Milwaukee Chainsaw vs Dewalt (Detailed Comparison)

Milwaukee Chainsaw vs Dewalt

Milwaukee and Dewalt both are high-quality chainsaw providers, neither of them is bad. But Milwaukee chainsaw vs Dewalt which brand is better? Let’s find the answer.

In this Milwaukee chainsaw vs Dewalt chainsaw comparison guide 2021, we have selected top-ranked chainsaw of both brands. The one is Milwaukee M18 fuel chainsaw and the other is Dewalt Flexvolt 60v max brush chainsaw.

Milwaukee Chainsaw vs Dewalt

Milwaukee Chainsaw

 If you are in a hurry these are top Milwaukee Chainsaw selection for you! 

This is the best Milwaukee chainsaw among over collection:

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727 Chainsaw:(A Quick Review)

A hundred cuts in 06-inch oak and still two bars left, reviewing the Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727 chainsaw. This pro chainsaw tool is an excellent selection of all your wood cutting needs. In the fuel platform, you get the brushless motor along with 12 points high output led lithium battery that comes with the standard 16 inch Oregon bar and chain.

Now, this is no 43 gauge 3/8pitts chain and you will also get dual studs on the bar retention. You will also get scratch onboard that will fit on the means you will easily tighten the chain anywhere. It’s always a nice experience to have this perfect handy chainsaw for outdoor use. Along with its super performance and affordable price the main thing experts like about this chainsaw is, it operates as a pro saw.

Dewalt Chainsaw

 If you are in a hurry these are top Dewalt Chainsaw selection for you! 

This is the best Dewalt chainsaw among over collection:

Dewalt Flexvolt 60v Max Brush Chainsaw:(A Quick Review)

The Dewalt Flexvolt 60v max brush chainsaw is an excellent alternative to your traditional ax. This excellent outdoor power tool enough for multiple tasks. The Dewalt Flexvolt 60v max brush chainsaw is running 60 volts battery to power 16 bar and chain. It has automatic oiling, keyless tensioning, and the most wonderful thing about this best cordless chainsaw is you don’t need to worry about the gas.

Its instant start trigger can get it ready for quick n fast action. So you do not need to worry about pull-start, emission, noise, fumes, etc.  The Dewalt Flexvolt 60v max brush chainsaw cuts timer like a butter. Its amazing warranty and super cool design will leave no other choice than to buy this worthy chainsaw.

Milwaukee Chainsaw vs Dewalt Detailed Comparison


As we have already mentioned that both Milwaukee M18 fuel chainsaw and the other is Dewalt Flexvolt 60v max brush chainsaw are top no. 01 cordless chainsaws out there. They both have many similarities let’s start by discussing 01 by 01.

First of all both saws have auto-lube (automatic lubrication system). Lubrication is as much important as fuel. For smooth regular operation, oiling is highly needed. So this feature does not only makes it easy to use but also eliminates the safety risks.

Secondly, both commercial-grade chainsaws are having a brushless motor. It means that the chains can revolve at their maximum being most effective to the materials upon which it is being used. Through this, it can also run at its maximum speed for maximum time and it fully eliminates the chances for motor breakage.

The next one is 16” long bar. This good length bar means that it can pass through trees. It also makes it easy to handle yielding the finest quality cut.

Efficiency Comparison:

There are two main efficiency criteria’s, one is how many cuts you get with a single charge of the battery and how long a single charge does last. Based on voltages, the DeWalt stands outs at the top with its 60v as compared to Milwaukee having 18v.

The Dewalt also lasts 3 times longer which means less recharge is needed. When compared based on cuts the Milwaukee chainsaw has the edge to provide 150 cuts with a single battery charge whereas Dewalt cordless chainsaw can provide only 70 cuts.

So in this segment of Milwaukee chainsaw vs Dewalt comparison, both best batteries operated chainsaw tools have to tie as one is having higher voltages and the other is having more cuts.


Safety Comparison:

Generally, chains saw is a dangerous tool, it is not made for inexperienced users. It might take away someone’s life without taking safety measures.  It is necessary to always wear a hard hat and eye protection before using it.

The main safety feature Dewalt has is its tool-free chain tensioning. Which means it has no chance for chain fly during cutting. On the other hand, the Milwaukee chainsaw devices have a speed control trigger that can be adjusted as required. For example, if you are cutting small woods you should set it to low.

Additionally, the Milwaukee chainsaw has Redlink+ technology which allows to shut down the unit when it is overheated. So I will vote for the Milwaukee as they pretty much well dominate in this section.

Power comparison:

In terms of power or motor capabilities, the Milwaukee chainsaw gives you 12 amp whereas the Dewalt only provides 30 amp. No doubt power is the main factor that supports the overall performance of any electric chainsaw. More the power more will be the performance.

It does not mean that the lower power will disappoint you ever. Both Milwaukee chainsaw vs Dewalt is just excellent when they come to cut woods.

Price Comparison:

Price is the main key factor that directly affects every customer. For both high-quality chainsaws, the price is budget-friendly. Both cost under 400 dollars. The exact prices can be seen on the provided links. But under 400 is a nice cheap price and affordable as compared to the value these great chainsaw tools are providing.



After a comprehensive review and comparison guide, you will be able to make your choice either for Milwaukee chainsaw or for Dewalt. Both ergonomically designed, cheap price and value giving tools. I will go for the Milwaukee M18 fuel chainsaw because of its more powerful motor and unmatchable value giving better user experience.

Buying Guides:

Whenever buying the best chainsaw, you always need to make sure that it is right chainsaw for all of your wood cutting jobs.  If you ignore making a comparison between market-leading chainsaw brands you might end with a machine that does not perform as you want. Therefore, it is recommended to do a bit of research work before buying any best chainsaw.

We have chosen two well-known chainsaw manufacturers popular for their cheap price, super-fast, and lightweight wood cutting machines. So, in this blog, we will compare them under different measures and provide you the final top best chainsaw of Milwaukee chainsaw vs Dewalt.

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