Garrett Ace 150 VS 250 (Detailed Comparison)

Garrett Ace 150 VS 250

Looking for the Garrett Ace 150 VS 250? You’ve come to the right place.
Customers are always in search of the bestselling metal detector available in the market so they can head to treasure hunting within no time. While the fact remains still that there doesn’t exist a perfect detector but a lot many quality ones are always available out there in the market.
One such big name is Garrett. It is currently the biggest brand in the metal detecting industry and one of its immensely popular line of detector series is ACE. Two of the widely acknowledged siblings of this black are ACE 150 and ACE 250. Both of these detectors are extremely easy to operate and very much affordable giving the newbies with the most likable and very lucrative experience from their very first shots. Both of these devices are designed for beginners and are not recommended for seasoned detectors.

Garrett ACE 150 VS ACE 250.

1. Garrett ACE 150: A Quick introduction

Garrett 150is the pioneer of the ACE, introducing the All-New ACE series to remodel thinking shaft and start the new line of the detector. Garrett has combined the features of its traditional two best lines and with added features had started the most rugged and aggressive outdoor design in detecting the world. ACE 150 is built on this great reputation and cutting edge technology featuring many brilliant features which until now have become the standard.

This detector operates at a low frequency of 6.5 kHz and is good to start detection. Its coil is the bottom line of the ACE at 6.5 by nine-inch ProFormance coil and comes with three preset search modes with a depth indicator and a large LCD. One of its great features is the replaceable coil if you want to increase the search area you can opt to replace the standard search coil with a larger one. One of the basic features of the high-end tools come in ACE 150 as the headphone jack and low battery indicator.


What We Like
  • Depth indicator.
  • Replaceable search coil.
What We Don't Like
  • Lack pinpointing.
  • No waterproofing.

2. Garrett ACE 250: A Quick introduction

Third, in line with the popular ACE SERIES ACE 250is younger sibling of ACE 150 and 200 and predecessor of ACE 300 as the number sequence suggests that it is up-gradation of 150 and 200 it will be included basic features of 150 and few added feature as well.

250 has maintained its pioneer features of three search modes large LCD, two years’ warranty, and two alkaline double-A battery operation. In addition to these, it introduces 12 segments of digital target ID comparative to 8 segments of ACE 150. Electrical pinpoint is a great addition worth all the hype touch and goes operation with push-button controls and clear speaker tones this is an all-round entry-level detector worth the investment.
It is not a submersible detector so it won’t help you in your underwater quest but it will surely find you anything you ask it for in normal sand and soil conditions.

It is lightweight up to three ponds have adjustable sensitivity and preset ground balance which makes it the best entry-level detector for beach hunting.


What We Like
  • Electrical pinpoint
  • Preset ground balance.
What We Don't Like
  • Not submersible.
  • Few sensitivity settings

Head-On Comparison Between Ace 150 and 250.

To dig deep into distinguish feature of both and have a more profound view of their differences let look into product specifications of both items.


Both of these metal detectors are Very Low Frequency (VLF) machines and operates on the standard ACE bottom line of 6.5 kHz frequency.

Sensitivity Settings:

The ACE 150 comes up with the 5 distinct sensitivity adjustment levels specific for each target type.
While the ACE 250 features 8 sensitivity adjustment making it a step up from ACE 150.

Discrimination Control:

The ACE 150 lacks the all-important feature of discrimination settings. It doesn’t support manual discrimination which potentially leads the detector to end up finding trash and junk.
The ACE 250 has discrimination control and discriminate junk from valuable targets one wants to dig for.

Target Identification ID:

The ACE 150 come up with the basic 8 segment target identification ID mounted in a large LCD comparative to the 12 segment target identification of ACE 250.


ACE 250 is the successor of ACE 150 can pinpoint to accurately locate the target location while this important feature is missing in 150.

Search Modes:

The most important thing to be concerned in a detector is its search mode, what type of target it can locate that’s what it matters that’s what we are digging for.
ACE 150 has only three search modes All metal, jewelry, and coins. Whereas 250 has five search modes.


The price gap between the two metal detectors is not as wide as in normal upgrades but the features are a major upgrade. There is a minimal difference of $50 between ACE 150 and 250.


Final Verdict:

The ACE 150 and ACE 250 are some of the finest metal detectors available in the market. Both have their specifications, their distinct strength, and weaknesses. But when it comes to choosing a one from the two ACE 250 will be the quick pick and it will be the better available option by all means. As the 150 doesn’t support some of the good features of 250 as pinpointing notch discrimination more sensitivity settings and more segmented target ID a price gap of $50 should not be worthy enough to miss out on these amazing and necessary features. So we will highly recommend ACE 250 over 150.

Buying Guide:

But what makes these two detectors go apart? What are the differences between them? Which of these two is an all-rounder? Which features pinpointing? Which is worth the money? These questions must be popping in your mind and these are legit queries as one must be aware of what he is up to before actually doing it.
To find out your answers all you have to do is to keep glued to our article, we will help you in solving your queries and assist in decision making.

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