Garrett Ace 400 VS At Pro (Detailed Comparison)

Garrett Ace 400 VS At Pro

Looking for the Garrett Ace 400 VS At Pro? You’ve come to the right place.
Are you a novice to metal detecting? Or maybe a seasoned detectorist looking to upgrade his metal detector from mid-range to high-end detector? Well!!! you have hit on the right spot as we are going to assist you in framing your decision regarding Garrett’s two immensely popular and very dependable metal detector each best in its way. Certainly, we are talking about the Garrett Ace 400 VS At Pro. Which detector will be best for you? Which detector best meets your need? And which detector will be worth spending on? To get all these queries solved you need to stick to our review and comparison guide between ACE 400 VS AT Pro.

Garrett Ace 400 VS At Pro

1. Garrett ACE 400: A Quick Introduction:

Garrett is the world leader when it comes to metal detector quality and specifications. This hard-earned place is because they are known to produce some of the best detectors available in the market offering great features at a very reasonable price.

The ACE 400 is no exception. It is worth the investment in the shape of a beginner’s detector but it will continue to be by your side when you have got expertise in the field. Garrett ACE 400 is the latest member of the well-known ACE series and replaced the now discontinued ACE 350. It is an upgraded version of all the basic ACE series features.

It offers many of the features of high-end machines at an affordable cost. It allows its users to electrically pinpoint its target. Some of its premium features include Five search modes eight sensitivity settings and 8 inches’ depth indicator at the screen alongside digital target identification and the all-important 11-inch double D weatherproof search coil.

With these many cool features, ACE 400 is limited only to freshwater conditions. Its use in beach or saltwater will lead to many false signals that will soon frustrate you out. It can find gold but if you plan solely to find out gold then there will be some other better options available for you. It is not designed to find gold nuggets or flakes but it will surely hunt you rings and gold coins. It’s 10 kHz frequency limit its sensitivity for relics and coin hunting.


What We Like
  • Economical.
  • Weatherproof search coil.
  • Five mode search operation.
What We Don't Like
  • Freshwater only.
  • Only Shallow water detector.

2. Garrett AT Pro: A Quick Introduction:

Garrett AT Pro is by far the most popular metal detector in the Garrett line of detector series. It is the youngest boy in the ALL-TERRAIN. Block and is the cheaper sibling of the AT Gold and AT MAX. The AT series is a step up from ACE series so be sure that all excellent features of ACE 400 will be included in the AT Pro with certain added features to enhance its performance and quality.

It is designed as the all-purpose highly versatile metal detection tool able to operate in the most diverse conditions. It is a VLF machine which means it operates effectively on a lower frequency and comes with the 15 kHz operating frequency. Another plus point to this handy detector is that it is entirely submersible up to 10 feet deep. This feature combined with its manual ground balancing makes it the perfect choice for beach hunting which is somewhat lacking in ACE 400.

As we stated earlier that AT Pro includes all the basic ACE 400 features some of its additional noticeable features includes 15 kHz frequency, submersible control box, dual-mode ground balance, audio modulation, notch discrimination, and numerical target ID.


What We Like
  • Fully submersible.
  • Higher frequency.
What We Don't Like
  • Higher price tag.


So now let us head to the clear elaboration of both of these amazing detectors and to know the reason for ranking one of them as our top pick.


The ACE 400 operates on 10 kHz adjustable frequency while AT PRO features 15 kHz operating frequency. Both of these detectors are VLF machines but AT Pro will be better suited to pick up its target effectively owing to its higher frequency.

Ground Balance:

The 400 has the preset ground balance and lacks manual balancing while AT Pro features both auto and manual ground balance.

Higher frequency mixed with manual ground balancing will make up the AT Pro to perform better in mineralized soil while being ACE 400 will be a failure in this regard.

Target Identification and Discrimination:

ACE 400 features five search modes comparative to the six modes of AT Pro- three standard and three Pro. Both offer eight sensitivity level electrical pinpointing and iron audio.


The ACE 400 has a weatherproof coil only whereas the AT Pro is entirely submersible to the depth of ten feet. This is the second biggest difference after ground balancing.

Another major difference is AT Pro is an all-terrain device and operates well in saltwater conditions but ACE 400 is only a freshwater detector as a lack of ground balance hinders its use in heavy mineralization.
Coil. The ACE 400 comes up with the 8 X 11-inch standard coil while AT Pro features 8.5 X 11″ DD PROformance coil.


Last but not least the major difference between the two major Garrett detectors comes in the form of their cost. The ACE 400 is prices lower than the AT pro and this sounds reasonable due to the high-end features of AT Pro which make it higher prices model.


Final Verdict:

Both of the above-mentioned detectors are best. ACE 400 is the best inline of ACE series while AT Pro is its upgraded model. AT Pro is worth the extra cost as it will allow you to hunt at the beach or submerge it underwater. Its higher frequency and PROformance will mark its better performance on land. It’s ground balance and mineralization control will prove to be the necessary evil that no one wants to ward off.
If you are looking for an all-terrain metal detector go for the pro but if you want to hunt in only shallow freshwater conditions save your buck by investing in ACE 400.

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