Cheap Pinpointer Metal Detectors (Updated List 2021)

Cheap Pinpointer Metal Detectors

Looking for the Cheap Pinpointer Metal Detectors? You’ve come to the right place.

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A metal detector will beep an alarm when it comes in the vicinity of the buried metal item but it would not be able to exactly locate where the item is buried. This job is done by pinpointer. Pinpointer is a handheld detector that specifies the spot underneath which the potential target is.

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Not have enough time to go through the entire review? Here is our top pick. DR. OTEK IP 68 waterproof pinpointer is the best metal detector pinpointer available at a budget-friendly price. 32 feet deep submersible pointer with simple controls and easy assemblage, 360-degree detection area, LED indicator, and vibrational alarm set this detector apart from other detectors of the same price.
Four-color LED indicator to show the nearness of the target makes it a perfect choice for the best cheap pinpointer metal detectors 2021.

Cheap Pinpointer Metal Detectors

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1. PudiBe Waterproof Metal Detector Pinpointer:

PUDIBE’s fully submersible waterproof pointer is a good pinpointer underwater for entry-level detectorists. It comes up with a 360-degree detection scan and includes both ferrous and nonferrous detection modes. It has three search modes to choose from single audio or vibration or both. It offers its users a yearlong warranty and features a money refund of up to eight months if you didn’t like the product.


  • It is lightweight only 5.6 ounces.
  • Cheap Pinpointer Metal Detectors runs on a 1 9 Volt battery.
  • It also contains a retractable hanging wire.
  • The one-touch control button speaks of its simplicity.
  • LED flashlight lanyard attachment loop and the ribbed side makes it a trendy designed tool.
  • It also features a low battery indicator.
  • Detection probe to enhance sensitivity.
  • DSP chip to ensure echo Cancellation capability.


What We Like
  • 360-degree Scanner.
  • Fully submersible.
What We Don't Like
  • None.

2. DR. OTEK IP68 Waterproof Metal Detector:

As we stated earlier that DR. OTEK is probably the best cheap pinpointer in the market as it offers all the features you will actually need. It is a user-friendly device and is not affected by the experience level of the detector as it could be used by newbies as well as seasoned detectors with high precision.
Most of the cheap pinpointer lack waterproofing but fortunately this DR. OTEK comes up with underwater detecting and can be used to dive 10 meters deep in water.


  • It has four LED indicator levels to showcase the depth of the target. Its display is bright enough to be seen under sunlight.
  • It also comes up as the ALL-TERRAIN device.
  • It offers high sensitivity and 360-degree detection mode.
  • Cheap Pinpointer Metal Detectors offers a two years’ warranty and runs on 1 9V battery.


What We Like
  • Waterproof, ALL terrain.
  • 4 LED indicators.
What We Don't Like
  • No audible speaker.

3. Noktamakro Pointer:

This is another great handy metal detecting pinpointer. With a thick plastic case and a streamlined interface, you can carry this pinpointer anywhere with you to find the treasure you’re waiting for. With this model, you have the choice to adjust sensitivity, so you can use it to refine your quest.

Although the primary alarm system is beeping, which gets louder as you get closer to the target, there is also a silent mode. If you do not want to have a loudspeaker, you can turn it to a vibration mode. It helps you to work quietly and is the perfect way to scan underwater. It is fully submersible and Works well in wet conditions. Its detection depth is about ten feet. Three signal modes to choose from audio vibration or both.


  • Nokta pointer also features several sensitivity settings according to the strength of the target.
  • 360-degree detection tip is yet another fancy feature to boast of.
  • Built-in LED light and interference elimination are some of the premium features. One possible drawback of
  • Cheap Pinpointer Metal Detectors device is its depth range. It operates at 10-meter-deep soil only for 30 minutes and then automatically turns off.


What We Like
  • Adjustable sensitivity.
  • 360-degree detection scan.
What We Don't Like
  • 30 min limited operation at maximum depth.

4. Bounty Hunters Pinpointer:

This is the cheapest metal pinpointer owing to its lightweight, high sensitivity, one 9V battery operation and simplicity of control it is a good choice for the entry level pinpointer at an affordable price tier. It is not as feature packed as DR. OTEK yet it offers necessary traits for a newbie detector within the price range.


  • It is a handy detector with super easy controls and cool design.
  • It has adjustable frequency settings.
  • Preset ground balance to neutralize soil mineralization.
  • 6.7 kHz operating frequency and trash elimination to ward off unwanted targets.
  • It offers both audio or vibration alarm.
  • It offers a one-year limited parts warranty.


What We Like
  • Economical.
What We Don't Like
  • It didn’t have many features to offer.


There is plenty of inexpensive metal pinpointer available but to ensure maximum quality and feature-rich package we have come up with DR. OTEK as our top pick. It is reliable, durable, simple to use fully submersible, and offers a 360-degree scanning area. It’s improved design and features have made it a perfect tool for newbies, hobbyists, and professional treasure hunters. It is best suited to detect antique coins, hidden silver lost gold, and other valuable materials that you want to unearth, and all these features are available at an extremely affordable price range.
Wishing you LUCK in your underwater exploration.

Buying Guide:

Pinpointer perfectly complements the Cheap Pinpointer Metal Detectors but to be honest these are not a necessity but could prove to be a great addition. Many times the detectorist has to dig the huge nearby which costs him time and may also possibly harm the items underneath this thing is prevented in the shape of a pinpointer detector which notifies only when right at the target.

Some of the high-end machines have included the pinpointer in it but usually, it is not made a part of it and needs to be bought separately. Pinpointer is quite an expensive tool and this makes sense by the great detection precision they have and this is clearly illustrated by quality brands such as Garrett and Minelab.

The heavy price of this pinpointer underground is the leading reason why many detectorists never opted for pinpointer but there is plenty of pinpointers out there in the market that is available at a very low price tag and performs very well. In this article, we are going to deal with them.

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