Best VR headset for VR chat Reviews and Buyers Guide 2021

Best VR headset for VR chat Reviews

Looking for the Best VR headset for VR chat? You’ve come to the right place.

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VR headset is ahead is a head-worn apparatus that completely covers the eyes for an immersive 3D experience. They are also known as VR  goggles. It provides a real-life experience of virtual reality for the user. They are widely used for games but they are also used in other applications such as simulators and trainers.

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If you are in a hurry and don’t have so much time in reading detailed reviews of these products, you can go with our top pick HTC VIVE Pro VR system among them. You Can also check the customer reviews and the discounted price of this article on Amazon.

The best VR headset for VR chat

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1. HTC VIVE Pro VR system:

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Vive Pro is the most capable and fully featured virtual reality system manufactured by VIVE. It is built and designed to meet the needs of most demanding VR users. This ensures virtual reality from an expansive office environment or crowded arcades to the comfort of your living room.


The features depicted by HTC VIVE Pro are listed below.

  • Spot every detail: The regular VR headset users can easily see the difference with VIVE Pro. It’s all-new screen panel dazzle the eyes and takes you in your wildest imagination.
  • Designed for comfort: VIVE pro is designed from top-down for optimized ergonomics.
  • 3D spatial audio: The hi-res certified HMD and headphones are now integrated with 3D spatial sound to deliver true-to-life immersive audio.
  • Crossing realities: VIVE pro delivers virtual reality unlike any other. true-to-life precise tracking, ultra-vibrant colors, and realistic sounds create an immersive reality world for you.

VIVE Pro is designed both for your ease and thrilling adventure experience at the same time. It gives you a perfect combination of vibrant 3D images and true-to-life audio which in a minute takes you into a whole new world.


What We Like
  • Cutting edge chaperone technology
  • Optimized face cushion
  • 3D spatial audio
  • Increased point of weight support
What We Don't Like
  • Long setup process
  • a foam cushion is not moisture-proof
  • Display Port only connection

2. Oculus Rift S PC:

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Step into the future of VR gaming with Oculus Rift S PC VR headset designed with Lenovo puts you at a pulse-pounding experience of virtual reality. It can be your best companion for PC-powered game display as it offers sharpest lenses and next-generation optics.


  • Improved optics: Improved optics of Rift S deliver uniquely bright and vivid colors and reduces the screen-door effect.
  • Top VR gaming library: Oculus Rift let you play hundred of games already available in Rift store with so much more to come.
  • User-friendly design: It does not let you feel any burden as its design is very ergonomic. Rift S stays securely and comfortably in place as it has the built-in fit wheel.
  • Insight tracking: It professionally translates your movements into VR and provides room-scale tracking.
  • Touch controllers: Rift S very professionally and smoothly translates your body language and gestures into the VR.

Rift S promises you to let you in a world you have never been before as it smoothly translates your hands and body movements into the games without being any burden.


What We Like
  • Improved optics
  • Ergonomic design
  • Oculus touch controllers
What We Don't Like
  • Display ditches AMOLED for LCD
  • Still tethered to a gaming PC
  • Display Port only no HDM

3. HTC Vive Virtual Reality System:

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Vive promises to deliver you a true-to-life reality experience with a perfect blend of vivid images and subtle audio. Explore and interact with VR gaming experience and ultimately blur the line between reality and imagination.


Key features of Vive VR headset are:

  • Vive port infinity: Vive gives you 6 months of unlimited VR play having more than 700 games and apps.
  • Vive videos: Vive offers a cinematic and immersive video player for standard, 3D, 180, or 360 videos.
  • Player’s safety: Vive warns you when you reach the boundaries of your playing area. Moreover, its front-facing camera also gives you a glimpse of the real-world when needed.
  • Flexible play area: You can use the Vive while seating, standing, or in a space of 11’5 x 11’5, it will give you the most wanted experience of VR gaming.
  • Fully immersive: Vive offers realistic actions from the precise 360-degree controller and headset tracking with true-to-life graphics.

