The definition of the best laptop varies from person-to-person and work-to-work. But in 2019 it does not matter much that what you are buying but the thing ”which brand you are buying” matters the most. The world is all full of countless manufacturers that are making varieties of laptops for its users but there are only a few who are making reliable and worth-spending laptops. So here is the list of 10 best Laptop brands that assure you to provide quality services.

  1. APPLE: Apple has somehow managed to make its name stand where currently no other has the power to stand. It surely is a very lavish and luxurious brand when it comes to laptops, computers, tablets, MacBooks, smartphones, and music players. Not only in the field of machines but also in the field of accessories APPLE has managed to sustain No.1 position for many years. Most of the APPLE products come with a 14 days refund policy which turns the game and is very helpful for its users. It tops the race by providing its customers with unique designs, customer support, lavish looks, and high-end performances.
  2. DELL: If you talk about purchasing the best Windows Laptop so far, DELL would be the first name coming in your mind as DELL has made its name as the one who never compromises on quality. The technical and after-sales support of DELL is worth praising and is appreciated by its use worldwide. DELL manufactures budget-friendly design with quite traditional looks which are simple and powerful. The XP and Inspiron series have changed the game for DELL’s overall reputation.
  3. LENOVO: Lenovo is definitely among some premium brands of laptops. Their prices are slightly higher than DELL and less than those of APPLE however their laptops exceptionally have ideal laptops widely praised and purchased as they have different laptop series for different kinds of works like for education, gaming, WarCraft or business but are majorly known for their excellent business laptops as they have perfection in several features like the touchpad, keyboard, and high-end processors. To be honest, the performance they offer in their devices is extreme and most of their notebooks come with solid build quality.
  4. ASUS: Laptops by ASUS are mostly known for their budget-friendly yet efficient laptop ranges. The reason behind their affordable prices maybe that their in-house manufacturing of motherboards. Their mini-laptops and Chromebooks are the ones who made their names in the field of budget-friendly machines. Moreover, they have successfully launched their gaming Laptops which are praised for their high-efficiency of handling a heavy load of games.
  5. HEWLETT-PACKARD: Or also famously known as HP is among one of the oldest brands of electronics and laptops and unfortunately now is not as famous as it used to be in the past. They are still manufacturing unbeatable HP desktops we all are familiar with. The laptops they are making are still much better than Acer and ASUS but the factor to compete with the other brands in the market in terms of sale and number of series introduced is still missing somewhere. Their most reliable and praised series are Envy, Spectre, Pavilion, and Elite.
  6. ACER: is a Chinese laptop brand that is known as one of the largest manufacturers in the world and they assure that with Acer you get what you pay for. They have flooded the market with not only budget-friendly laptops but also high-end gaming laptops and premium notebooks but their topmost praised series is Aspire which has a market of millions. Acer has been quite persistent and traditional with their looks as they have maintained their classic look of laptops and are not towards much of innovation. Their recently launched Predator series for gaming is something we are looking forward to as it seems that they are going to improve the overall worth of the company in the coming days.
  7. MSI: MSI brand of laptops is famously known for their amazing gaming laptops but they are not for budget-friendly gaming laptop users. They keep on introducing new laptops with high-end performances and unique designs with all other demanding gaming features that make MSI laptops the most attractive gaming laptops for passionate gamers. Their machines might not be very common but the users who keep on searching for new interesting features do keep an eye on MSI laptops as they have introduced some of the very eye-catching features like unique gaming-keyboards and eye-tracking sensors.
  8. MICROSOFT: is yet another quite old and stable brand manufacturing many machines for many years like desktops and laptops. Most of their laptops are quite budget-friendly and for regular users and high-end expensive business, laptops are comparatively less in number. This American company is majorly known for its Windows OS which is extremely used worldwide for more than 90% of commuting machines like desktops and laptops. They recently launched Microsoft Surface Pro is an extremely slim yet powerful compact design that is taking the company reputation at another level. Moreover, the support they provide to their customers is quite appraisable.
  9. TOSHIBA: The Japanese Company Toshiba’s laptops are majorly known for manufacturing all-purpose laptops and are an excellent choice for daily use. They have also made their name as budget-friendly laptops for those who need a basic machine for their daily based basic activities like browsing, surfing, etc. They recently launched their Satellite C series that deliver their lightweight and thin laptops. Previously, users had major issues with keyboards and touchpads which the company has somehow managed to cover up and are now providing powerful laptops to their users.
  10. SAMSUNG: This renowned company has made its name when it comes to smartphones, tablets, and televisions. They are professionally providing their services all over the world marking a very huge number of satisfied customers worldwide. But when it comes to laptops, they don’t have such huge following as their users are not satisfied with the Samsung laptops because of very poor battery life and years old design.

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