Best Metal Detectors Under 1000$ (Updated List 2021)

Best Metal Detectors Under 1000$

Looking for the Best Metal Detectors Under 1000$?  You’ve come to the right place.

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Hunting for treasure can be an adventurous sport as well as a productive leisure activity. In any case for it to be effective, you are in need to have a metal detector that’s effective enough to locate those buried resources. Tragically not all of them are. There are certain considerations for a metal detector to have, to be considered the best.

 My Top Pick 

The All-Terrain Garrett Pro being an affordable yet best saltwater metal detector under 1000 is my top pick.
It is a mid-range detector with all the features of a professional tool. The fully submersible tool with 15 kHz frequency, iron audio, and notch discrimination and all that within an affordable price range. You can also go directly to  Amazon to check the discounted price of this product.

Best Metal Detector Under $1000

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1. Garrett’s ACE 400: Advanced Detector In 2021


Garrett is a quality title within the metal detecting world. Their ACE 400 member is an expert detector that sits lovely at the top of the ACE series. It replaced the famous ACE 350 and upgraded it with additional features. The expert 400 has all the pioneer features of ACE 350 which is presently discontinued additional features as the cherry on top.

This Best Metal Detectors Under 1000$ is a beginning level tool but it’s technical specs. drive it into the mid-range. If you’re not ready to break your bank by paying 1000 dollars for an entry-level detector, the Garrett’s ACE 400 would be worth considering, particularly as its typically available within $300-400.

Features and Benefits:

Control Box:

Simple control boxes is a pioneer feature in Garrett’s range of ACE series. It’s simple stuff, the display is clear and all labeled. Mode discrimination and sensitivity are the main buttons with an additional two buttons for iron audio and frequency adjustments.

Target ID had taken up most of the control box, which showcase the type of metal detected and depth of the target. It works ok a 0-99 scale which displays numerical information about the target and the vertical graph displays how deep that target is buried even before digging it.


The searching coil is waterproof which enables the Garrett ACE 400 to be used on the river edges but the control box doesn’t support waterproofs. So the detectorist should beware of rain and putting it down on wet grass. You can also go directly to  Amazon to check the discounted price of this product.


Garrett ACE 400 had a three-mode audio feature which enables it to sound different for the iron relics or and coins. Iron audio defines the difference between iron and other metals located. The conductivity of the metal differentiates the pitch of the sound.

Coins will ring out higher than low conductivity targets. Isn’t it pretty easy to figure out? Yeah!!! Let’s move towards the science of frequency. This model comes with a higher frequency range than the earlier siblings of the ACE series, coming in at 10 kHz frequency and the good thing is it comes up with frequency adjustment. It means you can tune its frequency manually the way you like or need it more.

Electronic Pinpointing:

Precisely locates targets and speeds of recovery.

Notch Discrimination:

Adjust discrimination patterns depending on what you are searching for.

Additional features:

Listed below are a few extra features and specifications:

  • Three tones (low, medium, high) based on the estimate and conductivity of the target.
  • Pinpoint mode to zero in on targets.
  • Sensitivity adjustment for greatest depth and to dodge falling.
  • Depth marker so you have got a common thought how deep to dig. Large,
  • 8.5×11”, DD coil for more noteworthy depth and superior iron discrimination.


What We Like
  • Simplicity. An obvious feature of the beginning level tool is its simplicity. With all Garrett devices, all the control buttons are clearly marked which makes them easy to understand.
  • Sensitivity. Higher frequency up to 10kHz allows you to dig at the right spot ensuring you not to waste your time digging for junk. This high frequency gives a clever response and is very accurate. So you can be sure of what you are looking for even, before digging it.
  • Iron Audio; that differentiates iron target from other metals
  • Saves the Buck. Ace 400 could be saving you a lot of money by allowing you to experience many of the professional more expensive tools at an affordable rate.
  • Two years of limited warranty.
  • Handy weight of 2.8 lbs.
What We Don't Like
  • No ground balance adjustment
  • Can be too heavy for youngsters
  • Included headphones are not waterproof but waterproof headphones can be bought spending some extra bucks
  • Iron audio can lead to recurrent trash signaling

2. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector: Best Value Detectors


If you are serious about metal detecting and want to upgrade your beginning level ACE 400 with a more professional tool than Garrett at Pro would be yours go to go detector.

It’s a highly versatile detector which is designed as a jack of all-terrain. It is the cheapest metal detector in the AT series detector. AT is abbreviated for All-Terrain which makes the Garrett AT pro effective in all types of soil whether you go searching at a beach, desert, or local park, Garrett at Pro would handle almost any condition it would be thrown over. The cherry on top of it is that the detector requires minimal maintenance.
Are you concerned with what the Pro is built to detect?

Best Metal Detectors Under 1000$ is best at locating relics coins and jewels equally. It’s also a lightweight detector that won’t give you a sore arm to be concerned.
Garrett AT Pro offers a wide range of features and settings but keeping all that simple to use especially the standard audio mode.


AT Pro is completely submersible up to the depth of 10ft which makes it the best tool for shallow waters. It can be used equally well in saltwater which makes it a Pro in the AT series.


