Garrett Ace 300 VS Garrett 400 (Detailed Comparison)

Garrett Ace 300 VS Garrett 400

Looking for the Garrett Ace 300 VS Garrett 400? You’ve come to the right place.
It’s not easy to choose a metal detector. The choice can be overwhelming, with hundreds of devices on the market, each having different features and strengths. When you analyze YouTube, forums, and blogs, the possibilities will get more overwhelming too. It seems everyone has a different view of what’s “right.”Looking to buy the ACE 300, or the ACE 400?

The ACE 300 is the mid-range ACE metal detector from Garrett widely acknowledged ACE series which tops off with the ACE 400. Both metal detectors can discover hidden treasure but a few variations make the ACE 400 a costlier tool. Is it worth the extra? To find out the differences between ACE 300 and ACE 400 continue to our comparison on these two detectors.

Garrett ACE 300 vs Garrett ACE 400

1. Garrett ACE 300: A Quick Review

Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with Waterproof...
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Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with Waterproof...
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Garrett ACE 300 is the great detector being an ACE boy it offers its potential buyers all the great features of ACE line of detectors at a price only Garrett can offer. It is a quality built a tool with simple and much easier operation. It is a perfect companion for the novice hobbyists or the mid-range metal detector.

It is a reliable and inexpensive detector whose rugged design is aesthetically appealing for the newcomers and its simplified interface and quality features are an attraction for experienced professionals. In terms of its reliability and efficiency, it lives up to Garrett’s standards of high quality and unmatched performance.

It features digital target Identification ID, enhanced depth perception large search coil, and the all-new cam locks. Its frequency is adjustable to eliminate interference and have Higher frequency up to 8kHz for increased exposure of smaller artifacts such as small jewelry. The depth monitor of the ACE 300 only shows up to 8, however, the detector can measure depths of about 8-10 depending on the conditions and size of the target.


What We Like
  • Improved iron resolution.
  • Larger search coil.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Economical.
What We Don't Like
  • Lack of manual ground balance.
  • No iron audio.

2. Garrett ACE 400: A Quick introduction

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector with Waterproof...
810 Customer Reviews
Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector with Waterproof...
  • Extra Accessories: Garrett 8.5" x 11" Search...
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The ACE 400 is the top in line to ACE Series. It is the upgraded version of the ACE 350 which is now discontinued. It is a quality built highly professional metal detector yet it doesn’t break the bank. It is very much affordable and offers such great features that are not to be missed at any cost. It the perfect metal detector best suited to the mid-range detectorist and can hunt coins, jewelry, relics, and gold.

The ACE 400 has a variety of features including wireless target Identification, Iron Audio, notch discrimination, and a lightweight build. It’s also available, like other ACE versions, for a very affordable price. It features the 0-99 scale digital target identification.owing to this feature the ACE 400 will tell you whether the target is silver or gold and whether a penny is copper or iron. Iron Audio is an amazing ability to have in a cheap detector of this kind.


What We Like
  • Digital target identification
  • Simple to operate.
  • Affordable.
What We Don't Like
  • Lack of manual balance
  • Heavier.

Garrett ACE 300 VS Garrett ACE 400: Head on Comparison on Different Features

To have a more profound view of the features of both the metal detectors and know the striking difference between ACE 300 and 400 have a look at our clearly crafted differences on features of both detectors.


Garrett ACE operates on a 10 kHz adjustable frequency while the ACE 400 comes up with a slightly higher ten kHz operating frequency. Both of these are single frequency VLF (very low frequency) machines. Lower frequency waves have a larger wavelength which is not very efficient in finding small things but larger items could be located effectively.


Both of the two detectors come up with Garrett’s marked simple and clear display which is quite easier to understand. The display screen has three buttons one each for mode sensitivity and power. Much of the display is covered by a large numeric target ID on a scale of 0-99 and features depth indicator. This will tell you what target you have hit on even before digging it.

Ground Balance:

The ACE 300 and ACE 400, both come up with the preset ground balance which makes it simpler for newbies. But it is a major drawback when it comes to mineralized soil and makes the detector unsuitable for beach hunting.
Manual Ground balancing is an important trait of high-end machines and is such a feature that is not to be found in low price detectors. Most of the entry-level detector lacks manual ground balance while some have it set at preset mode therefore it cannot be customized.
Preset ground balance might prove to be a blessing in disguise as it saves from extra settings that are best for newcomers.

Target Identification and Discrimination:

Both of these detectors have digital target identification as stated earlier and both feature electrical pinpointing.
Both of these detectors have five search modes and eight sensitivity settings. They also contain notch discrimination.
Iron audio.

This is a major difference between the ACE 300 and its costly kin ACE 400. ACE 400 comes up with the iron audio to discriminate trash from the valuable material. This feature is missing in ACE 300 and is a valuable addition to the ACE 400.

Search Coil:

The ACE 300 has 7″ X 10 inches concentric PROFormance search coil comparative to the 8″ X 11″ double D search coil.


The ACE 400 is higher prices than the ACE 300. There is a price gap of about 200 dollars between the two. For the extra bucks you spent on ACE 400 you will get higher frequency, larger coil, and iron audio.



Both of Garrett’s ACE 300 & 400 are quality products at a reasonable cost. These are powerful and effective metal detectors that are perfect for entry-level to a mid-range metal detector. If you are a novice to the detection field save your bucks by buying yourself an ACE 300 but if you are looking to upgrade your beginner level detector to a mid-range tool ACE 400 is the best choice.

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