Smokin Tex 1400 Review ( Pros & Cons )

Smokin Tex 1400 Review

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The Smokin Tex Residential BBQ Smoker Model is a duplicate of the Cookshack Smokette Orignal Model SM009. This Smokin Tex has a little more wattage, four wheels instead of two, five cooking racks instead of three and slightly large cooking capacity.
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Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction: It has high-quality stainless steel construction which is built to last. Excluding the bottom, it is fully insulated.
  • Easy Manoeuvrability: This big guy sits on four heavy-duty wheels which makes it quite easy to move. Also, the front wheel locking feature is handy while smoking.
  • Smoking Capability: Its three stainless steel racks are enough to smoke 35 lbs in one go with a minimal amount of wood chips. Additionally, it has an optional smoke cold and smokes cold plates.
  • Temperature Range: The temperature ranges from 100 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit which is enough for doing anything.
  • Easy to Clean: It includes Stainless Steel Drip Pan for extra cleanliness—also the racks and grills are dishwasher safe.

Smokin Tex 1400 Review

Furthermore, it includes rib hooks and storage cover, and the best thing is that it’s a bit cheaper. That not the end in this Smokin tex 1400 review there are a lot more other things are coming below. So, stick to the article and read it till the end. This smoking Tex Pro Series 1400 Smoker is made up of high-quality material and quite easy to use. In just four easy steps you’ll get your food done. Just fill it with wood, put your food on grilling racks, shut the door, and set the desired temperature—that’s it this unit will itself do the rest.

Smokin Tex Pro 1400
46 Customer Reviews
Smokin Tex Pro 1400
  • All stainless steel smoker model 1400
  • Capacity: Approximately 38 lbs. per load


Directly out of the box this Smokin Tex Pro contains three Stainless steel rack, recipe book, a well-instructed guide for assembly, and drip pan along with wheels. Being versatile allows you to use the chips you want such as branded or homemade.

This big guy can smoke fish, vegetables, poultry, lamb, seafood, beef, venison, Sausage, and much more. It is quite easy to use and clean as well this smoker takes smoking to the next level. Like other expensive smokers, you can get great smoked whenever you want and it does all the work itself.

There are three stainless steel racks to put food on it for smoking and these racks are dishwasher safe, which makes this product worth looking for. The best thing is that it takes a very little amount of wood chips for one complete load.

That smoker will save you enough money in the long run chase because you don’t have to spend much money like other smokers.

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The two vents on the electric smoker offer two features—one is that it keeps the static environment, which means not much air movement which keeps the meat moist. The second is that since the air is moving quite slowly inside the smoke which lets the meat permeate, and we don’t many wooden chips.

The heavy-duty wheels come out handy when moving from one place to another place. The feature that I love most is the ability to smoke a large variety of meats.

Product specifications:

  • Heating Element: 700W, 10Amp, 120V
  • Exterior Dimensions: 17.5” x 21” x 29”
  • Interior Dimension: 15” x 15” x 20”
  • Rack Dimension: 14.5”
  • Smoke Capacity: 35 lbs
  • 6-feet long power cord
  • Product Weight: 70 lbs



  • Two vents help to moist the meat
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Can smoke a different variety of food
  • Can smoke up to 35 lbs in one load
  • Sometimes smoke leaks out of the front door (Issue can be resolved easily


The Smokin Tex Pro turned out the best choice among smokers. With just four easy steps you can et your meal is done. The convenient wheels and stainless steel construction is built to last. Also, the cleaning is quite easy because the racks and grill are D=dishwasher safe. Well insulated which never lets the smoke to evacuate. If you are looking for a smoker with a larger capacity than consider this one also.

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