Graco 390 VS 395 Paint Sprayer (Detailed Comparison)

Graco 390 VS 395 paint sprayer

Looking for the Graco 390 VS 395 Paint Sprayer Comparison? You’ve come to the right place.
The Graco 390 and 395 are the two top-grade professional airless paint sprayer developed specifically for pro use. But their simplicity and ease of operation make them a good choice for the newbies to be utilized either in DIY projects by the homeowners. To have a more in-depth review of their features continues through our article.
In today’s article, we will compare these two immensely popular paint sprayers by Graco. Before starting with the comparison let’s have a look at a quick review Graco 390 vs 395 Paint Sprayer.

Graco 390 VS Graco 395 Paint Sprayer

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Graco 390: A Swift Review

Graco 17C310 390 PC Electric Airless Sprayer
139 Customer Reviews
Graco 17C310 390 PC Electric Airless Sprayer
  • The 390 is a solid workhorse built for the...
  • Ideal for residential jobs, and the best...
  • Durable Endurance Chromex Piston Pump, with...

Graco 390 paint sprayer has earned the leading spot in the category of the best small electric airless paint sprayer. With this remarkably prestigious position, Graco 390 has become a solid name in the paint industry. Its features are quite familiar to the Graco’s very own trademark style. But its affordability and performance are untouched. This places the Graco 390 far ahead of the other small paint sprayers in the electric airless sprayer category.


  • Airless paint sprayers tailored to suit the needs of DIY projects and homeowners.
  • Hose length of 300 feet to give it an upper hand over 395 which comes up 200 feet hose length.
  • Maximum pressure generation ability up to 3300 psi.
  • 0.47 GPM output capacity.
  • 0.021 narrower tip size.
  • Environment-friendly system marked as QED
  • Chrome-plated body and stainless steel frame to provide added durability.
  • This Graco 390 paint sprayer comes up with package containing spray gun which saves you from buying the
  • sold separately spray guns.
  • Talking about its motor it runs on ye standard 5/8 direct current which is a good value at this low price.


What We Like
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Best for exterior and interior painting.
What We Don't Like
  • Low gallons capacity.
  • 0.47 GPM comparative to the 0.54 GPM of ultra 395.

2.) Graco Ultra 395: A Swift Review

Graco Ultra 395 PC Stand Electric Airless Paint...
43 Customer Reviews
Graco Ultra 395 PC Stand Electric Airless Paint...
  • The performance and versatility of the Ultra...
  • Durable Endurance Chromex Piston Pump Lasts...
  • SmartControl 1.0 Even pressure delivery...

Graco ultra 395 stands airless paint sprayer is the ultimate choice of many professional contractors and is also very popular with the newbies. It is the most versatile small electric airless paint sprayer system which could be used in for a variety of applications. It is the top pick by many professional contractors for the ultimate reason that it could be used well for large scale projects.


  • It is also compliant with many kinds of substrate and print materials of all kinds such as varnishes, stains, lacquer, latex, and thick paint.
  • Among its most noteworthy features is the 0.54 gallons per minute output capacity. Smart control 1.0 system with an enclosed fan to provide smooth and Efficient paint flow.
  • Owing to its endurance pump, its durability is doubled than the potential rivals in the market.
  • Its ProConnect system saves you from worrying about the pump failure as this feature allows you the easy on the job pump replacement ability within a minute by just a screwdriver.
  • One of the additional advantages of the Graco 395 is its 7/8 easy out pump filter running in the TDFC direct current.


What We Like
  • Endurance pump.
  • Proconnect system.
What We Don't Like
  • Higher price than competitors.

Graco 390 vs Graco 395: Comparison on Different Features

Both the Graco 390 and 395 are quality products aimed at serious contractors. These two paint sprayer come up with the exceptional value for price quality design durability and last but not the least high quality performance. Their durability is twice comparative to the potential competitors. The hallmark of Graco that are Proconnect and endurance pump are quite surprisingly present in both Graco 390 and Graco ultra 395 unit at such an affordable price tag.

To have a more profound view of the differences in the two amazing paint sprayers by Graco lets have a look at our comparison on different features of the two said products.

Performance COmparison

If we talk about their performance relative to the gallons per week, fortunately, both Graco 390 and 395 paint sprayers are at the same point. The gallons per week capacity of both Graco 390 vs Graco 395 is the same at 50 gallons at the maximum finish.

It is not the final line which you can’t cross this is the recommended capacity for optimum usage but you can cross it at your own risk as it can harm your paint sprayer life.
If we talk about gallons per minute Graco 395 is a step up. It has a 0.54 GPM ability relative to the 0.47 GPM of Graco 390.

Power Comparison

Graco Ultra 395 runs on a strong and powerful motor unit operating on direct current. It is a 7/8 TEFC DC motor. While the Graco 390 operates on the 5/8 horsepower DC motor. Both of these motors are capable enough to complete the job on time.

Output Comparison

Talking about the best output power device the Graco Ultra 395 is at the edge owing to its more gallon per minute capacity as said earlier. Graco ultra 395 offers its customers 0.54 GPM output capacity while Graco 390 is short in this regard with 0.47 output capacity.

Customer Level Comparison

Graco ultra is best designed for small scale contractors though it can be used for personal needs by the homeowners and DIY artist.
While Graco 390 is specifically meant for the small domestic usage by the homeowners and in DIY projects.

Price Comparison

The main difference between the two comes in terms of their price. Graco 390 is a Cheaper and affordable paint sprayer providing all the quality features of 395 with the same performance.


Garco 390 and 395 paint sprayers are two top-rated tools by the Graco. Both have their pros and cons offering mostly similar features but Graco 390 is at the edge with its budget-friendly price tag. For homeowners and DIY artists, it is the right choice to fulfill the variety of needs for multiple purposes.

Buying Guide:

Being the world leader in the fluid handling and paint products industry, Graco has always come up with the best and most versatile airless paint spray products that are extremely popular with the potential buyers. One of their best line up of paint sprayers includes Graco 390 and 395. Both of these must-have paint sprayers are two relatively lower-end products that have quite reasonably attracted the contractors to use them.

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