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The cheapest laptop with GTX 1060 card is nit hard to find. If you are a gamer or a designer you deserve really good graphics. This is because your job is really about visuals. You are all about the experience. So if your graphics card will be bad you will experience a lot of lags and issues. And that is something unacceptable when looking for a high-quality computer.

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If you are in a hurry and don’t have so much time in reading detailed reviews of these products, you can go with our top pick MSI GP63 Leopard among them. You Can also check the customer reviews and the discounted price of this Product on Amazon.

Cheapest Laptop with GTX 1060

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1. MSI GP63 Leopard-602:

The MSI GP63 Leopard 2 is the latest tech laptop. This has the 8th generation Intel Core i7. The laptop is equipped with DDR4. The speed will be fast and the performance will be consistent over time.


This laptop comes with a 1 TB hard disk drive. There is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 card in it. This is a 6 GB graphics card. The screen size of the laptop is 15.6 inches. This is huge. There are a beautiful display and a Windows 10 home. The laptop is an AR/VR ready system. You can simply plug in, play your game, and immerse in the world of AR/VR.

The MSI GP63 Leopard 2 comes with a six Core Processor that has a 9MB cache.

There are 64 bit Windows on it. You can enjoy amazing visuals on the Wide-view 94% NTSC screen. This screen is an Anti-Glare screen. This is a full HD screen of 1920 x 1080 pixels.


The MSI GP63 Leopard 2 is an ideal choice for fast gamers and designers who can not settle for something less at all.

What We Like
  • This comes with 1TB HDD
  • There is a fast RAM on It
What We Don't Like
  • This laptop does not have SSD
  • The RAM is not DDR4

2. Asus TUF Gaming Laptop:

The Asus TUF Gaming Laptop is also an ideal unit. This is a military-grade performer.


This one is a 15.6 inches big full High Definition AMD Ryzen 5 Processor option. It has a GeForce GTX 16450 on it. There is 8 Gb DDR4 on it. This is going to be a super-fast option. There is also a Windows Home preinstalled on it for you.

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The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB graphics card allows a very amazing visual and speed base to work on. There is a Quad-core AMD Ryzen 5 Processor for maximum efficiency and to match the rest of the superior to normal specs. The laptop is made out of military-grade materials. It has dual fans. The fans have an anti-dust technology to keep it clean and safe. Thi laptop option will come with a full RGB Keyboard. This is a backlit keyboard. This keyboard is suitable for 20 million keystrokes.


The Asus TUF Gaming Laptop is a high-end gaming laptop with all the right attributes.

What We Like
  • This allows Type C connectivity
  • It has SSD on it
What We Don't Like
  • This is not an Intel Processor Laptop option

3. Latest_Dell G5 Series:

The Dell G5 Series is also en enviable option.


This has 15.6 inches of full high definition display for maximum viewing pleasure. The laptop has the 8th generation Intel Core i5. This laptop has a large-sized 8 Gb RAM. The memory storage of 128 GB of Solid-State Memory and a 1 Terabyte of the hard drive on it. This laptop comes with an NVIDIA GeForce 1050 card. It has a 4 GB dedicated space to work for graphics.


This laptop has high specs and an amazing viewing experience. The screen, memory storage, and the RAM all contributes to the overall high performance of the laptop. This will not cause the laptop to jam or bottleneck.

What We Like
  • The laptop has both a solid-state drive and a hard drive
  • The laptop is not going to bottleneck
What We Don't Like
  • This does not have an intel i7 core, it has i5

4. Acer Nitro 5 AN515 Laptop:

If you have been searching for high-end gaming laptops at an affordable price then you must have come across the Acer Nitro 5 AN515 Laptop.


Acer Nitro 5 AN515 has a full high definition display. The display is loaded with IPS technology. This comes with an 8 GB RAM. The computer also has a large 256 GB SSD on it. You can also enjoy the NVidia GTX 1050 Graphics card on it. This is about 4GB of storage for Graphics only. The laptop comes with an 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8300H quad-core processor. The RAM is DDR4.


This laptop is going to be game ready. This is super speedy and does not lag.

What We Like
  • You get a backlit keyboard for a fine input experience.
  • You also get amazing Windows 10 home preinstalled into it.
What We Don't Like
  • This is a Core 15 laptop as well.

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Technology has revolutionized the realm of games. In the past, gaming was just a single person thing. Just sit at your desktop all day long and play games like Pac man, sonic, etc. However, with the passage of time, more games started to develop that provided an interactive platform to the gamers.

And now, this gaming has been taken to another level. Yup, that’s right! VR gaming. The games that provide you with a 3D virtual environment that may or may not be similar to reality. You just attach a headset and play the game with your actions rather than using the borrowing keyboard keys. As the realm of games has evolved, in a similar way, the world of laptops has been upgraded as well with each day, a new gaming laptop being launched that promises to provide you with seamless gaming experience.

One such laptop that has been launched so far and is totally worth your money is the GTX 1060 Laptops. They are guaranteed to provide you with a smooth gaming experience like no other. If you guys are looking for the cheapest laptop with a GTX 1060, then read our article to know about various factors that you have to consider while purchasing such laptops.

