Fisher F22 VS Fisher F44 (Detailed Comparison)

Fisher F22 VS Fisher F44

Looking for the Fisher F22 VS Fisher F44? You’ve come to the right place.
The F series of Fisher labs are somewhat ideal metal detectors for novice detectors. All of these are easy to operate metal detectors that are lightweight with easily understandable Target ID. F22 and F44 are the two weatherproof models of this F series. Both of these are turned on and go metal detectors with a waterproof search coil adapted for shallow water hunting.
F44 is an upgraded version of F22. Which detector of these two metal hunters will be your preference? Do you need to splash your money on the budget-friendly F22 or its costlier kin F44? To find out the answers go through our comparison on the two metal detectors and dig deep into their features and specifications.


1. Fisher F22: A Quick Introduction

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with 9 Inch...
1,784 Customer Reviews
Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with 9 Inch...
  • JUST TURN-ON-AND-GO: A metal detector made...

The F22 is a turn on and go metal detector. It is completely weatherproof and easy to operate coming with the fast retune speed and exceptional target differentiation. It is a VLF type ground-level metal detector that is not designed for underwater detection. Its notch discrimination, sensitivity, electrical pinpointing, and easy operation make it the ideal beginners level metal detector. It features dual-tone audio to discriminate iron targets.

This iron audio discrimination lets the user set the level of non-ferrous targets above the levels of ferrous targets for better clarification of favorable targets. It comes up with the preset ground balance and 9 inches maximum depth for detection.

The F22 metal detector provides four functional modes: Jewelry, Coin, Artifact, and Custom. The Fisher F22 is not intended for underwater use but is suitable for dry or wet environments. This mid-range detector is very much preserved from the effects of the environment and is designed for use in harshest conditions. Rain or shine, there’ll be your Fisher F22 metal detector by your side.

It also includes a VDI indicator to readout potential targets even before digging them up. It comes up with a depth indicator to showcase the depth up to which you are digging. Alongside it also features ten levels of adjustable sensitivity and a backlit LCD on a scale of 1- 99.


What We Like
  • Digital VDI Target ID.
  • LCD with backlit.
What We Don't Like
  • Preset ground balance.

2. Fisher F44: A Quick Introduction

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with 9 Inch...
1,784 Customer Reviews
Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with 9 Inch...
  • JUST TURN-ON-AND-GO: A metal detector made...

The younger boy of Fisher F Series, F44 is an ideal entry to midrange metal detector. It is entirely weatherproof and easy to use. It’s superfast retuned speed and excellent target separation mixed with notch discrimination, sensitivity, electrical pinpointing. Similar to its predecessor fisher F22 also comes up with the iron audio which lets the user to set the volume of non-ferrous targets higher than the volume of ferrous targets.

One of the remarkable up-gradation of F44 over F22 is its manual ground balance feature. Manual ground balance is a trait of high-end devices suitable for the seasoned detectors but fisher has offered this great feature at such a reasonable price which is worth considering. Ok, addition to this manual ground balancing it also features automatic ground balance which makes it easily customized for the novice detectors.

Another great feature is its twenty levels of adjustable sensitivity settings which allows the user to set it the way the like. A newly built Semi-Elliptical waterproof search coil enables you to locate more targets in less time with better scanning range. Have more enjoyment with the Fisher F44, the best metal detector in the series.


What We Like
  • Auto and manual ground balance.
  • Twenty levels of sensitivity settings.
What We Don't Like
  • Not suitable for underwater detection.

Fisher F22 VS Fisher F44: Comparison of Different Features


Both of the Fisher F22 and F44 come up with the 7.69 kHz frequency. As the two metal detectors are very low-frequency machines this low frequency is suitable for finding coins and relics. But for finding you need to have a higher frequency metal detector.


F44 comes up with the numeric two-digit target identification ID on a scale of 1 to 99 just like its older member F22. The display showcase the type of target found before digging the ground. Other than Target ID the display also contains power, menu, mode, pinpoint, and settings button. The main difference in display is that F44 includes the adjustable backlit LCD while F22 is an exception in this regard.
Backlit helps in locating the target and reading the ID display at night.

Ground Balance:

The biggest difference between the two detectors is in terms of their ground balance settings. Ground balance is a must-have trait for hunting in heavily mineralized soils. F44 features both automatic and manual ground balance while F22 has an only automatic ground balance which is a serious drawback in terms of beach hunting.
Target Identification and Discrimination.

The F22 has four mode search operations set at custom, coins, relics, and jewelry while F44 has five operational modes with the addition of all-metal mode. The all-metal mode is a major addition if you are hunting in a place you don’t know what treasures it had hidden for you. All metal helps to locate all buried metals without discrimination.
Sensitivity settings.

F44 has twenty levels of adjustable sensitivity which makes it a step up from the F22. Fisher F22 offers its potential buyers with ten levels of adjustable sensitivity which is a major feature at this price level.
Search coil.

The F22 features 9 inches’ search coil comparative to the larger 11 inches” search coil which covers up more area and allows better detection.

Detection Depth:

The detection depth of F44 is up to 10 inches for coins and for bigger sized items it can detect up to 24 inches deep while the F22 has 9-inch coin detection depth and 24 inches” depth for larger items.


As stated earlier, Fisher  F44 is an upgraded version of F22 so it, quite obviously come up with an increased price tag. F22 is usually $100 lesser than its costlier kin, Fisher F44.



The Fisher F22 is an ideal metal detector with quality of features that is more than enough for novice detectors being a good choice for the money. But F44 has Jumped a step up by introducing manual ground balancing, larger search coil, and an all-metal mode which makes it slightly costlier. If you want a mid-range detector that will give your bucks the maximum bang F44 would be a great choice.

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