Best Budget Laptops For Photo Editing

Finding a characteristic laptop is a troublesome challenge for many photographers when starting a new carrier or learning photography. Also, photo editing is a salient content for an outclass Still. This means you need the right tool for the job.

 My Top Pick… 

If you are in a hurry and don’t have so much time in reading detailed reviews of these products, you can go with our top pick Dell Inspiron i5575 among them. You Can also check the customer reviews and the discounted price of this Product on Amazon.

Best Budget Laptops For Photo Editing

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1. Dell Inspiron i5575:

Dell i5575-A217SLV-PUS Inspiron 15 5575 -...
118 Customer Reviews
Dell i5575-A217SLV-PUS Inspiron 15 5575 -...
  • Amd Ryzen 5 2500U mobile Processor with...
  • 8GB 2400MHz DDR4[32GB], (additional memory...
  • 1 TB 5400 RPM [SATA] (HDD), Tray load DVD...

Dell Inspiron i5575 is a graceful & Sleek Design, laptop deserving of appraise. This laptop holds a backlit keyboard too that makes it even more outstanding. Powerful enough to sprint software like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop & Illustrator.


  • Intel Core i5, 1.6 GHz Processor with 8 GB DDR RAM.
  • Full Screen 15.6” HD Display with Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU
  • Massive Storage Space of 1 Terabyte.
  • Weighs 4.8 pounds.
  • Accommodates 5 Hrs. Average Battery Life.
  • Touch Screen Assistance with Illuminated Keyboard.

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What We Like
  • Super-fast Performance.
  • Backlit Keyboard.
  • Touchscreen Assistance.
  • Budget Friendly.
What We Don't Like
  • Average Battery Life.


Hats off to Dell Inspiron i5575, an excellent laptop to consider. Its High-End Intel Core i5 Processor, Rich Display, Color Accuracy and Super-Fast Runtime makes the best use of it, in the field of Photography. Grab the product now, Check out the price here.

2. Acer Aspire 5:

Acer Aspire 5, 15.6' Full HD, 8th Gen Intel Core...
185 Customer Reviews
Acer Aspire 5, 15.6" Full HD, 8th Gen Intel Core...
  • 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U Processor...
  • 15.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080) Comfy View...
  • 8GB DDR4 Memory & 256GB SSD

Acer Aspire is a Slim built, High profile Laptop.  Impressive Display, Swift performance, & Fingerprint assistance, are some of the Flawless aspects of this Laptop, which is attention-seeking. Specially calibrated for designers and editors.


  • 8th Generation, Intel i5, 3.9 GHz Processor with 8 GB DDR4 RAM.
  • Full-Screen 15.6” HD Display GPU Intel UHD Graphics 620.
  • Hard Drive Storage 256 GB Flash Memory Solid State.
  • Weighs 3.97 pounds. Dimensions 14.3 x 9.9 x 0.7 in.
  • Holds Average Battery Life of 5Hrs.
  • Fingerprint Reader compatible with Backlit Keyboard.

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What We Like
  • Solid Performance.
  • Light in Weight.
  • Backlit Keyboard.
  • Fingerprint Reader Assistance.
What We Don't Like
  • Average Battery Life.


Because of its feather like weight, Acer aspire 5 is a Best option for a Travel Photo Editor. Vigorously admirable for those loving to use their laptops in a coffee shop. Also Best for color proficient Photo Editing. Check out for the price here.

3. Toshiba ChromeBook 2:

Toshiba PLM02U-007008-K Intel Celeron Processor...
5 Customer Reviews
Toshiba PLM02U-007008-K Intel Celeron Processor...
  • More for the money with this high quality...
  • Offers premium quality at outstanding saving
  • Excellent product

The Toshiba’s ChromeBook 2 is a slim and stylish laptop which is itself noticeable.  Intel Celeron Processor, Ultra-slim Design, Vivid Color Display, Light in Weight are some of its dominant features.


  • Intel Celeron, 2.16 GHz Processor with 4 GB DDR3L RAM.
  • Full Screen 13.3” HD Display with Intel HD graphics.
  • Hard Drive Storage 16 GB Flash Memory Solid State.
  • Weighs 2.95 pounds. Smart Dimensions 12.6 x 8.4 x 0.76 in.
  • Average Battery Life of 9 Hrs.

