Pit Boss 700sc Grill Review ( Pros & Cons)

Pit Boss 700sc Grill Review

Looking for the Pit Boss 700sc Grill Review ( Pros & Cons) You’ve come to the right place!

Among all other grill manufacturers that Danson is one of the largest grill manufacturers, you may not hear about it probably. They manufactured many well-known brands and this Pit Boss 700SC is one of them. This unit sits in the inexpensive grills they made under the Pit Boss name.  The manufactures in both China and Canada.  The Pit Boss 700SC is the least expensive grill and produced in China.

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Key Features

  • 700 Sq In wide cooking area.
  • 180 to 500 degree Fahrenheit temperature range.
  • 23 lbs side-mounted hopper capacity.
  • Cast iron porcelain-coated cooking grates.
  • 16 position dial controller switch.
  • Made in China by Danson Grill.
  • Steel powder construction.

Pit Boss 700sc Review

This 700SC designed to crush Traeger Lil Tex Grill and I think they may have finally done it. The Pit Boss has a simple Pellet controller, lightweight, and relatively small but still, its two cooking grates give 700 sq in of cooking surface.

This is no doubt a huge area in small packing. It also has a direct grilling space which is a great addition that you may not find in many other inexpensive pellet grills.

This Pit Boss 700 series grill comes with built-in Flame Broiler. It has 8-in-1 grilling ability—it let the user braise, roast, char-grill, sear, smoke, bake, and BBQ. The 700 sq inch cooking surface is enough to cook beast.


This grill unit is ideal for beginners who don’t have much experience in smoking and want to adjust the temperature as needed, this Pit Boss going to be the best entry for first-timers.

With the Flame Broiler, it supports both direct and indirect cooking feature. There is an extra plate that can slide over the flame and saves your meat to be exposed directly to flame, give you food a perfect smokier and tender flavor.

I want to cook a perfect restaurant like seared steak than the flame broiler function would be very handy for you. It also comes with the second rack that allows you to smoke your meat without direct heat.

The specific unit works in a lazy man’s way. It has 3-step cooking, all you have to do is to fill the hopper with pellets, sets your desired temperature, and cook (Grill/BBQ) away.

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The Digital Control Board enables you to Adjust the desired temperature, burn length, or kind of cooking to prepare an excellently done dish. It doesn’t matter you are preparing seafood, Meat, or any of your favorite BBQ dishes this feature is going to help you a lot.

As mentioned above it has 700 sq in of cooking surface which is ideal for those who love backyard parties and get-togethers a lot. This wide cooking surface lets you show off your cooking abilities and host as many as 6 people at a time.
Its temperature ranges from 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and it can easily be controlled by a mounted dial. With this temperature range and the wider cooking surface, you can cook a turkey in it. The upper lid firmly closes and never let the heat to evacuate while operation.

Reasons to Pick Pit Boss 700SC:

The most efficient thing about Pit Boss Pellet Grill is that it’s built-in Flame Broiler doesn’t require an outlet to operate like other ordinary gills. It is truly portable and weighs only 120 pounds. It provides ease of use—with this you can cook the way you like.

When it comes to clean than no need to worry because it has an attached bucket that drains all the grease into this bucket—because if it is not removed it might make your food unhealthy.

It doesn’t bind you with your brand of pellet just like Traeger does. You have the freedom to experiment with various other hardwoods like cherry, hickory, and apple, etc.


  • Temperature ranges from 180 to 500 degree Fahrenheit
  • Versatile and Durable
  • Truly Portable
  • 700 Sq In Wide cooking surface
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • 8-in-1 grilling unit
  • Different Flame Broiler options
  • Assembly make take an hour
  • Back vent release heat
  • Not ideal for cold areas


This Pit Boss pit boss 700SC is not doubted a good investment. Some users complain about small pellet capacity but in reality, it enough to hold 10 to 20 pounds easily—and refilling it is not a big deal.

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