Coleman Road Trip Lxx vs Lxe Comparison

Coleman Road Trip Lxx vs Lxe

Coleman Road Trip Lxx vs Lxe

Coleman Road Trips are some of the best adventure grills you are yet to try out. These can be super versatile, and very convenient to have while you are away from the usual comfort of your home. Whether to decide fully or to get an estimate, this guide can help you make a key choice between the Coleman Road Trip Lxx vs. Lxe.
So you like to go on fancy road trips, tailgating, camping trips, and anywhere out in the open for an adventurous weekend out?
If you like adventure and you like good food on the go to come with you, then Coleman can be your best friend. No this is not marketing gimmick it is true in the actual sense of it. It is very hard to trust the right things to take with you on the trip, things like equipment, food materials, clothes, and tools that will not make you regret or leave you out to dry while you are far away from home.

Coleman Road Trip Lxx vs Lxe Comparison

To make a reliable choice here is what you may need to consider your needs and the grill that you will eventually choose:

  • How much space do you have?
  • What is the quality of food that you require?
  • How often do you need to carry it and how far?
  • What are your fuel options?
  • How are you traveling? What is the nature of your usual trips?

Portability, Taste, and Road-Friendliness:

The Coleman Roadtrip LXE needs no introduction, it is a portable grill designed for road trips and adventures. This grill will offer a smooth and even grilled flavor and a delectable bbq experience while you are on the road. It comes with control knobs that let you decide how many burners you want to use at once. This allows you to cook independently and save fuel if all burners are not required. These details make it ideal to use on a trip away from home.

The Coleman Roadtrip LXE has other road-friendly features as well. These include expandable surface areas that can be attached to create additional space with the grill. This can be used as clean cooking are and prep space even in the wild forests, on the road, or near lakesides. These two side tables can also be removed to make the grill even more compact and space-friendly such as when not in use, in the car, or on the backside of your tailgate truck.

The LXE is refillable when on the move. It is perfect for road trips of all natures and kinds, these include not only tailgating at picture shows, festivals, and carnivals, but also day picnics, brief camp nights, and other short trips with small stays in between.

If you take frequent trips on short notice and would like to carry a few essentials with you on each one, then this can be your ultimate grill companion.

It is a full-sized grill after all. What makes it even more portable is that it has scissor legs, you can close them and fold it when not in use.

On the other hand, the Coleman Roadtrip LXX is a proper and traditional camping grill, it is designed for longer trips and a more tasteful camp usage. If you can not put up with mediocre tasting food and you want a complete experience that is loaded with delicious steaks, meats, and even hunt booty then you should invest in the Coleman Roadtrip LXX. It will not disappoint because it is engineered to be portable and compact without compromising on food and taste quality.

You can also go directly to Amazon to check the Discounted Price of Coleman Roadtrip LXE.

You can also go directly to Amazon to check the Discounted Price of Coleman Roadtrip LXX.

Taste and Fuel:

The Coleman Roadtrip LXE offers 10,000 BTUs on each burner. There are two burners in each of these two grill options. A total of 20,000 BTU’s can be enjoyed on the Coleman Roadtrip LXE. Whereas the Roadtrip LXX offers 11,000 BTU on each one.

These are designed to be fuel-efficient, as refueling can be hard on longer trips. The LXE runs for over two hours non stop on full heat or up to 4.5 hours on low.

Both of the Roadtrip grills run on liquid propane gas.

They come with refillable tanks. The LXE is as light at only 44 pounds.

LXX is slightly heavier. Although a few extra pounds do not hurt when quality is concerned. The LXX weighs about 49 pounds. Essentially that is not too much and can offer a stronger sear and crispier food experience.

Warranty and Griddle Quality:

The Coleman products have established their reputation over the past 17 years. The company makes well-performing quality grills and accessories among other things. However, to provide customer satisfaction and to meet universal standards the LXX comes with a complete 3-year warranty. The Roadtrip LXE is offered with an even longer 5-Year warranty.

These are made of cast iron so they are durable anyway. Plus, cleaning the griddles after each use can help in extending their lives and keeping them good as new for a long period.

Construction and Components:

Both the LXX and the LXE provide a steady grill experience. The LXX has easy to clean parts and surfaces, these can be done easily in the mountains, forests, lakesides alike. The clean up is hassle-free and so is the cooking experience. The sliding tables are a great help in the muddy and diversified landscapes that may or may not be new to you. You can minimize the risks of cooking in the wild and maximize the benefits with the LXX. It also comes with built-in tool holders. The system is simple, you can just start cooking by lifting and unlocking the system.

The LXE comes with attachable tables and a stable and tight lid that blocks all bugs from entering. It comes with a 16.4-ounce disposable propane cylinder, has a grease tray, built-in tool holders. You can carry extra cylinders for longer trips and it is a great griddle all in all.

The decision depends on whether you want a disposable cylinder and a short-term trip-friendly griddle or a longer-trip companion. You can place your order for LXX here and LXE here.


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