Graco Sg2 VS Sg3 Sprayer Gun (Detailed Comparison)

Graco SG2 vs SG3 Spray Gun

Looking for the Graco Sg2 VS Sg3 Sprayer Gun? You’ve come to the right place.
Need to differentiate between Graco SG2 vs SG3 Sprayer Gun. you have just come to the right place.Graco is the leading brand in the paint industry when it comes to the best and premium quality paint sprayer system. In addition to paint sprayers, Graco has also concentrated its attention on the accessories needed for smooth and livable experience while at the work. Graco has aimed their accessories to saving time, effort, and giving you the higher quality experience in the job to make it something you are interested in.
If you want to get your hands on something that will reliably deal with all of your needs in a large scale paint job you should give Graco a try by choosing from their best product line up. One of their amazing accessories is to paint spray guns. In today’s article, we will compare the two leading spray guns by Graco SG2 vs SG3. To have a profound view of their features lets first swiftly introduce both products and then head over to detailed comparison.

Graco SG2 vs Graco SG3

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Graco SG2: A Quick Introduction:

Graco spray is designed to give the best quality experience in your paint job backed by the industry’s most reliable and long-lasting spray gun. This pioneer of spray gun series SG2 is a lightweight spray gun coming with a completely incorporated smooth gliding swivel hose. Its ergonomic design and premium feature coming with easy maintenance.

This Built-in swivel hose offers quick rotation and eliminates hose twisting. This SG2 is backed by customer support of 100% which made it top rates spray gun of 2021.


  • The 4 finger trigger design.
  • Soft smooth pull gives the power and thumb fastened safety locks that secure the handle when not in use.
  • Extremely comfortable design to provide maximum safety and security.
  • 3600 psi maximum operating pressure.
  • Best suited to be used with magnum and Graco paint sprayer.
  • Easily replaceable needle to keep operation simple and prevent clogging.
  • Best for homeowners, DIY projects Handyman, and professional users.
  • It can be used over a variety of materials to coat paint such as varnishes, latex, stains, and primers.


What We Like
  • Extremely affordable cheap price airless paint spray gun
  • Compatible with a variety of materials.
What We Don't Like
  • Older model.

2.) Graco SG3 paint spray gun: A Quick Introduction

It is the most common airless spray gun and is considered the best spray gun at a nominal price. This latest technology spray gun features all the traits as mentioned in SG2, some other are as follows:


  • Coming with the 3600 psi pressure and replaceable needle tip to prevent clogging.
  • Full four-fingered trigger with a soft smooth pull.
  • It provides the best control and comfy look.
  • Safety lock to ensure safety when not spraying. It prevents the spray from leaking out when no one is using it.
  • This is a very important feature as it potentially saves the paint and also prevents accidental out spray.
  • It is considered as a step up from SG2. Both of these spray guns are widely acknowledged by the customers
  • who found these two models extremely versatile and easy to maintain.
  • There can be used for a variety of surfaces such as latex primers strains oil paints and varnishes.


What We Like
  • Tip lock.
  • Extremely comfy.
  • 3600 psi max pressure.
What We Don't Like
  • Relatively costlier than SG2.

Graco SG2 VS SG3: Comparison of Different Features

In general, both the Graco SG2 vs SG3 are among the best spray guns by Graco. Both of these are fully compliant with Graco magnum sprayer which is currently the best paint sprayer by Graco in the market. Both of these can easily be used with most of the Paint types overall types of materials such as lacquer, primer, and thick paints. There is not a prominent winner between SG2 VS SG3.

The main difference here is in terms of their price and accessibility. Both of these are not exactly very cheap but they are notably less expensive than some of their potential rivals.
It is a very close match and to decide on the outcome on your own lets us dig deep into the product specifications and cost difference between the two extremely famous spray guns SG2 and SG3.

Design Comparison:

In terms of the design and outlook, there is not a profound difference in both SG.
SG3 is quite relatively more ergonomic that’s the only difference in design that could be noticed.

Price Comparison:

Most of the paint sprayers come up with the included spray gun accessory but most of the time these includes spray guns are not up to the marked or are not well with the post-work clean up which make them clogged and after some time you need to replace them with the Separately sold out spray guns which are tailored to suit reliability and durability.

SG2 and SG3 are the popular choices in these sold separate spray guns and they are on the pricey side. But the SG2 is slightly affordable owing to its little bit older model. It might be a strong point for the budget-friendly buyers but for real buyers who are more focused on the upgrade price would not be enough to sway the buying decisions. But when you look at the SG3 upgrades and decide to not own them budget-friendly price tag of SG2 will be a nicer shot.


Other Features Comparison:

All the important features of SG3 and SG2 highlight a tie because they are identical in every regard.
Easy to clean four-finger thump packed ergonomic design with safety lock and replaceable gun needle to prevent clogging are all same in both units. The same pressure strength the same power and efficiency all feature a tie.
As it is remarkably true to the point that both these guns are similar to each other.


Both of the Graco spray guns are quality products coming with the benchmark of Graco. These two pray gun units feature quite similar traits. The costlier SG3 is the upgraded version of the SG2 and that’s the only difference between the two. SG2 is quite cheaper and if you are looking for a budget-friendly spray gun you should give SG2 a try which is highly recommended.

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