How To Choose A Metal Detector (Detailed Guide)

How To Choose A Metal Detector

Are you the one just getting started with metal detection? You must be in search of that one miraculous wand that does all your job and put before you the hidden treasures of the world, just like the jinn at your service!!! Well, that might be the case in fairy tales but there doesn’t exist such a perfect metal detector that will turn the tables for you in overnight. A metal detector is just as good as the person using it. If that is the case, then what is the best metal detector would not be a legit question. It should be rephrased into what is the best metal detector for you? Yeah for you!!!A metal detector capable of fulfilling all you need will be the best detector for you. To know your requirements, you need to research and consider the following important points.
Keep stick to our getting started article on metal detector selection to know more about its selection. How much knowledge you have about metal detectors? The very first question that should pop up in your mind is how much you know about this hobby? If you are just a novice trying to get started with it, it would be a waste to hop on a metal detector designed for professional use by the seasoned detectorist.
In this case, an entry-level tool will hold your back firmly and will provide you with enough experience to move onto a high-end detector. Opting for the beginner’s tool is the perfect choice to get started with metal detection. Here you can check our best beginners level tools under $200 or best metal detectors for kids.

Choosing the Best Metal Detector

There are plenty of entry-level tools available, the top-rated ones are as below:

But if you have got your hands on entry-level detectors and now want to upgrade them to more professional ones than you must opt for midrange metal detectors. The best one is listed below.

However, if you are a seasoned metal detector with years of hands-on experience then you must be going for a high-end metal detector that would be worthy of your expenditure. Such as:

What are you going to hunt?

After selecting your expertise, you must now move on to your targets. What are you looking for? What would be your potential target? If you go hunting for Gold with your beginner’s level tool it’s a mistake.
If you want to hunt relics and coins or all the possible metal buried underneath, then an All-purpose metal detector will be your best match.

If you want it to specifically hunt for Gold you must go for a Gold Bug or AT Gold detector.
If you are looking to hunt in diverse ground conditions an ALL Purpose AT Pro would be the best choice.

What is the ground type your potential target is in?

If you are looking to hunt on the beach, then a detector with automated or manual ground balance will be a necessity and if you want it to use for underwater detection and an entirely submersible metal detector will be the requirement.
If you want to occasionally use for beach hunting and some days’ go underwater, while for other three days you want to go hunt in your friends’ backyard then you must go for an ALL TERRAIN metal detector that is capable to hunt in every ground (less or heavily mineralized soil) and water (shallow or saltwater) type.
AT Pro or its costlier kin AT MAX will be a great choice in this regard.
HOPEFULLY, you must have got a better idea of where to look and what to look for? Now should move on to what’s your budget?

That is probably the foremost consideration in mind as most of the high-end detector is far off the cost so you should research well to cleverly craft your requirements to get the maximum bang for your bucks.
If you are low on budget, then a beginners’ level metal detector will be the ultimate choice as they are capable to put before you some really valuable stuff.

If budget is not the concern, then you should leap onto a high-end device best matching your expertise such as Garrett ATX or Minelabseries.

How frequently you are going to use it?

After deciding on the features and budget you need to look for your schedule. To say that how often you will go hunting will make up an important consideration.

If you plan to hunt on weekends to spend your leisure time, then a mid-range metal detector will be all you need. On the contrary, if you had to pack your bags and pull up your socks for the daily hunt then a quality detector with long battery life and durability should be the choice

How much tech geek you are?

While looking for the best metal detector for you, Technology must be kept in mind as the metal detection field has been revolutionized by the innovative yet simple to use metal detectors. So you must be sure that you are getting the best and latest technology.
For that, you need to research the types of metal detectors. Have a look at our recent article on types of metal detectors. After a quick survey, you will be in a better place to decide that you need a VLF or pulse induction detector rather beat frequency oscillator. You must mild your choices according to your needs and to add up all will be the best match for you.


Choosing the right metal detector is a subjective matter. The best detector for you might be the least preference of your friend. It all depends on who you are and what you have been looking for. If you ask yourself the question regarding the location, frequency of use, your experience level, how much money you have got left in your bank, and what technology will be the best matching to your potential targets, you will end up having a good detector if not the ideal one. So sort out your preference according to your needs to go hunting with the one you can buy best at your budget.

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