The best way to improve your viewing and working experience is through a good quality graphics card that falls in sync with the quality and specs of the rest of the computer. If you have a good quality graphics card the chances of a bottleneck remain. This is why you need to take into account the fact that a good graphics car still needs high-quality RAM and ROM for a smooth operation. Furthermore, the processor should be outstanding to match up to the speed and beauty of the gaming card. This is why having a well-chosen laptop is essential. A poor laptop choice can be detrimental to your overall gaming and working performance.

The cheapest laptop with GTX 1060 is a great way to get yourself a diverse range of high-quality specs. These options are handpicked bestsellers that will give you the maximum amount of use. You can do a lot with these and they will be super affordable compared to the others. We have saved the effort that you would have had to do in looking through and sifting through tonnes of options only to find out that none of them are good enough. We have thus only selected the few that work for everyone. So ladies and gentlemen, the cheapest laptop with GTX 1060 for you are as follows.

What is GTX 1060?

Before going into the details of various features for the cheapest laptop with GTX 1060, let’s quickly enlighten ourselves with what exactly is GT1060.

GTX1060 is a graphic card that has been launched by the renowned NVidia brand. This graphic card sports the Nvidia pascal technology architecture. It boasts an epic 6GB DDR5 memory. It has 1280 CUDA cores. It offers a 1506 MHz base clock speed as well. This graphic card has the ability to support VR gaming.

Which factors to consider?

Before purchasing the cheapest laptop with GTX 1060, there are various features that need your concern.


A fast and responsive processor essential for decent gaming. A slow processor will certainly bottleneck your graphic card. 7th and 8th generation intel core processors are ideal for the cheapest laptop with GTX1060. You can opt for AMD processors as well. However, just keep in mind, the newer version of the processor is, the higher are the chances for you to enjoy awesome games.


Certainly, no one would want to play games on a laptop that would display muzzy and foggy visuals. In this way, you won’t be able to aim at the target and would certainly kill yourself before you start having fun. For a gamer, the resolution is extremely important as its the key towards crisp and sharp visuals. If you want to correctly aim and shoot at the target, without missing any sort of detail, then don’t ever go for resolution lower than 1080p. It is the standard resolution. To have a clear view of your enemies, your resolution matters a lot.


Video memory (VRAM) of the laptop is essential for running your favorite games at high resolutions and frame rates. For many games, 4GB VRAM will be sufficient however for top-notch games like 4k ones, 8GB VRAM is an absolute must.


Always aim for a laptop with upgradeable and expandable memory. It will certainly provide you with more opportunities. Over time, the games have expanded and have become more demanding. Therefore, it would be much better if you have a laptop with the ability to expand the RAM.

Solid-State Drive:

Do you know which storage devices are more sought after? Ones that have a high booting rate and reduced lagging. This is provided by one and only super-fast and super responsive SSDs which have won over the HDDs with their impressive speed. It would be good if you have 256SSDs as the minimum requirement.


In terms of design, we feel like we should go for the biggest laptop screen ever. No doubt that big screens do provide you with greater experience and more fun however, it would be much better if the portability of the laptop is considered as well. Going for an extra big display screen can certainly undermine the portability feature of the laptop. Therefore, 15 inches of laptops would be sufficient enough for epic gaming. The slimmer and sleek the design of the laptop, the better. Don’t go for the bulky ones.


A laptop that is being used for several hours will certainly heat up. And for gaming laptops, it is the top challenge that they face. Heat can harm your gaming experience. You may experience lagging and slow responsiveness to your laptop. This is all due to the overheating of the gadget. Therefore, look for laptops that are prone to heating. Your cheapest laptop with GTX 1060 should have lots of fans and vents to dissipate the heat and allow smooth functioning.

Immersive Audio:

Audio is the one-way ticket to the immersive gaming experience. The battle sounds of the games is what makes it so overwhelming, therefore, your cheapest laptop with GTX 1060 should have good audio speakers for better audio quality.

Wrap Up:

From the vast crowd of laptops that occupy the market, it is certainly difficult to find the cheapest laptop with GTX 1060. However, if you keep a look at the various features that have been mentioned above, then certainly you would be able to find the perfect partner for yourself.


Is A GTX 1060 Laptop Worth It In 2019?

Yes, GTX 1060 is totally worth buying, that is if you want 4k on a reduced budget. You can even opt for RX 580/590 with 8GB VRAM. It is being offered at a similar price.

How Long Will A GTX 1060 Laptop Last?

There are various factors that affect the average lifespan of a laptop. For GTX 1060 laptops, their average lifespan appears to be 4 to 6 years.

Is A GTX 1060 Good For Gaming?

If you plan on playing some 4k games, then GTX 1060 is certainly good for you. This graphic card is robust as compared to its predecessors.

What Games Can Run On GTX 1060?

The following are the games that work well with GTX 1060

  • Overwatch
  • PUBG
  • Battlefield 1
  • GTA V

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