Graco Ultra 395 VS Nova 395 Paint Sprayer (Detailed Comparison)

Graco Ultra 395 VS Nova 395 paint sprayer

Looking for the Graco Ultra 395 VS Nova 395 Paint Sprayer Comparison? You’ve come to the right place.
Graco launched its very first portable airless paint sprayer more than sixty years ago and the company has kept on innovating ever since its inception to provide its potential buyers the promised high-quality performance and optimum profitability needed to grow one’s business.
It doesn’ matter whether you are a small scale residential contractor or a large contractor who manages the toughest tasks every day, Graco has a setup tailored to suit your needs. Graco airless paint sprayers are manufactured using the best quality components in the United States and are backed by the industry’s leading guarantee.
You need to be sure that your money is going to the best quality paint sprayers if you are investing in Graco products as they are both factory and field-tested to give you the best shot.

Graco 395 VS Nova 395

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Graco Ultra 395: A Quick Introduction

Graco Ultra 395 PC Stand Electric Airless Paint...
43 Customer Reviews
Graco Ultra 395 PC Stand Electric Airless Paint...
  • The performance and versatility of the Ultra...
  • Durable Endurance Chromex Piston Pump Lasts...
  • SmartControl 1.0 Even pressure delivery...

The most popular Graco’s small electric Paint sprayer, Graco ultra is the top-notch supersolid high-quality paint sprayer. Designed for the small residential contractors it is powerful enough to complete your job at once and will hold your back for quite a long period. This Graco ultra 395 will not leave you in the middle of your job unless you want it to.

It is an extremely efficient, noteworthy for its reliability, and very much affordable. All these traits add up to make Graco ultra 395 the most common electric paint sprayer of Graco tailored for small scale usage.
This heavy-duty powerful paint sprayer comes up with the maximum pressure of 3300psi which makes it ideal for full-time professional painters.


  • Graco ultra contains the most reliable and dependable pump in the market.
  • It comes with the V- Max blue colored packing and guaranteed life quality chrome rods for smith paint flow.
  • The Graco pump can be attached to a garden hose for a Quick after work cleanup.
  • With the pro pump replacement program, it the most favorite pump to have in a paint sprayer.
  • This replaceable pump is fully replaced in a minute.


What We Like
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
What We Don't Like
  • Suitable for small scale only.
  • The workload of 50 gallons per week.

2.) Graco Nova 395: A Quick Introduction

Graco Ultra 395 PC Stand Electric Airless Paint...
43 Customer Reviews
Graco Ultra 395 PC Stand Electric Airless Paint...
  • The performance and versatility of the Ultra...
  • Durable Endurance Chromex Piston Pump Lasts...
  • SmartControl 1.0 Even pressure delivery...

Graco Nova 395 pc is the perfect choice for small electrical airless paint sprayers. Its premium quality, reliability, affordability, and durability combined with the highest quality performance has made this paint sprayer unit a dependable and trustworthy professional package. Graco’s small and medium-sized electrical paint sprayer series has combined the lightweight style with competent performance design in the form of Nova 395.
This Novel spray is capable enough to spray as many as 23000 tips. It is ideal for daily usage where painters have to spray many coatings per day.


  • It is equipped with a removable pro to connect to the pump. It is designed in a way where it can be easily replaced by a person within a minute.
  • Among its most notable features are its easy out pump filter coming with the rugged and reliable pump. With the powerful pump, Nova 395 outperforms its competitors.
  • It has an exclusive smart control system that consistently delivers spray without pressure fluctuations.
  • An exclusive contractor gun is always a part of the sprayer package.


What We Like
  • Best exteriors paint sprayer.
  • Best for small DIY projects.
What We Don't Like
  • Not suitable for large scale commercial usage.
  • Graco 395 VS Nova 395: Comparison of various traits.

Graco 395 VS Nova 395: Comparison of Different Features

Performance Comparison

Both the Graco and Nova 395 are great sprayers in terms of their performance. They offer some of the greatest flexibility for all types of substrates. Both are perfect finishing sprayers. The only notable difference in their performance is their yield. Graco Ultra 395 can spray 50 gallons per week while Nova 395 is far behind in this regard.

Power Comparison

For max Power both Graco 395 and Nova 395 uses the DC power motor but the Graco 395 is superior in this regard with its 7/8 hp engine comparative to the 5/8 ho motor. Their GPM rate is different, too. Graco 395 has 0.54 whereas Nova 395 has 0.47 GPM.
The cooling vest is available in both models like all other paint sprayers.

Weight Comparison

The Ultra 395 comes up with the 55 lbs. weight comparative to its rival which is extremely lightweight with 38 pounds of weight.

Tip size Comparison

The Graco Ultra 395 offers an extremely narrower tip to its potential buyers at the size of 0.023′ while the Ultimate Nova 395 comes up a slighter big size up to 0.027′

Maximum hose length Comparison

Both of these paint sprayers have comparable hose length but the ultimate 395 is slightly less than 200 inches while the Ultra 395 comes up with the exact 200′ maximum hose length.

Price Comparison

It is a common saying that you get what you paid for the more you spend the more likely you end up with a quality product and this make sense about Graco ultra 395 it is costlier than the Nova 395 but these extra bucks you will spend on Graco 395 you will get extra value for reliability, durability, and performance.



Both of these Graco and Nova 395 sprayers are quality products with competent performance and strong build but ultra 395 outperform the later when it comes to capacity, power, commercial use, and durability. So, if you are a commercial contractor looking for the best paint sprayer ultra 395 is a great choice.

Buying Guide:

Graco is the only market king producing best quality paint sprayers and all of its items are close enough to be ideal (if not the ideal). Both Graco Ultra 395 and Nova 395 sprayers are similar to each other and a cursory look proves them to be the one but there are numerous reasons which have put the Graco Ultra 395 as our top pick for best airless paint sprayer when comparing the Ultra 395 vs Nova 395.

Some of its noteworthy features include 0.023 maximum tip size 200″ hose length, a 1/4-inch fluid outlet, and an enclosed fan to keep the unit cool. It offers an endurance pump to double the sprayer life and a durable metallic gearing comparative to the plastic gearing of its potential rivals. Ultra 395 running on the 120 V power is the ideal paint sprayers for large contracts and commercial use.

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