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Are you on a hunt for the best pet vacuum or are you searching for the best pet hair vacuum manufacturer? Many great quality vacuum cleaners are being launched each day which overwhelms the selection of the best product out of so many great products available.

Many good manufacturers are testing their expertise in the pet cleaning world like Shark, BISSELL, Dyson, Hoover, and Eureka. Hoover is an amazing and powerful brand that is immensely popular with its heavy-duty upright vacuum cleaners and the unbeatable performance which is not seen in any other product. To have a detailed review of these Hoover vacuum for pet hair have a look at our review of best Hoover Vacuum for pet hair.

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Are you in a hurry to miss out on reading the entire article? Don’t worry we have got you our top pick of best pet hair vacuum. Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max is the best choice for a heavy-duty powerful and efficient pet hair vacuum cleaner and this is obvious by its serious price tag. This wind tunnel cleaner features an onboard HEPA filtration system and has a three-stage channel of suction which is the reason behind its cleaning efficiency. It has a 1.42-liter capacity dust cup and features a no loss suction technology to deliver the best possible shot with its 13 cyclone suction system.

Best Hoover Vacuum For Pet Hair

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Hoover WindTunnel 2: (Powerful)

Hoover is an immensely brand and all of its product are reasonably priced as they offer the unmatchable features and specifications that are hardly found in other vacuum cleaners and this has garnered the brand a well-established reputation among the critiques and customers alike who are deeply moved by the price and performance combo and want to get their hands on their dream product which are committed at giving them a hassle-free cleaning routine and is aimed at making the lives of pet owner a little bit more enjoyable as they don’t have to worry about the pet dander and hair around their house.


This Best Hoover Vacuum For Pet Hair is an electric corded upright vacuum which saves the users from the worry of running out of battery power but as a compensation for this one has to take care of the power cords and wires which is not desired due to the necessity of extensions and entangled wires which make it annoying to use.

But as a solution to both the problems this vacuum has a 25 feet long power cord which cut short on the extensions and its retractable feature gives it mess-free storage and prevents the necessity of wrapping up your cord. It is a multi-floor cleaner is equally good at cleaning the carpets like it is for cleaning the hardwood floors. It is coming with a sufficiently large 1.29 liters dust storage cup.

2.) Hoover WindTunnel 3: (Best Choice)

Hoover WindTunnel 3 is an upgraded version of Wind Tunnel 2 and is a step up from it and it offers its users a three-stage cyclonic suction technology which is the reason for its nomenclature. This 3 stage suction system creates three tunnels of wind power which act as suction channels and pick up everything that falls in their way. This channelized suction is powerful than the single-suction unit and with this enhanced strength the performance is increased manifold.


It has twice the cleaning efficiency than non-cyclonic vacuum cleaners and gives 2 times quicker cleaning action and this is owned by its powerful suction strength and this prevents the cleaner from the necessity of passing over the same area again and again and delivers the best performance in a single burst. It features a headlight that enables it for cleaning in dark or dim lit areas as you will be able to see the debris and directs the cleaner toward it.

This Best Hoover Vacuum For Pet Hair is a dual surface vacuum cleaner and is able to clean both carpeted floors and hardwood flooring with equal precision and accuracy. To choose from the dual surface modes it has an on/off switch to turn on the brush roll system when cleaning carpets and vice versa.

3.) Hoover WindTunnel MAX: (Best Cordless Vacuum)

This Hoover Max is a predecessor of wind Tunnel 3 and is essentially the same in its fundamental features and specifications except that the later has a couple of upgrades and obviously the higher price tag. The most obvious difference between the two models lies in their power cord as the Hoover 3 has a large extendable wand and the legacy is the same in this Max which is able to clean both the flooring and the above floor surfaces equally well and this is a praiseworthy specification of the model as most of the vacuum is coming as only floor cleaners or only above floor cleaners, and having both of these facilities in a single model is worth investing for.


It has an amazing ability to clean the above floor surfaces up to 17 feet above from the floor and thus you can easily clean your ceilings and fans. It features seven distinct height adjustability settings which let the users dial in the best combination of settings that suit their needs and interests.

Choosing one height setting from the available seven options gives the customers the flexibility in selecting their best matching height which they need for comfortable cleaning. It has a self-docking easy emptying dust bin which empties on its own by mere a press of the button and thus saves one from the stingy process of debris removal.

4.) Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max: (Nice Performace)

This is the most latest model by the Hoover and it combines the abilities of both the Hoover Wind Tunnel 3 and Max in a single unit which gives an upgraded version of the model and thus enhanced cleaning abilities and better cleaning performance.

This is our top pick of the Best Hoover Vacuum For Pet Hair and this is also the best model by the brand who claims it to be their most advanced pet hair cleaner and the vacuum is nothing short of the claim. It has a wind tunnel three-stage cleaning cyclone suction system which is the adoption of the WindTunnel 3 model and as the adoption of Max model, it has retained the dual cleaning action with 13 cyclone suction systems and easy empty dust bin.


Other than the three-stage wind tunnel cleaning it has a carbon complacent HEPA filters which are the heat of any pet-specific vacuum cleaner as pet causes the hair to be shredded everywhere and similar is the case with the stingy smell that is most common pet associated problem and to solve both of these problems hoover has an excellent carbon filtration unit which captures all the microns up to 0.3 microns and thus removes the allergens and pollens present in the air leaving behind fresh and very much breathable air.

It gives a 15 feet cleaning area coverage and has an on/off switch to activate the brush roll unit and thus you can easily set the cleaning mode for either carpet cleaning or for hardwood floors by turning on or off the brush rolls.

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