Garrett Ace 250 VS 300 (Detailed Comparison)

Garrett Ace 250 VS 300

Looking to buy a detector that is worth the money and time invested? Too many options are available in this regard which potentially complicates the matter. Garrett is one such detecting brand worth all the hype as it is known to produce great quality and very dependable metal detectors at pretty much affordable rates.
Garrett Ace Line of Metal Detectors is some of the high-quality all-round performers. The two of its widely known member are ACE 250 and ACE 300. These to reasonably priced detectors have much in common with certain distinct differences.
So which detector will be worth buying? Is ACE 250 better than ACE 300? Or what are the basic differences between both? We will answer all of your legit queries in this article. To know the winner between the two detectors, keep stuck to our post.

Garrett ACE 250 VS ACE 300

1. Garrett ACE 250: A Quick Review

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Garrett’s most widely acknowledged entry-level detector, Garrett ACE 250 is a perfect detector for the newbies and will surely hold your back for a while as your expertise grow. It is third in line to the immensely popular line of metal detectors, the ACE Series.

It comes up with the graphics target identification cursor electrical pinpointing, 8 sensitivity settings, both auto and manual ground balance, and a depth indicator. Garrett has put its best inline features into the ACE 250 it’s a simple operation and rugged design had made it a perfect choice for entry-level metal detectors. It includes a 6.5 X 9-inch PROformance submersible search coil.

It is an amazing all-rounder metal detector at a very reasonable price. It is widely used to find old coins, jewelry, artifacts, relics, and others buried valuables. As it is rightly said that “It offers the excellent depth, and great performance at prices only Garrett can offer”. The Garrett 250 comes with a discriminator panel with 12 segments target identification ID. The segments can be switched on or off independently. They can also be activated and disabled in different combinations using the preset modes.


What We Like
  • Depth indicator.
  • Pinpointing.
  • Ground balance.
What We Don't Like
  • Lack backlit.

2. Garrett ACE 300: A Quick Introduction

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Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with Waterproof...
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It is no surprise that Garrett’s ACE Series are the world leaders in entry-level detectors as such a price tag offering so many great features is just another reason of their popularity.
The ACE 250s younger sibling and a step up from it, the ACE 300 comes up with all the amazing features of its predecessor with certain added features.

Among its great features are 7 by ten inches’ submersible standard search coil, digital target ID, 8 kHz frequency, five search modes, eight sensitivity settings, coin depth indicator, audio system, rugged design, and simple control. It is easy to assemble with three audio tones and 2 mode discrimination.
The display contains other helpful tips. You will see the depth indicator on the right-hand side of the panel. It’ll say if the coin is 2, 4, 6, or 8 inches wide.

The backlit LCD monitor is also a good addition to the ACE 300The Garrett 250 comes with a discriminator panel with 12 segments


What We Like
  • Greater depth.
  • Higher frequency.
  • Digital target ID.
What We Don't Like
  • Control box not submersible.

ACE 250 VS ACE 300: Comparison on Different Features


One of the striking difference between the two detectors is target identification ID. ACE 250 come up with digital target ID of 12 segments. Its readout might be a difficulty for the newbies but this hurdle is overcome by the VDI

Digital Target Identifier:

Another major difference is in terms of backlit availability. Ace 250 lacks the backlit while ACE 300 features LCD with a backlit which is a good addition to search in night.

Operating Frequency:

The ACE 250 comes up with the bottom line of ACE series in terms of its frequency. It offers its users a 6.5 kHz operational frequency.

It is a very low-frequency machine that allows it to detect coins’ relics with much sensitivity. The ACE 300 offers its user a higher frequency than the ACE 250. Its operational frequency is 8 kHz. This increased frequency enhances the sensitivity of the ACE 300 to its targets.

Search Modes:

Both of these two detectors come up with the five-mode search operation. But the all-metal mode of ACE 250 is replaced with zero discrimination mode on ACE 300.
No discrimination mode allows you to search for any target without any discrimination and this is generally the same as the all-metal mode on the ACE 250 which hunt for all the nearby metals.

Audio Tones:

ACE 300 emits three different tones comparative to the two tones of the ACE 250. The third tone has now become a necessity as it sounds different for the different target types.
Iron audio is registered with a standard beep on ACE 250 while the coins are sounded with a high pitch beep.
Similarly, in ACE 300 lower pitch beep is for iron audio and higher pitch for coins. But the pitch difference is more profound.

Search Coil:

The standard search coil of ACE 250 is sized to 6.5″ X 9 inches while the ACE 300 comes up with a relatively bigger 7″ X 10 inches search coil. Large coil potentially allows you to search deeper and cover more ground area so this is a valuable upgrade.

Volume Control:

The most annoying feature of ACE 250 is its lack of built-in volume control which was overcome by using headphones.
Garrett has overcome this by improving its next model in the shape of introducing the built-in volume control in the ACE 300.


The price gap between the two detectors is not very wide and there is a minimal increase of about 30 to 40 dollars from ACE 250 to 300.




ACE 250 is a great entry-level device but when it comes to ACE 300 the later one offers more features at a reasonable price. The ACE 300 enables its users to utilize digital target ID, coin depth indicator, higher frequency, backlit LCD, bigger search coil, and deeper depth. All these features are not worth missing for a price gap of 30 to 40 dollars. Therefore, we highly recommend buying Garrett ACE 300 over 250.

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