Best Lightweight Vacuum For Pet Hair

Best Lightweight Vacuum For Pet Hair

Looking for the Best Lightweight Vacuum For Pet Hair? You’ve come to the right place.

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Are you tired of the heavyweight of the vacuum cleaners or not satisfied with the performance of your vacuum cleaners when it comes to cleaning your pet’s mess?

Pet hair removal is the toughest job that you assign to your vacuum as the thick hair get to cling to the fabrics of the carpet and upholstery and even the most powerful of the air suction fails to pick them up and to help with that there is plenty of vacuum cleaner available in the market that are specifically built for the pet hair removal. In this article, we are going to review the best lightweight vacuum for pet hair. So go through our article to have an in-depth review of each quality product.

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Didn’t have enough time to go through the entire article? Hold on we have got you our top pick to save your time reading till the end. Bissell Iconpet Cordless lightweight vacuum cleaner is the ultimate candidate for the best pick. It has all the amazing features to win the hearts of pet lovers with its unrivaled and unparalleled performance at an unbeatable price tag. Its 420miles per hour spinning digital motor running on a 22v lithium-ion battery makes it the ideal tool you are searching on the web.

Best Lightweight Vacuum For Pet Hair Reviews

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Vacuum Cleaner Super Suction:

Super suction vacuum cleaner by NEQUARE is a bagless upright cleaner which unlike other cleaners in our post is corded and have the perks and privileges of a great pet hair removing vacuum cleaner. ENQUIRE is known for its a yearlong ideal customer support which offers post-sale care and warranty lasting 12 months.

This is a durable and powerful vacuum cleaning stick which is built as a multipurpose tool that can switch between an upright design and a handheld vacuum cleaner and thus allow you to have the best of both the worlds. With its angled and twisted body, it has a good reach below the furniture and thus gives you the ideal dust cleanup in out of reach places.


Its 500 W powerful engine derives the cleaner to give the desired performance and lift all the mess even the most cringed and clingy substances. With the 17kpa strong suction strength, it is great to work over hard floors and carpets including upholstery.

The powerful suction vacuum cleaner has the feature of a cyclone generator to capture even the tiniest dust particles as small as 0.3 microns.

2.) BISSELL ICONpet Cordless:

Bissell ICONpet lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner is the name of quality and trust is among the leading brand’s name in the vacuum cleaning industry and have always come up with the best quality products that are well up to the mark besides being innovative.

And their legacy is maintained in this vacuum as well as the Bissell concept is the best cleaner for pet hair removal with its powerful suction technology and cleaning brushes. The best part of this cleaner comes as its transition to a handheld device or an upright cleaner. If you are not happy with the straight rocket type design you can convert it into a handheld tool and do your job while Carrying it into your hand.


Most noteworthy of its features is its powerful and effective digital motor that has a spinning strength of 420 miles per hour. Its motorized Turbo cleaning brushing tools have a high reach and will not leave any dust particle unpicked on the floor.

This Best Lightweight Vacuum For Pet Hair spinning strength of this turbo brush is about 3200 RPM which is powerful enough to lift all the hair and thus make it the ideal vacuum for pet owners. Post work cleanup is something many homeowners are concerned about and this Bissell has come up with a mess-free Dirt tank that is capable enough to control the dirt and dander.

3.) BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo:

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus is another lightweight vacuum cleaner by the widely known Bissell brand and has all the potential to be the best pet hair removing vacuum cleaner and comping in an upright design it has the prestige and proficiency of any traditional vacuum yet with an innovative performance that is well above the mark.

This Best Lightweight Vacuum For Pet Hair is widely acknowledged as the pet household vacuum cleaner and have shown a commitment to the Bissell cause of providing a place to homeless pet and comforting the lives of pet homeowners.


As an obvious feature apparent from the very first glimpse of the product, its lightweight and agile design will have held your breath as Bissell Turbo has the trendiest design in its category and give the owner a royal appeal while using it.

Another great feature of this turbo lightweight cleaner is its anti-allergen system which cleans the air from all sorts of let allergens and stingy smell and leaves the fresh air in your home which is very much breathable. The tangle-free brush rolls of the Bissell Turbo run on a powerful electric current of 7ampere and have a cyclone spooling system which prevents you from touching the yuck.

4.) Eureka RapidClean Pro:

Eureka Rapid Clean Pro lightweight vacuum cleaner by the eureka brand is somewhat most lightweight and relatively inexpensive than the other vacuum cleaner on our list. This cheap yet efficient vacuum cleaner is a great pet hair removing vacuum that despite its lightweight and cheap price tag will amaze you with its out-of-the-box performance which is nothing short of the best performance.

It has all the pros of a pet hair removing vacuum cleaner but has its downside as the short runtime due to short battery capacity. Overall eureka pro lightweight would be a great choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly and effective pet hair specific vacuum cleaner.


As indicated in its name the eureka is designed as a rapid cleaning tool which with its swift yet powerful engine will give the best experience of a thorough and convenient Best Lightweight Vacuum For Pet Hair cleaning. With its twisted angled body, it has a good reach under the furniture and will reach potentially unreachable locations to give ideal cleanup in narrow edges and corners.

It has a LED light indicator to brighten its way while cleaning the floor and thus allow you to see beyond its way what you are going to pick up with the powerful suction of the vacuum. The only downside with its purchase will come as its 40 minutes’ runtime after that you have to recharge it and thus it is not ideal for large-scale cleaning.

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