Best ps4 Cooling Fan Reviews and Buyers Guide 2020

Best ps4 Cooling Fan Reviews

Looking for the Best ps4 Cooling Fan  You’ve come to the right place.

These are top selection for you!

  1. Best overall: Tree  New Bee
    “It fits best with your comfort zone and has a controller charging function.”
  2. Best Device: Zacro PS4 Cooling system
    “While using Zacro PS4 you don’t need to worry about table burning or PS4 overheating “
  3. Best Quality: AMIR PS4 cooling fan
    “It a more like an all-in-one package and solution to many of your needs related to play station “
  4. Best Cooling: Kootek PS4 cooling system
    ” having a modern unique appealing appearance making it an eye-catcher.”


There are so many ways in which you can improve your gaming experience. One way out of these many ways is the use of  PS4 cooling fans. If you are a passionate gamer you will definitely know that there are a lot of accessories that go with your gaming play station, which can give your room overall a messy dirty look.

To overcome this situation all you need is a multifunction fan and station for your play station which will keep all your accessories safe and in one place without compromising the overall look of your room.

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Product Name


Tree  New Bee
Zacro PS4 Cooling system
AMIR PS4 cooling fan
Kootek PS4 cooling system

Best ps4 Cooling Fan

Tree  New Bee

Tree New BeeTree New Bee Sony is a newly designed play station cooling fan that comes with four chargers. It fits best with your comfort zone and has a controller charging function. Tree New Bee possesses a very unique design convenient for many other facilities without the need for extra power supply.


Unique features of Tree New Bee are:

  • Equipped with three big cooling fans, it keeps your play station calm and clean with a vertical cooling stand.
  • Tree New Bee is a kind of all-in-one package, it works as console vertical stand, cooler, 4 shock charging station and USB hub at the same time.
  • It comes with a charging system having four charger spots.
  • The design of Tree New Bee is quite space-saving and sits horizontally in your room space.
  • It is multifunctional and provides 2 USB ports with charging.

Tree New Bee is a powerful multifunctional PS4 cooling fan which is quite room friendly and does not take much space but works efficiently and comes with 3 cooling fans to release all the heat produced by your play station.

  • Quiet and reliable
  • built-in LED lights
  • Independent on/off switch
  • Ports may not work sometimes
  • lack of confidence instability

Zacro PS4 Cooling system

Zacro PS4Zacro PS4 is a multifunctional vertical-style cooling fan which can meet your different needs at the same time. While using Zacro PS4 you don’t need to worry about table burning or PS4 overheating while having long gaming hours.


Salient features offered by Zacro PS4 are:

  • It has two built-in fans which stimulate airflow to cool down PS4.
  • Zacro has non-slip mat designing at its bottom which improves its stability.
  • It comes with a dual charging station with two charging ports.
  • Zacro is a perfect space-saving design as it has a vertical alignment.
  • It plays a multifunctional role as it provides 2 charging spots and USB ports.

Zacro PS 4 cooling fan can be a minion for you if you are a passionate player and spend hours gaming a day. It cools down the heat of your play station without making any noise and without messing with your room space.

  • Space-saving design
  • Non-slip design
  • easy to use
  • a high-efficiency cooling system
  • Not for PS4 slim or pro
  • USB ports may not work efficiently

AMIR PS4 cooling fan

AMIR PS4 cooling fanComparatively AMIR PS4 cooling fan is the quite upgraded and improved version of cooling systems available in the market. It a more like an all-in-one package and solution to many of your needs related to play station and gaming.


Key features of AMIR PS4 cooling fan are:

  • easy to carry and portable structure as it folds up like a cover or file and fit in any of your carrier bags.
  • the all-in-one design offers 2 cooling fans of 3000 FPS, controller charging slots, 3 extra HUB ports, and 8 controller cover caps.
  • The vertical design is quite space-saving as it also provides 14 slots game discs storage area.
  • Fashionable and presentable unique design that goes well with your room decor.
  • AMIR PS4 cooling system ensures your replayability and even smoother gaming experience.

AMIR PS4 is definitely something that both you and your room space needs as it professionally cools down your play station and at the same time stores your play discs giving a little rest to your room mess. Moreover, it is a no-slip vertical design that helps you in many ways.

  • No-slip design
  • 14 slot game disc space
  • presentable and portable
  • 2 cooling fans
  • The game stand may be weak
  • Tipping risk

Kootek PS4 cooling system

Kootek PS4Kootek PS4 is a vertical cooling system for your play station with built-in USB and charging spots having a modern unique appealing appearance making it an eye-catcher. It adds a sense of style to your room allowing you to bring order and harmony to your gaming paradise.



Key features of Kootek multi-function are:

  • Easy to mount structure design.
  • The vertical design of the Kootek takes less room space.
  • After hours of playing when PS4 heats up, the cooling fans help to keep the console cool.
  • You can easily place the controllers in the charging docks and they only charge when the unit is turned on so you keep on charging one controller while playing with the other one.
  • Kootek provides you storage space for up to 14 gaming disks.
  • It comes with 3 USB HUB ports which allow you to connect other devices.

Kootek PS4 cooling system is an apparently appealing yet functionally reliable cooling system for your play station. It comes handy with the vertical design having extra storage space for up to 14 game discs.

  • Easy to use
  • Compatible and reliable
  • 2 cooling fans
  • 3 USB ports
  • The game stand may be weak
  • The USB port may not work properly
  • Tipping risk.


In the final verdicts, if this article for Best ps4 Cooling Fan I will say that these devices are highly ranked in the market only because of their best performance and durable run. The company also provides a warranty for all of these devices. These are widely used in different parts of the world for their best customer satisfaction. So go for anyone in them. You will get worthless value in your life while paying less.

Buying Guide:

The vertical orientation given my PS4 is a definite plus which goes very well with many home entertainment setups. Moreover, these PS4 cooling fans also reduce the accumulating dust in your play station hence it keeps your play station safe from upcoming hazards and future maintenance keep up.

It works wonders with your play station yet its assembly is so simple, just plug in your play station 4 into the built-in USB cable and you are ready to go.
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