Graco Ultra 395 Vs Titan 440 Paint Sprayer (Detailed Comparison)

graco ultra 395 vs titan 440 paint sprayer

Looking for the Graco Ultra 395 Vs Titan 440 Paint Sprayer Comparison? You’ve come to the right place.
Ever thought of doing your paint job on your own, that might end up a minor disaster if you do it on your own. If it ever comes into the mind then you should opt for the best electric airless paint sprayer. They will considerably cut short your workload and time as they are the machines tailored to do that. Whether you are a novice or a professional working in the interior or exterior repainting and remodeling job electric paint sprayers will provide you the required strength and efficiency to your work details and will increase the capacity and durability of your job.
Graco is a work leader in this regard as they will save your time and money as you must have heard that time is money.

Graco Ultra 395 VS Titan Impact 440

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Graco Ultra 395: A Quick Introduction

Graco is the leading brand in the paint industry with a net worth of more than 1.22 billion dollars, the company is well known for introducing innovative and quality products at a reasonable price. Their paint sprayers are mostly used in the automobiles, construction, aeronautics and marine industrial equipment. One of their great product Graco Ultra 395 is a professional pro pick for daily use by the large contractors and by far this is the most commonly used electric airless paint sprayer. To know more about this great product let’s dig deep into its features.

Its Proconnect system offers easy and fast on the work pump replacement system. Its simplicity allows you to replace the pump in less than a minute. All it needs is a screwdriver and after that, you can get back to your work.
To have the best idea of the reliability of the Graco ultra just have a look at its endurance pump which doubles its life and makes it very much dependable compared to other brands.

One of the best features is its smart control 1.0 system. This offers a spray fan to consistently spray out paint ideal for use with small tip size.


What We Like
  • Ideal small to the medium-sized commercial sprayer.
  • The endurance pump to doubles works life.
  • Rugged design highly dependable pump.
What We Don't Like
  • 50 gallons per week max capacity.

2.) Titan Impact 440: A Quick Introduction

Titan impact 440 is the first cutting edge skid paint sprayer system that provides an excellent finish. Titan is one of the great brands for airless paint sprayer based in the United States. It offers unmatchable value in its sprayer products comparative to its competitors.

Titan 440 comes up with an ergonomic design and an interactive finger replacement system. It has an RX-80 spray pump, 50-foot-long Hose, and an interchangeable color spray cap.
Its finger replacement system provides an outstanding degree of control for use as it allows to use 2 fingers or 4 fingers that best match the needs and preference.

The Titan Impact 440 provides the greatest versatility in terms of the substrate it can be applied to various materials such as enamel, latex, stains, lacquer and thick paint surfaces, etc.
Its simple operation makes it useable even by the newbies.

The most remarkable feature is its auto oiling feature that notably enhances its performance. This auto oiling feature also smoothens the painting surfaces.


What We Like
  • Auto oiler.
  • Electrical pressure control.
  • Amazing warranty.
What We Don't Like
  • Only suitable for DIY projects and small jobs.

Graco Ultra 395 VS Titan Impact 440: Comparison of Different Features

Both Graco ultra 395 pc and Titan impact 440 are full grades professional airless paint sprayers. To know the striking difference between these two great sprayers let’s dig into their competitive features.

Graco ultra features 0.54 Gallons per minute GPM capacity just like the Titan impact 440 whose output capacity is the same as ultra 395 at 0.54 GPM. It means that their performance measure is the same and there is no difference in this regard.


Both the Graco Ultra 395 and The Titan impact 440 run on the 7/8 HP TEFC DC motor. Owing to the same power motor their powered generating ability is just the same.


When it comes to interactive design Graco is the step up from Titan as it comes up with the sleek look with the swivel handle to help spin the spray. It prevents you from spinning your hand while spraying. This didn’t mean that Titan’s impact comes up with useless design it is a sophisticated paint sprayer with quite an iterative look.

Hose length:

Titan impact offers a 100-foot longer hose than the ultra 395. Titans range of spray is also more than Graco ultra and it doesn’t need to move from its place while spraying and that is a notable feature. Therefore, Titan dominates at this point and save time doing professional paint spray job. As time is money so Titan can earn you more bucks by allowing you to work more in lesser time.


Both the paint sprayers are durable and are backed by their respective brands the post-sale services and long life warranty. Graco ultra 395 pc is backed by the Graco’s three-year warranty. On the other hand, Titan lead, the points table with four years long warranty and limited return policy.


Titan leads over Graco ultra 395 in terms of better budget-friendly airless paint sprayer. It is an excellent quality paint sprayer that is low priced at an affordable rate. This is one of the main reason it leads the best airless paint sprayers, class.




Graco Ultra and Titan 440 are one of the best airless paint sprayer designed for the small scale commercial use and DIY projects. But Titan impact is a step up from Graco ultra with enhanced performance at a reasonably cheap price. If you are looking to renovate your house Titan impact will be a great choice.

Buying Guide:

This airless paint sprayer pair is the most recommended small scale paint sprayers. Both Graco and Titan are quality branding leading the paint industry. Titan 440 is highly considered as the top choice as it provides most of the ultra 395 features with some additional enhancements at a reasonable price. Titan 440 prevents overspray, delivers the perfect finish, high-quality performance, durability, reliability, and unmatched value at an affordable price tag. All these features add up to make Titan impact 440 the ultimate choice for the top pick.

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