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What We Like
  • Vibrant Display.
  • Elite Battery Lite.
  • Price Friendly.
  • Decent Design.
  • Well-built keyboard and track pad.
What We Don't Like
  • Fragile lid


Toshiba ChromeBook 2 is especially designed to help you get your tasks done faster and easier. Easily slips in your backpack is great to consider for Photo Editing. Buy the all new Toshiba ChromeBook now, Check out for the price here.

4. Acer ChromeBook 11:

Acer Chromebook 11, Celeron N3060, 11.6' HD, 4GB...
1,051 Customer Reviews
Acer Chromebook 11, Celeron N3060, 11.6" HD, 4GB...
  • Chromebook runs on Chrome OS - an operating...
  • All the Google apps you know and love come...
  • With the Google Play Store, you can access a...

The Acer Chrome Book 11 is a gem from Acer that has lots of exciting features. Its Super-fast connectivity, Day Long Battery, Decent Design, Anti-Glare Display and Low Budget makes it remarkable.


  • Intel Celeron, 2.16 GHz Processor with 2 GB DDR3L RAM.
  • Full Screen 11.6” HD Display with Intel HD Graphics.
  • Hard Drive Storage 16 GB Flash Memory Solid State.
  • Weighs 2.43 pounds only. Dimension 8 x 11.6 x 0.7 in.
  • Average Battery life of 9 Hrs.

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What We Like
  • Perfect Display.
  • Daylong Battery Life.
  • Quite Affordable.
  • Sleek & Slim Design.
What We Don't Like
  • Small keyboard.


ChromeBook 11 is a Gem, which can comfortably slip into your backpack. It always appraised for its Rich Graphics which is a plus point for a Photo-Editor. This laptop can make your life go easy. Check out for the price here.

5. HP Touchscreen:

HP 15.6 Inch Touchscreen Laptop Computer (Intel...
132 Customer Reviews
HP 15.6 Inch Touchscreen Laptop Computer (Intel...
  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested...
  • Processor: 6th generation Intel Core i3-6100U...
  • 15.6 inch HD BrightView WLED-backlit...

The HP Touchscreen is an up to mark touch orientated budget Laptop, holds sharp display, Brilliant color output and effortlessly runs massive Photo Editing Tools like Adobe Creative Cloud.


  • Intel Pentium N3540 2.16 GHz Processor with 4 GB DDR3 RAM.
  • Full Screen 15.6” HD Display with Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU.
  • Weighs 5.5 pounds with Dimensions 20 x 12 x 3 in.
  • Touch Screen Intervention.
  • Average Batter Life of 6 Hrs.

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What We Like
  • Super Solid Performance.
  • Satisfactory of Storage of 500 GB.
  • Fast Base Clock Time.
  • Economical Price.
What We Don't Like
  • Slightly massive.
  • Ordinary Design.


Touchscreen laptop with this price tag, is an applaudable investment. HP Touchscreen is a comfortable, user-friendly laptop. Buy the all-new HP Touchscreen right now, Check out for the price here.

6. Samsung Chromebook 3:

Samsung Chromebook 3, 11.6', 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC,...
4,147 Customer Reviews
Samsung Chromebook 3, 11.6", 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC,...
  • 11.6 inch ( 1366 x 768), 16:9
  • Intel Celeron Processor N3060, 1.6 GHz to...
  • 4 GB Memory. Spill Resistant : Yes

Samsung Chromebook 3 is a budget notebook that gives the brightest 11.6-inch rich display & In addition, offers you unbeatable Color Proficiency. As for the price, it offers the best value in the market right now.


  • Intel Celeron, 1.6 GHz Processor with 2 GB DDR3 RAM.
  • Full Screen 11.6” Display with Intel HD Graphics.
  • Storage of 16 GB Flash Memory Solid State Drive.
  • Weighs 2.54 pounds only. Dimension 11.4 x 8 x 0.7 in.
  • Day long Battery Life of 12 Hrs.

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What We Like
  • Swift Performance.
  • Bright display.
  • Easy to Carry.
  • Economical Price.
  • Epic Battery Life.
What We Don't Like
  • Base runs warm.


Samsung Chromebook 3 is a Versatile, Rich Display and true Budget Laptop. Works with super-fast runtime that results great for High-End Photo Editing. Want to know more, Check out for the price here.

Buying Guide

Photographer? Planning on posting your photos on your social media? As a photographer, having a perfect camera for taking photos is not the only thing that you require. What you need is a good editing device as well. Which in this case can be your PC or laptop.

If you are planning on editing your photographs on a laptop, then there are various specs that you need to consider so that your laptop is able to accommodate various editing apps like photoshop, lightroom, and even luminaire 4. This can only be possible if your laptop is loaded with the specs that facilitate such apps. These apps are extremely important as they are the ones that will help you produce a marvelous masterpiece.

