Weber E210 vs. S210: Detailed Comparison

Weber E210 vs. S210

To make life easier for you, we are comparing two of the best grills Weber E210 Vs. S210.The weber series fulfills all requirements and desires of a food lover. These grills are loaded with features, durable, and interestingly versatile. They can be a perfect fit for any home indoor as well as in outdoor areas like patios, poolsides, breakfast sunrooms, and backyards.

Weber E210 vs. S210

Let’s see the difference between Weber E210 and S210.


Weber E210 and S210 are both equally simple to assemble. They are lightweight and can be done on your own. There is nothing complicated if the manual is followed and you are excited about your grill.

Construction and Coating:

Both the Spirit E-210 gas grill and the s210 have a porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grate set into them. These are durable and longlasting. They will provide quality cooked meals, they are toxin-free and will give you safe food.

The WeberE210 has an additional porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars as well. These can help in cooking a traditionally charred and well-seared meal. The Weber S210 does not have these flavorizer bars, but it still allows the heat to stay in the grill for a long period, to seal the flavor properly making it equally good. Both enable heat to stay in the grill for long periods, to use as a warming system.

S210 is made with stainless steel this makes its body ultra-durable. The stainless steel will not look old for a long period as well, so it is long-lasting and timeless fashion, both.

Grease tray:

The aluminum lined grease tray of the S210 makes it ideal for home use. You will not need to scrap the grease or oil deposit, it is quick and easy to clean. Good food should not come at the price of your health and energy level. This is a great way to eliminate the stress that you or any of your housemates may face with other grills. Even the E210. While the other grease trays in the weber series can be cleaned easily, this is a lot easier because of this special lining.

S210 and E210 are both offer a removable grease and fat tray that you can simply pull out and slide in after clean up. The grill can be thoroughly serviced once a year for perfect reconditioning, and to extend its life.

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Burner valves:

S210 and E210 also offer the same burners. They contain two burners and these burners offer 26,500 BTU-per-hour to cook at a high flame without burning. The cooking power gives optimal results for similar food. The valves are easy to control and the heat can be adjusted as per your needs.


The best thing about the e210 is that it has stainless steel side tables. And many grill cabinets to store your food, layer on layer. You can stack up the food and it will still cook super evenly. This matches what restaurants use. It offers a 450 sq inches sized cooking area despite being easy to move and compact.

The e210 is quite compact. It offers a reasonable size when the lid is open of 63 inches in height X 50 inches in width, 32 inches in depth. Once the tables are down the width decreases to 29.5 inches. It also offers a warming rack of 90 square inches.

The S210 offers 360 square inches of even cooking area and also a 90 square inches area for warming. S210 measures 32 inches in its depth, 50 inches in width, and 63 inches in height. S210 114 pounds weighs.


E210  is only designed to work with liquid propane. But the key difference here is that the S210 can work efficiently with liquid propane and natural gas, either one, alike. The benefit of having a natural gas fuel is that it allows the grill to be used at any time. Every household and potential grilling area will have access to the natural gas connection or pipelines. This ensures that there is always fuel for the grill. Liquid propane requires refills and can sometimes become a hurdle in the way of cooking easily. They can each support a 20 lb tank. The tank needs to be purchased separately.

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Battery type:

Both grills use type AA batteries. The first use of the battery is included in the purchase.


S210 is made of stainless steel. This gives its modern and classy look. The E210 looks edgy and can add a hint of color as well as an accent to your house or the location you put it in. S210 is also very compact to fit in small and intimate outdoor spaces like balconies and terraces.

S210 is built by using very heavy-duty, porcelain-enameled lid, and cook boxes that defend it against rust and peeling. The surface will not splinter or cause food to stick on it and rot over time.

Both grills feature very heavy-duty caster wheels. These can help in smooth and easy transport or moving of the grill, on the floor as well as grass.

The key differences:

S210 and E210 are both the same grill quality. Only one uses natural gas as well as the liquid propane option, and the other offers to accept only liquid propane as its fuel. They offer the same cooking power and the comparison comes down to looks. The S210 can be easily submerged into the interior aesthetic of the rest of the house and with E210 you may need to add interior design elements to help it blend in nicely into your decor.


S210 is definitely more valuable than E210 if you are looking for a completely reliable and longlasting, hassle-free grill experience each time.


Buying Guide:

Whether you want to cook char-grilled smash burgers, quick steaks, or perfectly seared meats, the series can help you achieve it in no time. But, when it comes to buying a grill and making the final decision, we can get a little confused. This article should help you as a guide to understanding the differences between all features of the two grills and seeing which one makes a better fit for you.

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