Cheapest Metal Detectors With Ground Balance (Updated List 2021)

Cheapest Metal Detectors With Ground Balance

Looking for the Cheapest Metal Detectors With Ground Balance? You’ve come to the right place.

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Are you a metal detector frequently hunting in heavily mineralized soils? Looking to get a detector that suits all of your needs? Then you will be desiring to find a tool that provides automated and/or manual ground balance.

If you buy yourself a metal detector only because Cheapest Metal Detectors With Ground Balance offers automatic ground balance, be mindful that it is not flawless.

Preset ground balance works great for beginners or occasional detectorists who are in a hurry or don’t know how to manually balance the ground. But manual ground balance will provide more control over the settings and will be best matched to your capabilities. In this article, we will share with you our top four economical yet powerful detectors with ground balance.

Our Top Pick … 

If you are hurried enough to not go through the entire article have a look at our top pick. Garret AT Pro is our top pick for an economical metal detector with manual ground balance. It offers quality features such as fully submersible search coil up to ten feet, iron audio, automated, and manual ground balance at a reasonable price.

Cheapest Metal Detector with Ground Balance

Ground balancing is a trait found in high-end professional detectors that increases its worth and makes those detectors costlier. If you want to know the cheapest metal detector with ground balance metal detector be mindful that it would not be that cheap like some kids or midrange detectors.

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1. Garret AT Pro:

Garrett AT Pro is a great metal detector with most of the high-end professional features. It is an all-round performer like high-end machines that offer this great versatility at a fraction of the cost of high-end metal detectors. It is a pioneer member of the widely acknowledged Garrett At Pro ALL-TERRAIN series. It is designed for hunting in either your friends’ backyard or the beach sand and even in the water. It is an all-purpose metal detector and is waterproof up to 10 feet. Easy to use operation and simple understandable display.


  • It comes up with the 11 inches’ elliptical double D standard submersible search coil.
  • Its most amazing feature is its ground balancing feature which makes it best suited for beach and saltwater hunting.
  • Its automatic ground balance can be used for mid-range metal detectors who do not want to indulge in the complexity of manual settings but for seasoned detectorists who want a preferred customized ground balance can adjust it manually.
  • It is iron audio is yet another powerful trait worthy of consideration.

Notch and iron discrimination allows the potential user to separate the junk from valuable metals buried underneath.
The only drawback that comes up with this Cheapest Metal Detectors With Ground Balance great inexpensive detector is its headphone. The built-in volume control needs additional headphones which are if cheap quality and not submersible. If you want better quality waterproof headphones you need to buy additional headphones sold separately.

2. Garrett AT MAX:

Garrett AT MAX is the newest metal detector in the ALL Terrain series. It is the most advance and costlier boy in the All-Terrain block.


  • It is an upgraded version of AT Pro and AT MAX and gives better detection depth over both of them.
  • It features manual and auto ground balance and is aimed at serious metal detectors who want to pursue their hobby as a full-time profession.
  • It is not suggestive for the beginners as its complex settings and high price tag would not be suitable for them.
  • It includes four search modes one each for jewelry, relics, coins, and all metal. All metal is no discrimination mode that searches for all the available metals.
  • It is waterproof to ten feet like the AT Pro.
  • It is an excellent All-Terrain metal detector which is could make up a good gold detector.
  • It is the most expensive model of the AT series but it is not as versatile as higher frequency models that’s the only drawback that potentially hits its users.

3. Fisher F44:

Fisher F44 is the most advanced metal detector in the F series by the Fisher F44 Research Lab. It is an ideal mid-range metal detector speaking in terms of its features, specifications, or price.
It is an all-around metal detector that offers its users all the features of advanced metal detectors at a much lower price. It’s the cheapest metal detector with an auto ground balance is a surprisingly great feature at such a price.
Its superset retunes speed and target separation is just exceptional. It offers twenty levels of adjustable sensitivity settings and ten-inch coin detection depth.

Electrical pinpointing and notch discrimination allows the user to locate the target more precisely. Cheapest Metal Detectors With Ground Balance is completely weatherproof and will surely hold your back no matter where you take it with you.
Its only drawback comes in the shape of its lack of underwater detection. It is not entirely submersible and offers only a submersible coil which hinders its use under deep waters.

4. Teknetics Gamma 6000:

Teknetics Gamma 6000 is the middle of the line metal detector in the genetics series. It has several advancements over its traditional counterparts such as its ability to manually adjust the ground.
If you don’t want to have the manually ground balance genetics Gamma offers you a factory preset mode which lets you just have a detector and go hunting in heavily mineralized soil. This makes it a turn on and goes metal detector.


  • It has quite an easier interface and simple display coming with the large LCD digital display which made its readout simple to understand.
  • It features four search modes one each for discrimination, pinpoints ground grab mode, and an all-metal mode.
  • Cheapest Metal Detectors With Ground Balance also contains a depth indicator that will give you the idea of what target you at up to digging even before actually digging it.
  • Three-tone audio discrimination will save you digging for junk.
  • Its standard search coil is of the size of 8 inches and covers a pretty large area for detection.

Electrical pinpointing will reduce electrical interference from the nearby electrical wires. Like the fisher series, it provides a five-year limited parts warranty. Its major drawback is in terms of its small-sized search coil and lack of its abilities for underwater metal detection.

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