Given below are the top features that you would love about this new metal detector:

  • The user is a friendly AT Pro display.
  • Six search modes including three standards and three pro modes each having 3 discrimination modes select from custom coins and zero.
  • Target identification digital scale ranging between 1to 99
  • The 8.5″ x 11″ DD Performance submersible standard search coil.
  • Three-tone audio discrimination.
  • High level res iron discrimination ranging in 1-40
  • The greatest feature of Pro is the fact that it can be used ANYWHERE as it comes with All-terrain features.
  • Standard 15kHz frequency.
  • Automatic or manual ground balancing.
  • The coin depth indicator will reveal how far in the ground are coin buried before digging it.


What We Like
  • Exceptional detector for a great price
  • Iron Audio and notch discrimination to avoid junk
  • Easy to use and lightweight design
  • Rapid response (especially in pro mode)
  • Fully submersible
What We Don't Like
  • No backlight
  • built-in headphones aren’t waterproof
  • Not the inexpensive detector

3. Garrett AT MAX: Best Suited For All Metals


Garrett AT MAX is the youngest siblings of the expensive All Terrain series. Best Metal Detectors Under 1000$ is the newest and most expensive boy in its class which gives deeper detection than AT Pro and AT Gold owing to its upgraded electronics and transmission power.
As it is evident from the price tag that this MAX is aimed at serious detectorists who want to pursue treasure hunting as a full-time profession.
It won’t be recommended for the newbies as its features are high end and complicated for beginners.
Speaking of the features!!! Let’s take a cursory view at the top feature of the Garrett AT MAX.


  • All-metal mode. Best suited for all metals with coins, relics, and jewels being the obvious targets.
  • Four pro search mode
  • Waterproofing up to ten feet.
  • Wireless MS- 3 Z LYNK headphones.
  • Automatic and manual ground balance.
  • AT MAX comes up with 4 AA batteries which cover you for 24 hours without charging.
  • All Garrett detectors are backed with 2 years’ warranty giving a sign of durability and reliability.


What We Like
  • Excellent all terrain detector full submersible up to ten feet
  • True all metal mode
  • Wireless headphones
  • Lightweight design
  • Rapid response time
What We Don't Like
  • Most expensive model of the AT series.
  • Not as versatile as higher frequency detectors.

4. Garrett at Gold: Best For Detector


Garrett at Gold is a sibling of the AT series built specifically for detecting GOLD as is obvious from the name. This detector is customized with this factor in mind and can detect GOLD better than other models.
It is essentially the same in the display as the AT Pro with the only difference being the increased size of the search coil.


  • 18kHx frequency settings that provide it with the edge at Pro when finding the same treasure.
  • Very handy for locating treasures in highly mineralized soils.
  • Target identification scale of 1-99 digits.
  • Iron audio as the pioneering feature of AT series.
  • Effective in the depth range of 8-10 inches


What We Like
  • Fully submersible up to 3 meters.
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Iron audio
  • Target identification
  • Two years’ warranty.
What We Don't Like
  • It doesn’t come up with the backlit
  • Similar to the Garrett AT Pro with higher price.

5. FISHER GOLD BUG: Best Modern Detector


Fisher metal detectors are the leading brand in metal detectors and their excellent fisher GOLD BUG is a modern tool suited for finding all metals. The Gold bug has everything that could be found in other expensive metal detectors but with increased effectiveness and improved performance.

You can also go directly to  Amazon to check the discounted price of this product.
Its durability and low maintenance cost is the matter for the brand to be boastful.


  • Dual-mode operation one for locating all metals and the discrimination mode for finding a specific target.
  • No motion pinpoint.
  • It is designed in such a way to find its targets without the necessity to move.
  • Headphone Jack to help insert headphones at any time allowing one to hunt in crowded places.
  • Great depth perception of up to 12 inches.
  • 9volt battery to last for days.
  • Amazing ground balance
  • Large LCD.
  • Plastic casing.


What We Like
  • two Search Modes.
  • Light-weight.
  • Super sensitivity.
  • Great running depth.
  • No-motion pinpoint.
What We Don't Like
  • ade of plastic thus fragile.


All the above-listed metal detectors are powerful metal locators with all the premium features and can be used in a variety of land and water habitats, but talking about a handy metal detector with professional features, Imagine a truly water-resistant metal detector filled with expert features – all at a reasonable price. Imagine a detector that can be used in all terrains and can discover targets ranging from platinum rings on a saltwater beach to gold nuggets on western outlets. The Garrett AT Pro would be the best choice for a go-to go detector for entry-level, and having all the premium features would also make it effective in the professional metal hunt.

Buying Guide Of Best Metal Detector Under 1000$:

Moreover, individuals who are passionate about metal detection, particularly those inquisitive about treasure hunting, ought to search for a detector that meets all their needs of quality, durability, specifications and should be worth their cost.

It’s nearly like choosing a life partner- you won’t end up having the random engagement ring for your spouse to be, just because it’s cheap, likewise, people who are considerate about metal detection should concentrate less on price and prioritize the quality of the gadget.

Paying the bill for the new detector might sting a little for the moment as quality doesn’t come cheap, but in the long run, if used effectively it should pay you back all that money and even more out of it.
Therefore, in today’s article, we’re going to assist you to decide which Best Metal Detectors Under 1000$ will be the best match for your hard-earned money.

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