What kind of oil for chainsaw should you buy?

What kind of oil for chainsaw should you buy

Best chainsaw oils among other lubricating materials are widely used to enhance chainsaw life. They also help chainsaw machines to deliver smooth operations. But the question is what kind of oil for the chainsaw is best to recommend by the professionals? Let’s find the answer here in the below article.

Chainsaw oils do not come under the society of automotive engineering, they are simple to design to stock with the chainsaw by lubricating all its inner parts. They are different from engine oil. The weather strongly affects the performance of oil and you should take care when cooing a quality oil for the chainsaw.

  1. HUSQVARNA Gallon Chainsaw Oil
  2. Echo PK6 2 Gallon Power Blend Oil Mix
  3. Poulan Pro 952030203 Oil
  4. Oregon 54-059 Chainsaw Oil
  5. Stihl 0781 516 5003 Platinum Bar & Chain Lubricant

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All these selected chainsaw oils all cheap price and excellent to provide less friction to chainsaw cutting bars. They also provide strong resistance for debris and dust for not sticking with the chainsaw bar that can cause clogging/jam.

Summer vs Winter influence:

In summer the weather usually remains hot through which density of liquids gets low. The same is the case with oil. You should choose some kind of thick chainsaw oil that properly stuck with the chain and bar. Whereas in winters when the temperature remains low you should go with the thin oil type. Although these are only some basic and simple tips that one must know buy ending up dry chain refers to damage to your chainsaw.

What are the standard chainsaw oils?

All petroleum-based oils are highly recommended to be used for chainsaw oiling. They are standard oils which are fraction out of different crude oil stages. All best chainsaw manufacturing brands are making oils for bars and chains. One must use only chainsaw oil suggested by the manufacturer in their user guide. This will increase the lifespan of the machine. Generally, petroleum-based EP-90 transmission oil is the best consideration when bar oil is not obtainable. On the other hand, the used motor oil should not be used as it has less viscosity to a perfectly lubricate chainsaw chain.

Can we use vegetable oil for chainsaw lubrication?

We have already mentioned, and it is verified by the experts that only petroleum oils are best suitable for chainsaw bars. But using petroleum-based oils is a great health hazard. An alternative to that is vegetable oil. They are biologically degradable, safe to use, and environment friendly. Many DIY workers use canola oil for the said purpose.

Tips for best chainsaw oiling:

Professional woodcutters stated, how to enhance the lifespan of your tools. You should follow these key points.

  • Only use standard petroleum-based oils
  • Do not use used motor oil and vegetable oil
  • Always fill your lubrication oil reservoir with fresh oil
  • Do not try to fill your chainsaw when it is running
  • Never run operate chainsaw with try bar and chain


As it is now clear that one must use a high-quality chainsaw oil for its machine. And we have listed the top 05 best chainsaw oils being used in the market. Among these, HUSQVARNA Gallon Chainsaw Oil is the top-rated best chainsaw oil. We should go with it. It will be worth buying chainsaw oil that will give value to your money.

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