Vive has made some of the best VR headsets to give you a true-to-life experience of virtual reality without being resistant in any means.


What We Don't Like
  • Immersive room-scale
  • High-quality graphics
  • 360 control
What We Don't Like
  • time-consuming setup
  • Clunky cable
  • Requires a full-size display port

4. Samsung HMD Odyssey+:

SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality Headset...
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SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality Headset...
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Samsung may be more well known for smartphones and monitors, but it has also made his name in the world of virtual reality. Samsung HMD Odyssey is equipped with many features which provide you a crispy experience of VR gaming


  • A 110-degree viewing angle delivers true-to-life imaging.
  • Dynamic 360 degrees spatial sound with built-in headphones give you a crispy audio experience.
  • Samsung  HMD Odyssey set up in no time and let you jump directly into the experience of virtual reality like no other.
  • Samsung HMD is quire lightweight and comfortable.
  • Let you try out windows mixed reality experiences using Microsoft store

Samsung HMD Odyssey is equipped with 3K anti-side AMOLED to display with wide-angle views and its adjustable headbands let you experience another level of virtual reality system.


What We Like
  • anti screen door effect
  • High resolution
  • Good built-in headphones with 3D sounds
  • Easy setup
What We Don't Like
  • Heavy on the forehead
  • limited by windows mixed reality

5. Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset:

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 64GB
9,505 Customer Reviews
Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 64GB
  • All-in-one VR: Simply set up the device with...
  • Insight tracking: Oculus Insight tracking...
  • Touch controllers: Oculus Touch controllers...

Oculus is all about VR chatting and online gaming, it is like mac of virtual reality and for that, you need to have an oculus version and a pc version to be compatible with the appropriate devices. Most of the brands come up with an oculus version and a pc version and this is referred to as cross-platform versions.

Oculus Quest is one such cross-platform headset that works well with both oculus and pc. It is specifically an online gaming platform but if you can overcome its downside it could turn to be a Great VRChat platform also.


It comes up with 2880 by 1660 OLED display which offers somewhat great resolution and clear pictures to give you real-time experience in your virtual world.

It has a refresh raw of about 72 Hz and when it comes to audio it doesn’t have much to offer you as built-in as it is a BYOD and requires to get it paired with any Bluetooth audio device and if you don’t want to splash your money over an additional Bluetooth device it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack which can be used for wired audio devices.

It has a great battery life as it comes as a standalone device and cherry on top of it is that additional packs can be purchased and fully charged to get the unhindered VR chatting experience.

Its comfortable design makes it the comfiest to wear for long hours without being hard on the neck and thus prevent sprain.

6. Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset:

Acer (AH101-D8EY) Windows Mixed Reality Headset...
444 Customer Reviews
Acer (AH101-D8EY) Windows Mixed Reality Headset...
  • Display Size: 2.89" x 2 & Resolution: 2,880 x...
  • Refresh Rate: 90Hz - Using HDMI 2.0, 60Hz -...
  • Tracking Sensors: Gyroscope, Accelerometer &...

Acer AH 101 is a window mixed reality headset, unlike the oculus quest which is a cross-platform version device and gives some of the best specifications in the VR chatting requirements. Its features are nothing less than the best headset but are much more affordable and customizable but it has its own set of limitations that hinder its walk to the best VR headset for the VR chatting.

It offered three types of motion tracking style and is also supported by a built-in camera that is a VGA camera and world both inside and outside with the same precision. The features that Acer offers it an affordable cost are features in some of the costlier models with lower quality performance and this speaks of user satisfaction by the Acer.


Acer offers 2880 by 1440 resolution which is less than the oculus quest versions but this lesser resolution is compensated by the increased refresh rate of 90, compared to the 70 Hz of a quest.

Also, to refreshing rate and resolution, Acer provides a good field of view and this one is about 100 degrees which are nice to boast of about your VR headset.

Talking of its battery is its downside as its short battery life didn’t support long VR sessions but this obstacle could be easily overcome by using sold separately rechargeable batteries which will hold your back for a long time.

7. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset:

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset -...
8,041 Customer Reviews
Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset -...
  • Personal Viewing: The littlest, big screen....
  • Viewing with Friends: Watch with friends....
  • Portable & Easy to Use: Ready when you are....

Oculus Go is another standalone VR headset by the Oculus and is best in line with VR headset by Oculus to give you the best 3D motion graphics and high resolution. Compatible with the marshmallow 6.0 and IOS ten or higher it is very easy to operate, comfortable to wear, durable to use, and great to rely upon when it comes to virtual reality chatting or online gaming.

Coming with a 180” large LED screen it allows you to watch your favorite movies and web series having the experience of 3D cinemas at your very own bed in your home.


It is a 32GB version of the oculus quest which is a 64GB version with a couple of add ons. To have an edge over BYOD VR headsets this standalone Oculus Go comes with a built-in audio system which is a nice addition to the lineup of its amazing features.

If you don’t want to hear your audio directly on your built-in speakers, you can have it customized over a Bluetooth or a wired audio device as it has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The best thing about this standalone headset is that it is all you need as this standalone device potentially saves you from having a pc or TV around getting tangled in wires.

It contains in it all you need and let you socialize watch movies stream online play games or interact with VR chat it is a jack of all trades and yet the master of everyone.

Buying Guide

Why you need a VR headset?

Getting to know the world through VR chatting and online gaming is something trending these days. As the scale for online gaming is continually on the rise the demand for VR chatting is also increasingly boosting up as people like to interact with the players they are combating in the online games and for that various apps are available to satisfy the needs of their users one such app is VRChat and it is by far the best virtual reality chatting platform being accessed by millions of users on daily basis and this much hype is worth all the features it provides. Growing demands of VRChat exponentially increases the demands for VR headset which is a necessity for VR chatting on any platform.

What features to look for in a VR headset for VRCHAT?

The right set of gadgets is crucial to have the best experience of VR Chatting and choosing the right headset is the key to open the door to virtual reality. Virtual reality is all about motion taking that includes both audio and video graphics and requires the sensor precision up to the tiniest of nanoseconds and to do that effectively VR headset does its magic. Any product has to contain in it a set of features to be the best among its competitors and similar is the case for best VR headset for VRChat.

The best headset must have an amalgam of good quality experiences, great sensors, precision, accuracy to the minute details, and customer satisfaction. Apart from these general sayings, some technical specifications must be met to give you the experience you are longing for.

Motion Tracking:

Motion tracking is the absolute necessity of any VR headset and without it, a headset is nothing more than a trash. Motion tracking refers to the sensing of audio and visual gestures and it lets you communicate with other members of the VRCHAT. Motion tracking operates on various sensors which will provide you an immersive space and will let you dive into the VR worlds with the avatars you like the most. The best thing about motion tracking is its precision to the tiniest nanoseconds and therefore features a great lip-syncing and gesture sensing to give you the real frame images based on your avatars.


To have the quality experience you need to have dual-mode communication as just visual or audio will not be the desired thing and to have the best of both worlds it is best to have audio sensors with the visuals ones and this requires high-quality audio sensing. Most of the headset work on the principle of BYOD that says to bring your device for the audio but if you want to have it built-in then HTC gives is a great option for that.

Virtual reality is a 3D computer universe that one can access using digital technology and it is like closing your eyes and experiencing the sound of music like if you are in front of a live artist or at that exact place and time when the instrumentals of a song were being composed.

Moreover, you can experience a thrilling game like you are currently in the area where the players are playing the game. it gives you a feel like actively being there so the thrill of a thrilling game doubles for you. it is an experience worth having.

Once played with a VR headset, you will never play the game without VR again. There are many types of virtual reality or VR and they include Non-immersive reality, fully immersive reality, augmented reality, collaborative or web-based reality.


In the final verdicts, if this article for Best VR headset for VR chat I will say that these devices are highly ranked in the market only because of their best performance and durable run. The company also provides a warranty for all of these devices. These are widely used in different parts of the world for their best customer satisfaction. So go for anyone in them. You will get worthless value in your life while paying less.

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