As a photographer, you need to invest in both your camera and laptop to make your photograph look good. Only, in this way, you can succeed in your career. If you are planning on investing in one of the best budget laptops for photo editing but don’t know which you should consider purchasing then read our article to get a clue. We will guide you on your journey to selecting the best photo editing partner for yourself.

Photo editing Laptops are pretty demanding, especially if you’re working on high-resolution raw files with advanced effects and make the use of complex functions and advanced plugins in professional-grade, so you have to make sure that you’re investing in a capable laptop that marks all your requirements of Photo-Editing essentials.

What Is Photo Editing?

In this digital era, photo editing has become a trend. Youngsters with passionate dreams to become photographers take photos, edit them, and then post their creativeness on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, etc.

In photo editing, you alter the captured images. You can create a collage, album or slideshow, etc. There are various apps to help you achieve this. These apps are Photoshop, luminaire 4, and lightroom. These apps contain all the features that you need to edit your photos to transform them into a masterpiece.

Tips For Buying Best Budget Laptops For Photo Editing

When shopping for the best budget laptops for photo editing, there are various features that you need to consider.

Consider The Screen Size:

The first thing that needs your attention is the screen size of your laptop. If you are a sort of person that hates cramped workplaces then it would be best for you to purchase a big-screen laptop. Otherwise, you can buy small screen laptops too. Big screen laptops mean heavyweight and less portability. Therefore, only consider them if you have a permanent working station. If you like to roam around and work at various designations then it is best that you aim for small screen size laptops due to their lightweight and high portability feature.

Consider The Resolution:

The next is the resolution of your photo editing laptop. The greater the resolution, the clearer the details of your image would be and the more effective would be photo editing. Therefore, always buy a high-resolution laptop for photo editing. FHD resolution is the minimum resolution required for this task. You can opt for 4k or 2k resolution as well if you have a healthy paycheck.

Consider The RAM:

Many people are always perplexed regarding their RAM. They don’t know how much RAM their laptops should possess.  For photo editing, the minimum RAM requirement is 6GB. At this RAM, you would be able to use the lightroom, photoshop, and luminaire 4 apps. However, it is the minimum requirement. It would be best for you if you aim for 16GB or higher RAM.

Consider The CPU:

For photo editing, it is considered, the newer the processor, the better.  The processor will make the programs run smoothly and will allow you to multitask. It’s the brain that will make your laptop function smoothly. Therefore, it would be best if your processor is the latest model. You can go for i5, i7,i9 core processors.

Consider The Storage:

In terms of storage, the HDDs are not a good option. They are slow and old fashioned. In this modern era, SSDs are more famous because of their super-fast transfer speeds and loading speeds.

Consider The Graphic Card:

There are two types of graphic cards. One is the integrated one that utilizes the RAM dedicated memory. Another one is the discrete version that provides dedicated memory. It is up to you to decide which one you want.

Consider The Battery Life Of Your Laptop:

The last thing that you need to consider is the battery life of the laptop. Always purchase a laptop that comes with 10 hours or more battery life. It is futile to purchase a laptop that comes with great specs but with low battery life. Therefore, look for one that provides you with a long battery

Wrap Up!

Choosing one of the best budget laptops for photo editing is indeed difficult but with the help of our article, this difficult task will surely become a piece of cake for you. Hope you get the best one!


What Is The Best Laptop For Enthusiast Photographers?

Dell XPS 13 is certainly the best laptop for enthusiast photo editors. This laptop comes with a sturdy and elegant design, providing a 13-inch display screen that sports 4k resolution. Although, it’s not as flashy as the MacBook pro it still has its own pros which include an extremely light body and optimized portability feature.

What Is The Best Budget Laptop For Photo Editing?

ASUS Vivobook S is the best budget laptop for photo editing. This laptop comes with an awesome FHD resolution that will provide you with super clear and highly detailed visuals. It is a perfect choice for photo editing.

What Is The Best Professional Laptop For Photo Editing?

Apple MacBook Pro is the best professional laptop for photo editing. It is the perfect blend of specs and functions. This device doesn’t come cheap, therefore, for budget buyers, it’s recommended that they look at other options.

What Should You Look For In A Photo Editing Laptop?

While buying a photo editing laptop, you need to keep into account the screen size, resolution, RAM, CPU, storage, and GPU of the laptop. The greater these specs are, the more enhanced your editing will be.

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