How Much Does A Cord Of Oak Weigh? (Explain In Depth)

How Much Does A Cord Of Oak Weigh

Finding out how much does a cord of oak weigh? You just landed on the right page. Previously we have already told you about how much does a cord of wood weight and cost. But this time we are precise with the cord of Oak.
Wood is the best source of heating which is widely used by all Americans, especially in winter. As compared to the increasing prices of gas and electricity, the demand for firewood is rapidly increasing. It is because firewood is generally considered an easy and cheaper way to heat your home. When it comes to effectively use firewood, some information such as species characteristics, firewood cord volume, and more specifically how much does a cord of oak weigh for worthy buying.

How much does a Cord of Oak Weigh

All woods come from different types of a tree having different sizes, characteristics, and heating. They also differ in moisture level, smoke emission, and overall quality.

To meet our main concern, which is how much a cord of oak weigh? We have provided the answer in the following table.

Species   (Oak Wood)

Dry Cord Weight (lbs. Per Cord) Wet Cord Weight (lbs. Per Cord) Heat Per Cord (Million BTUs)
Oak White 4200 5573 29.1
Oak Red 3528 4888 24.6
Oak Bur 3768 4960 26.2


Other Characteristics of Oak Wood:

Some other valuable characteristics of oak woods are given provided in this section.

Smoke Emission:

Between these three aforementioned Oakwoods, only Oak white contains a higher percentage of green ash which is 146. Remaining two Oak red and Oak Bur contains 123 and 131 percent respectively.

Splitting Efforts:

All these subjected oak woods required easy to medium splitting efforts. Overall they are easy to split. You can split then evenly using the best kinetic log splitter or best hydraulic log splitter that could be both electric power and fuel-powered. You can also complete this task using an axe or any other manual log splitter tool.

Smoke, Sparks, and Coal:

Being the best indoor use wood for heating the oak produces only a few clouds of smoke. So you can use it in your home without any hassle. Additionally is does only little sparks. Oakwoods are popular for excellent burning. They make some brilliant coals that are at another level of great convenience.

Fragrance and Overall Quality:

The reason for the high demand for oak wood is its sophisticated burning fragrance. Its two in one wood will not only fill your house with light elegant perfume but also keeps you safe from the bone braking winter. The excellent overall wood quality make is best-selling wood.

Buying Best Firewood:

Whenever you plan to buy the best firewood cord make sure to gather information regarding it. This proactiveness will not only saves your time but also help you to pick the best firewood. Oak is genially considered as the top-rated firewood for home use. Following facts should be kept in mind:

  • Type of species
  • Cord measurement, beware of different between fill cord and face cord
  • Stacking woods volume
  • Dryness (look for more dry wood)
  • Even splitting in small sizes

Reading any buying guide for the best firewood will help you to get the best wood while paying less.


In this Informational article having a special focus on how much does a cord of oak weight, we have tried our level best to cover all the key factors that can prove helpful for buying you the best heating wood. Now you just need to head wood merchant store and get the right weight. You can also get the box of firewood’s from amazon as many of the top-rated wood supplies provide their services at affordable cheap prices.

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