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Cheap Gold Metal Detector

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Hunting for Gold could be a costly yet rewarding activity as it requires specialized equipment that pays the expenditure back in the shape of gold and other valuable material. Technically speaking any metal detector will find you the Gold if you are lucky enough!! But a specialist Cheap Gold Metal Detector 2021 will maximize the chances of hitting on the Gold.

 My Top Pick 

I hurried enough to not go through the entire review. Here we have for you our top pick.
Fisher Gold bug is the ultimate worthy choice as the top gold detector. It is a cheaper detector than its potential competitors yet it offers more than them at a much lower price. It is the best begging level Gold detector with all the features of a professional tool. With the 19 kHz operating frequency two discrimination mode and 5 inches’ replaceable search coil, it is ultimately worth more than the money.

Cheap Gold  Metal Detector (Updated List 2021)

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1. Fisher Gold Bug: Best Value For The Money

Fisher Gold bug is the best cheap metal detector for Gold than most of its potential rivals. It is a beginner’s level detector as it doesn’t require a massive investment before starting the quest for Fisher  Gold.
Cheap Gold Metal Detector is not that feature richen as other listings in the review but it is worth the investment as it provides traits necessary enough to do the job.


  • The Gold bug has a five inches’ replaceable search coil. If you want to increase the search area of your coil you can upgrade it to the bigger coil.
  • It has a 19 kHz operating frequency and adjustable sensitivity to accurately find out the target.
  • 2 tone audio discrimination modes help the Gold bug in differentiating the metals found.
  • Two search modes to discriminate between All metal and discrimination mode.
  • Ground balancing set at auto mode helps Gold detection in highly mineralized soil.
  • No motion pinpointing to locate the target merely by holding it over the surface.
  • It runs on 2 AA batteries and weighs about 4.6 lbs.


What We Like
  • Static pinpoint.
  • Preset ground balance.
  • Two-mode discrimination.
What We Don't Like
  • Lack of audio discrimination.

2. Garrett AT Gold: Cheap Beginner’s Eve Detector

Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector is a high technology metal detector capable of finding Gold nuggets in All Terrains but more precisely in shallow saltwater conditions. This cheapest gold metal detector is an entire waterproof detector that makes it capable of underwater detection. Its waterproofing capacity applies only to 10 feet in freshwater, such as lakes and streams. It is also capable of surviving soaking in case of an accidental slip. Its operational frequency is high enough to prospect Gold nuggets. It includes an all-metal mode to detect all nearby metals.


  • Garrett AT Gold has a 5×8 inches DD search coil which is submersible to the depth of 10 ft. in freshwater.
  • The search coil is operated on a high kHz frequency range that efficiently picks up signals within no time.
  • Ground balance which has become the prerequisite for professional devices is included in this Model and allows both automated preset and manual balancing. Its frequency is better operable in All metal mode and it searches the great depths with greater sensitivity.
  • Audio alarms tell the user which target they have hit upon even before digging it.
  • AT Golds’ most remarkable feature is its ability to static pinpoint and all motion mode. In addition to these
  • Garrett AT Gold also has plenty of other features that are worth testing for.


What We Like
  • True All metal mode.
  • 2 tone discrimination mode.
  • Auto or manual ground balance.
What We Don't Like
  • Heavyweight.
  • Not suitable for saltwater.

3. Fisher Gold Bug Pro: Premium Feature Rich Gold Detector

Gold bug Pro is a step up in fishers’ distinctive line of Gold detector. It is an awesome affordable Detector with all the features of high-end professional devices at an affordable price.


  • Cheap Gold Metal Detector works on a 19 kHz operating frequency to detect silver coins, relics, and gold with equal sensitivity.
  • It has the fisher Gold detectors’ standard 5″ DD search coil which is entirely waterproof- a feature which many of the Gold detectors lack.
  • There is an additional 11″ coil replacement to increase the search area in case of need.
  • It has a variable breakpoint discrimination system to enhance audio quality. It supports multi-tone audio, unlike the Gold bug.
  • The iron oxide meter indicates the mineralization level of the soil.
  • Preset ground balance helps the inaccurate location of the target.
  • It is a lightweight detector weighing about 2.5 lbs. and operates on a 1 9 Volt battery.


What We Like
  • Lightweight.
  • Preset ground balance.
What We Don't Like
  • Waterproof coil only.

4. Fisher Gold Bug 2: High-End Professional Device

Fisher Gold bug 2 is the latest model in fisher Gold detector series. It is a relatively highly-priced model and offers mostly high end premium features that would most likely help you in finding gold.

It operates on a 71 kHz operating frequency to ensure the detection of the target. Gold bug features iron and dust resistance alongside iron discrimination and three-mode mineralization and two-mode ground balance control.


  • Auto or manual ground balancing.
  • Three mineralization modes to detect metals in the high moderate or low level of mineralized soil.
  • Iron disc mode to find out small quantities of iron nails and hot rocks.
  • Trash elimination mode to reduce junk detection.
  • Adjustable sensitivity, threshold, and volume controls.
  • Its simplicity versatility cutting edge technology and innovation has earned it a high place in the gold detector yet its higher price has limited us to pick it as our top pick. And all these extremely remarkable features are backed by five years warranty to count in gold bug2 as the durable detector.
  • It operates on a single 9V battery and weighs 2.9 pounds.


What We Like
  • Highest operational frequency in market.
  • Iron disc mode to eliminate the trash.
  • Lightweight.
What We Don't Like
  • Heavy on the pocket.


There are plenty of Gold detectors available in the market. Most of them are highly-priced which makes the competition more profound but talking of the cheap gold detector fisher Gold Bug has got its potential buyers all the needed features of the gold diggers at an affordable cost. Two-tone discrimination, no motion pinpointing, automatic ground balance mineralization indicator, large LCD, and numeric target ID are the highlights that acquired it the worthy place in the gold detection world.

Buying Guide:

These gold-diggers will also help you locate small buried metallic items that other standard detectors could not find due to their high precision and ground balancing. While buying a suitable inexpensive Gold detector you must be concerned with its specifications as if either it has automated ground balancing or trash elimination etc.

Are you a gold digger looking for the best equipment to match your desires and needs? Then certainly you have hit on the right spot. In today’s review article of the Cheap Gold Metal Detector series, we are going to tell you about what are the top detectors for finding gold and why they are considered best.

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