaw.

Covering the Engine with Plastic:

You might hear that about covering the chainsaw engine and fuel tank with plastic sheet cover. It’s one of the good approaches to save your maintenance cost. It is worthy but not necessary. If you keep your chainsaw’s top open, it is not going to hurt.

Air Filter:

Frequently check your air filter. Sparking to water drops and wet wooden surfaces. Your saw air filter may be subjected to get wet debris and water stream to some extent. Carefully hear your engine sounds, if it is different than usual then you must check your chain air filter.

Submerging a Chainsaw:

Don’t try it ever becoming crazy with your tool. Dipping a saw or using it underwater is strongly prohibited. Your chainsaw will become useless and cost your money to buy a new one. If your chainsaw is submerged than there is nothing that can stop water to get into its engine.

Dressing for Using a Chainsaw in Rain:

So the last thing we have covered in this section is dressing for the subjected task. You need to keep your inner dry so you can perfume well. For this, you need a high-quality outfit for using a chainsaw in the rain.
Using water appropriate clothing and protective kits will improve your safety. This will also help you to gain maximum performance from your equipment. Rain gloves and wet weather boots with extra grip will make sure to prevent any mishap while going long the way. Wearing water-resistant, jacket, paint and warm inners will also help you to stay focused on your job.

Personal Safety Tips while using a Chainsaw in Rain

Can you use a chainsaw in the rain? As we have already mentioned that it is only recommended to use a gas chainsaw in rain. An electric chainsaw is not compatible to be used in wet situations. When using a chainsaw in rain you must take good care of your safety. The following key point will help you with that.

  • Take solid steps on slippery grounds, using proper footing could help you
  • Unpredicted wings can also cause trouble for you, so beware of them too
  • Use eye wears for eye protection and improved visibility
  • Make proper arrangements for lighting, you can use a fixed head torch
  • Noise, listen to others
  • When working on terrain, it is better to stop your work in heavy rain

Preventing your chaise from Rust

The direct rainwater will not damage your chainsaw tool when running. But it’s the rust that can cause you to spend money on buying a new chainsaw. Getting rust is a time taking process it would not happen in 1-2 hours. Fortunately, it is pretty much easy to prevent your chain from getting rest:

  • Proper oiling and lubricating all parts of a chainsaw after being used in the rain
  • Cleaning the chainsaw tool with drying rag

Most of the part of the machine is well covered and its rustproof casing will not allow any water drop to enter the motor. The only main parts are chains and bars that should be cleaned more specifically. To oil your chainsaw you need to do it manually if it lacks the auto oiling facility. If it has an auto oiling feature than you just need to run your chainsaw in open for a bit.

Final Words:

Finally, we hope that you have got all the answers to the question Can you use a chainsaw in the rain? Again we conclude by saying that using a gas-powered chainsaw in rain is safe. But you cannot do it with any electric chainsaw either it is corded or cordless. Additionally, do not use a chainsaw without taking safety precautions such as eye protection, strong grip gloves, rainproof dressing, etc.

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